Division Innovative Project Grants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can our division ask for the full $12,500 for one project?

A maximum of $7,500 can be requested per project. A total of $12,500 can be requested for 2 projects per year. A joint-division application with identical proposals will be limited to funding of $12,500 split in half between the two Divisions.

Can our division ask for more than $12,500?

A maximum of $12,500 per division per year will be awarded.

How many concurrent IPG projects are possible for our division?

Divisions may be awarded funding for up to two projects totaling up to $12,500 in a calendar year, and may have no more than two active proposals during any one review cycle. Up to $2,000 can be funded for strategic planning projects, which is deducted from the total allotment of $12,500 with the remaining funds available for two technical IPGs. In this case, a Division could have three concurrent projects only if one of them is intended to support strategic planning initiatives. 

Can our division use the funds for something different than what was specified in the proposal?

If your division intends to use funds for something different than what was specified in the proposal your division will need to submit an explanatory letter to division@acs.org outlining the changes from the accepted proposal for review by the Divisional Enhancement & Outreach Subcommittee of DAC.

Is there a time limit for use of the funds?

Funds must be used within two (2) years of grants being awarded.

Does the proposal need the division chair’s approval to submit an IPG proposal?

The IPG proposal may be submitted by any member of the applying division, but must be accompanied by a letter of support from the current division chair.

Can our division receive funds for an event that has already taken place?

Only proposals for forthcoming projects will be considered. Funding will not be considered for events/projects that have taken place prior to the proposal deadline. Moreover, funding will not be considered for events happening during the same National Meeting when the funding decision is made.

Can IPG funds be used for an on-going program?

IPG funds are earmarked for projects new to your division; on-going programs do not fit this requirement.

Can our division use funds to pay for travel, meals, party, etc.?

Regarding travel, funds for sending Division members and/or speakers to non-ACS sponsored conferences are not eligible for Division IPG funding. Another stipulation on use of funds is that they cannot be used for honoraria, cash awards, or for creating endowments. That being said, proposals that make a prudent use of funds to deliver maximum value in an innovative fashion generally receive highest ranking.

If our division's proposal is funded, will we receive the entire amount requested?

Proposals may be funded fully. However, depending on the number and quality of IPG proposals submitted, it may be necessary for the Subcommittee on Divisional Enhancement & Outreach to adjust the funding requests to fund as many worthy projects as possible.

Can our division or someone we know derive personal financial benefit from the project?

The person requesting the funds cannot benefit financially from the proposal. Any potential conflict of interest should be called out in the proposal application.

How 'innovative' does an IPG proposal have to be to receive funding?

In an IPG innovative means a new activity for your division. Activities other divisions have supported may be an inspiration for a new activity for your division.

Do IPGs require matching funding?

No matching funds are required, but divisions should include a list of other funding sources being considered.

Can our division submit an IPG if any part of our annual report is not turned in?

Proposals shall not be considered if the division’s secretary and/or treasurer annual reports are delinquent.

Is it possible for multiple IPGs to target activities at a single venue or event?

Yes, it is allowable for multiple IPGs to target activities at a given event such as a national or regional meeting, so long as each IPG is clearly differentiated.

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