Funded Division Innovative Project Grants

Innovative Project Grants are funded by the Divisional Activities Committee to experiment with new ideas and approaches to engaging members. Every division that receives an IPG files a report on their activity and the outcomes.

Model IPG Reports

If you are contemplating submitting a grant proposal or writing a final report, please review the following examples of successful events and reporting.

  • MEDI:  Medicinal Chemistry India 2013
  • ENVR:  Intersociety Initiative
  • PROF:  Out to innovate
  • AGFD:  Cajun Cooking
  • CELL:  Egg Food Safety

Spring 2016


AGRO Strategic Planning Project 2016
Members of the AGRO Executive Committee and Division, representing government, industry, and academia met to develop a Strategic Plan.


Collaborative Outreach of the CHED and ANYL Divisions to the Cuban Chemical Society
Assist Cuba with educational and scientific endeavors through ACS partnership, and create a blueprint for future interactions with other international organizations.


International Carbohydrate Symposium-2016
First major collaboration between ICS and CARB in almost twenty years will showcase US glycoscience to the world, foster collaborations with international scientists, raise the visibility of ACS, and recruit international members to ACS.


Webinar Seminar
Provide a recurring webinar series as a benefit to CHAL members to complement the programming CHAL provides at the national meetings, and offer additional opportunities for member involvement.


Chemical Safety Information and Education Survey of the Academic Laboratory Population
Develop and implement survey instruments which ascertain the current laboratory safety information needs and risk assessment practices of the academic chemistry community, as well as other ACS stakeholders, can better support those needs and practices.


Connecting New Chemists with Transformational Leaders through Videography
Connect young chemists with many of the scientists and engineers who shaped the division for the last 40 years, educate interviewers, and provide electronic content for use in regional and local section meetings.


DIC Young Investigator Awardees-"Where are they now?" Symposium
Bring together past DIC Young Investigator Awardees (YIAs) to showcase their successful careers.


Support of Educational / Outreach Programming at SERMACS 2016
Evaluate the potential to serve the NUCL membership through support of educational / outreach programming at an ACS regional meeting.


Video Creation
Work with a professional graphic designer, video creator and brand strategist to produce a high quality video conveying the benefits of membership to a broad and sophisticated community


Business Track at 2016 Regional Meetings: CERM, MARM, and NORM
Increase participation of SCHB members in ACS 2016 regional meetings, and expand the base of SCHB regional meeting symposium organizers


Communication with Members via Mobile Responsive Website
Redesign division website making it easier to view on mobile devices, and increase communication with members via Twitter

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Fall 2015  


Caribbean Cuisine Chemistry and Flavors
First AGFD Program at an ACS National Meeting focused on the Caribbean Region and initial involvement of the new University of West Indies International Student Chapter in Jamaica.


Improved Web-User Interface Providing Webinar Training and Networking Opportunities to BIOT Members
Provide broad access to BIOT training, networking, and job announcement opportunities to our wide international membership.


Neighborhood Ecology Course (NEC)
Create the next generation of citizen scientists, community leaders, and environmental stewards who are interested in caring for the environment.

New Horizons in Sustainable Materials
Focus on the “young lions” in the fields of polysaccharide chemistry and renewable materials, including both graduate students and early career scientists.


Resolving the Big Picture: Bringing Molecules into Focus
Symposium organized entirely by graduate students, thereby presenting them with a unique professional development and networking opportunity.


Intercollegiate Cheminformatics Education Symposium
A project-based learning environment involving undergraduate chemistry students from multiple schools, residential faculty facilitators, and online guest lectures to provide the subject expertise.


Undergraduate Research and COMP
First COMP undergraduate symposium aimed at providing undergraduates with an opportunity to present short oral presentations of their work.


The History of Chemistry in High School Teaching Workshop
An interactive workshop with a project team comprised of a full range of chemical historians, high school teachers, and chemistry education experts.


Realities of the Chemical Enterprise: Career Opportunities and Paths at the BS/BA Degree Level
Enable undergraduate students to think 'out of the box' in planning their educational and career paths by presenting options they may not have considered.

Symposia for Regional Meetings - Realities of the Chemical Enterprise: Career Opportunities and Paths
Assist recent undergrad alums to find fulfilling and lucrative employment in the chemistry fields.


Establishing UK-USA-Canada Connections
Create groups within inorganic chemistry across three societies (Royal Society of Chemistry, Canadian Chemical Society and the American Chemical Society) that will collectively address problems in chemistry.


Support of NUCL Programming at NORM 2015 and Pacifichem 2015
Increase NUCL's presence in meetings such as Pacifichem that attract a considerable foreign participation.


Industrial Outreach and Collaboration
An initiative to provide value to industrial members by offering a venue for relevant programming to enhance networking and collaborations.


SCHB Programming Support for Pacifichem 2015
Provide additional opportunities for Pacifichem speakers to meet other attendees and discuss their expertise and technology to address knotty problems in the chemical and related sectors.

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Spring 2015  


ACS International Student Chapters Symposium
Develop the first ACS/AGFD International Student Symposium, to be organized in 2016 by an online network of newly chartered Student Chapters.


Outreach Opportunities for Junior Chemists in the AGRO Division: Bridging the Gap between Students and Senior Scientists
Opportunity for postdoctoral fellows, research scientists, and new faculty to network and share research.


Division Strategic Planning


Academic Innovations for Tomorrow’s Industries
A symposium planned by students for students, with an impressive lineup of speakers, where attendees can discuss the future of scientific technologies with some of today’s greatest innovators.


Strategic Planning


Preservation of Film and Videos of Chemists and Chemistry
Concerted, multi-institutional effort to preserve film and video materials of chemists and chemistry for archival purposes, and digitized for access by scholars, teachers; even the general public.


Recruitment Video Competition
Students make videos to effectively recruit new members through their creativity and use of humor

Placing Videos of Chemists and Chemistry on ORGN’s Website
Find, preserve and use video materials of historical importance online


Women in Innovation: Business and Commerce
An interactive symposium from member groups of the ACS Chemical Innovation & Entrepreneurship Council (CIEC) to feature women who have successfully commercialized chemistry to speak and interact directly with attendees at the ACS National meeting.


Strategic Vision 2015 and Beyond

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Fall 2014


Recruitment, Enhancement, and Retention of International Young Chemists
International Young Chemist Membership promotion program utilizing social media tools.

Creation of a 5-Year AGFD Strategic Plan
An urgent need to increase the number of “active” AGFD members through improving membership value.  


Analytical Chemistry Strategic Planning Event and Student Engagement
Generate a set of 3-5 year goals and executable strategies that align with the strategic goals of the ACS and support the growth, vitality, and impact of the Analytical Chemistry Division.


Frontiers in Glycoscience
Innovative symposium designed to engage young scientists; alternating speakers between veteran leaders in the field, and promising young scientists.


Environmental Chemistry Strategic Planning
A second strategic planning process to involve preliminary electronic input from Division membership


DIC Membership Drive: Recruit, Award and Engage Members
Organize a drive targeting young and underrepresented minority members to develop and run activities at national, regional, and local levels.


Paired Graduate/Undergraduate Mentored ACS Meeting Experiences
Establish mentorships between undergraduates with graduate students to enable undergraduates to maximize their national meeting experiences.

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For information on funded IPGs prior to Spring 2014, email DAC.