ACS PRF Proposal Submission Help

ACS PRF Online Proposal Application Form Overview

The ACS PRF online proposal system is a customized version of MicroEdge's Internet Grant Application Manager (IGAM). The online proposal application consists of the following parts:

  1. Eligibility Quiz
  2. Areas of Research (Page 1)
  3. General Proposal and Principal Investigator Information (Page 2)
  4. Suggested Reviewers and PRF Relevance (Page 3)
  5. Demographic Information (Page 4)
  6. Attachments (Page 5)
  7. Review My Application (Page 6)

This online help is based on the DNI application.  The ND and UR online applications have addition page for Co-Principal Investigators after Page 2.  On all pages except the eligibility quiz, there are the following components (Figure 1):

  • Menu bar at the top of the page,
  • Page indicator and selection chevrons just below the menu bar,
  • Print function below chevrons on the right side of the page,
  • Buttons at the bottom of the page to save, move to the next page, and submit.
Figure 1. IGAM Screen Menu, Chevrons, and Buttons

Eligibility Quiz

All grant types require that an eligibility quiz be completed before the online form can be accessed.  Depending on the grant type there will be six or eight questions (Figure 2). When the proposal submission window opens, there will be a link on the right side of the grant type page that will open the submission page.  On the submission page, step 5 redirects you to the Eligibility Quiz for the specific grant type.  Successful completion of the quiz will open the first page of the application form for the grant type.  Please contact an ACS PRF Program Manager at or (202) 872-4481 to verify your eligibility to apply for research grants from the fund.

Figure 2. Eligibility Quiz - DNI Grant Type

Areas of Research (Page 1)

As shown in Figure 3, page 1 provides information on the areas of research supported by each of the ten PRF Advisory Board Committees and research topics that are not supported.  Proposals involving research topics that are not supported will be rejected.  Selection of a committee for your proposal is required.  A pull-down, selection list is provided a the bottom of the page.  After selecting the committee, it is strongly recommended that you click the [Save & Finish Later] button at the bottom of the screen. This will force you to link this application to an existing ACS PRF IGAM account or create a new one.

Figure 3. Areas of Research

General Proposal and Principal Investigator Information (Page 2)

Contact information for the Principal Investigator and the Grant Administrator are entered on Page 2 (Figure 4). General proposal information—Title, Abstract, Requested Start Date, and an institutional reference number--is also entered on Page 2.  The contact information on the online form is used to populate our proposal database which is used to generate notifications and correspondence as well as prevent the entry of duplicates.  Please make sure this is accurate and consistent with how your information is presented on your research organization's web site.  Avoid initials and abbreviations in names.  Do not use ACS PRF staff as your Grant Administrator.

Figure 4. General Proposal and Principal Investigator Information

Suggested Reviewers, PRF Relevance, and Resubmission (Page 3)

Contact information for six suggested reviewers, a petroleum relevance statement, and a summary of differences between this proposal and proposals previously reviewed and declined by