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WCC-UM Chemistry Seminar Series

Project summary

Collaborated with faculty and staff at UM, planned activity, reached out to presenters, advertised, and secured food, and venue for the event.


  1. We have done several seminars to date and have generated good student response information.
  2. Seminars included graduate and undergraduate student reporting on their research and career paths. UROP and REU internship seminars were also held.
  3. We held a seminar that included transfer information to UM from WCC.
  4. Graduate students gave very informative talks on their research which stimulated many questions.
  5. Some WCC students obtained UROP and REU internships summer 2016.

Most successful aspect

The greatest success was students obtaining paid summer internships.

Tips for similar projects

Start planning early, advertise using different media, and always remember students like to eat!

Next steps

We will continue to collaborate by planning/participating in events at UM and WCC. We will also get faculty together from both institutions. Possibly launch more research opportunities.