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2013-2014 Grant Recipients


Julia Anderson-Holt

Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School

Empowering Students through Online Homework

Ryan Archer

Mission Hills High School

Student Created Tutorials

David Arnold

Bushnell-Prairie City High School

Engaging Students in the Chemistry Lab

Brian Ash

Gunnison High School

Digital Balances

Lisa Augustine

Renaissance Academy (of Crater High School)

Hot Plate/Stirrers

Rebecca Austin-Datta

Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School of the Medical Arts

'Living by Chemistry' Instructional Materials - Year 2

Raymond Bangs

Roselle Park High School

Real-time data acquisition Phase 2: Integrating a Vernier Mini GC Plus with the LabQuest 2, Melt Station, and iPad

Linda Batten

Belle High School

AP Chemistry and Forensic Science

Chelsea Bender

Skyview Academy

AP Chemistry Spectrophotometer

Gary Benz

American High School

Gas Chemistry:  The Air We Breathe and the Water We Drink

Char Bezanson

Faribault High School

Chemistry Models for Faribault High School

Josephine Blaha

Holmdel High School

Guided Inquiry Labs Using PASCO Chemical Probes

Paula Blair

Cypress Lake High School

Spectrovis Plus Spectrophotometers - Cypress Lake High School

Marcie Blankenship

McLean County High School

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Beyond

Allyson Blaschke

Grace Christian Academy

Better ACT and College Prep by Improving Chemistry Lab Component

Jeffrey Bracken

Westerville North High School

Growing Flower Bulbs Under Hydroponic Conditions

Rose Brogan

Fluvanna County High School

FCHS Chemistry Labs and Education Enhancement Project

Cheryl Butler

University Schools

UH Chemistry Project

Gail Cahn

Abraham Lincoln High School

Demonstrations: Seeing Is Believing

Michael Calhoun

Glenmora High School

Lab Equipment To Do Chemistry Experiments

Joy Carpenter

Lake Cormorant High School

Lake Cormorant High AP Chemistry Initiative

Pete Carpico

Louisville High School

Raising the Level of Organic Chemistry Labs

Mary Coogan

Liberty North High School

Molecular Modeling

Matthew Craig

Avon High School

Technology in the Advanced Science Classroom

Laura Cummings

Herron High School

Herron High School Proposal 2013

Nichole DePaul

Sam Houston Match, Science, and Technology Center

Doceri and the iPad

Steven DiMuzio

LaBrae High School

Web Enhanced Chemistry Instruction

Connor Drake

Valencia High School

Exploration of Waves

James Dudones

Schnee Learning Center

Science for At-risk Students

Julia Ellis

Bloomfield High School

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Sarah Evans

F. L. Schalgle High School

Basic Lab Supplies

Margaret Evans

Bishop Canevin High School

Sensing The Invisible Atom

Mark  Fairbank

Paso Robles High School

Chemistry Laboratory Manual

Erika Fatura

Pentwater Public Schools

Using iPads in the Chemistry Classroom

Tasha Froelich

Beech High School

Safety Is First

Dawn Gamberale

Rancho Bernardo High School

pH Meters for the Redesigned AP Chemistry Course

Charles Gear

Elkins High School

Spectrophotometric Analysis by Elkins High School Chemistry Students

Gurvinder Gill

Jim Hill High School

Foundation in Chemistry

Regis Goode

Ridge View High School

ACS Hach Grant for Chemisrty in the Community 6th Edition Textbook

Jessica Greene

The Academy at Hickory Hollow

The Academy Chemistry Lab

Cameron Greminger

Bonneville High School

Water Purification and Water Quality

Patricia Hagen

Charlestown High School

Creating A.P. Chemistry at CHS

Stephen Hall

Hamady High School

Fun Science Toys

Christy Hammer

Wallace County High School

Opening Eyes, Expanding Minds, and Touching Lives with Hands-On Science

Alison Hapka

Elkton High School

Quantitative Chemistry

Tyson Harty

Jasper County High School

Imagine the Possibilities: Putting Polymers into Perspective

Melissa Hemling

Beaver Dam High School

Addressing Misconceptions in Lab with Clickers

Shawn Hirt

Midway High School

Handheld Tech for Rural East Tennessee Chemistry Students

Kristin Hofferberth

Mount Vernon High School

Filtration Equipment for Mount Vernon High School

Charity Hohm-Whaley

Agape Montessori Christian Academy

Chemistry Teacher

Andrew Jones

Winston Churchill High School


Wanda Jones

Jones High School

Bringing Chemistry to Life

Joni Jordan

Edisto High School

ChemQuest: Sharing the Intrigue of Chemistry with Middle School and High School Science Students and Teachers Using Technology

Jason Just

Lakeville South High School

Skillzys for Student Success

Jennifer Kalish

Park Vista Community High School

Infusion of Inquiry-Based Chemistry Labs

Mary-Ann Karpel

Saunders Trades and Technical High School

Shattered Dreams - Distillation Apparatus Disasters

Sarah Kitzan

Wasilla High School

Probeware for Wasilla High AP Chemistry

Abbe Kya

Centennial High School

Environmental Effects of Air Pollution on Drinking Water, Forests, and Wildlife Habitat of Corona

Brian Liskey

Oley Valley High School

The Sun Spot Project

Lope Arsenio Macasaet

Piedmont Hills High School

An In-class Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Center

Norman Marshall

Franklin Military Academy

Now We're on the Same Wavelength!

Jeffery Mathis

Desert Academy

Expansion of Spectrophotometric Lab Capability

Kenneth McCarthy

Wayzata High School

Chemistry for All: Developing a Differentiated High School Chemistry Course

Suzanne McClung

Lakewood High School

Expanding Inquiry and Exploring Organic Chemistry

Deborah McGann

Maine School of Science and Mathematics

Complex Data in Student Research

Moira Milne

Contoocook Valley Regional High School

Learning Electrochemistry and Thermochemistry by Application of the Engineering Design Process

Jeremy Mitchell-Koch

The Independent School

Water Analysis using Spectrophotometry

Christy Morgan

Leeton R-X School District

Leeton Chemistry Grant

Ryan  Moser

Marist High School

Providing a connection between our chemistry curriculum and environmental issues in the community.

Kristen Myers

Osceola County School for the Arts

Chemistry Lab Development

Holly Neill

Life Christian School

Impact of Nitrogen Related Pollution on Air and Water Quality Year Two

Terrill Nickerson

Manzanola JR/SR H.S.

VOC's Production over Stockyards in the Arkansas Valley, CO.

Leslie Ogg

William J. Johnston Community Day School

10 Core Chemistry Labs

Petra Pershall

Flippin High Scohol

Science Outreach Event

Jeremy Peterson

Northern Lakes Regional Academy

Assessing Water Quality: A Long-Term Study of the Red Cedar River

Rosemarie  Pittenger

John P Stevens High School

Magnetic Stirrers

Jennifer Priddy

Tarpon Springs High School

Teaching Chemistry with Cooking

Julia Renberg

Battlefield High School

Chemistry II/Forensics - an Innovative Course that Works

Amy Roediger

Mentor High School

21st Century Data Collection and Analysis

Raymond Rowe

Cypress Creek High School

The Heat and Mass of Chemistry

Matthew Ryan

All Saints Episcopal School

Starting a New Chemistry Program with the Best Tools

Hamid Saadzoi

Panorama High School

Testing Water Quality  of Urban Neighborhood

Sharon Schaefer

South Pontotoc High School

Vernier Technology Implementation at SPHS

Jay Schaub

Gainesville High School

Gainesville High School Analytical Balance

Arista Scott

Sylacauga High School

Teaching, Tools, and Technology

Joseph Sencen

Norwalk High School


Natalie Shield

Mill Creek High School

Student Response System

Diana Simpson

Seton Catholic Central High School

Spectroscopy in Chemistry

Audrey Smeltzer-Schwab

Muhlenberg High School

Incorporating Inquiry Using Instrumentation

Richard Smith

Buena High School

Labs with Electronic Data Sensors

Karen Smith

Cleveland Heights-University Heights High School

Promoting Lab Inquiry - Need Analytical Balances

Suzanne South

Sevier County High School

Introducing Chemistry Technology to SCHS

Duane Sperle

West Sioux Community School District

Lakeside Lab Field Research Project

Brian Story

Liberty High School

Adding Green Chemistry to the Classroom

Eric Sullenberger

Russia Local School

Chem Again- Improving AP Chemistry Lab Equipment

Heather Templeton

Mayflower High School

Spectrophotometer for Mayflower High School

John Thurmond

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Technology in the Chemistry Classroom

Roy Ting

James Logan High School

Spectrophotometric Analysis

Janet Tuohy

Rahway High School

Improving the Accuracy of Data Collection

Amy Tweed

St Thomas More High School

STM - AP Chem Lab Supplies

Maryjane Utley

Westerly High School

Retooling Schooling in the Chemistry Classroom

Scott Walters

Thomasville High School

Virtual Lab Experience

Monika Way

Simi Valley High School

Electrochemistry - Construction of Voltaic Cells

Michelle Weber

Liberty High School

Virtual Lab to Enhance Inquiry Based Learning

Nora Wolthers

White House Heritage High School

Laboratory Equipment for Enhanced Learning

Daniel Zuidema

Chattanooga Christian School

A Proposal for Organic Lab Supplies

Frank Zuidema

Oceanside High School

Using Scientific Probes to Teach Concepts in Chemistry Lab Using Technology

Amanda Zullo

Saranac Lake High School

Nailing It! Devices to Help with Macroscopic, Particulate and Symbolic Representations of Matter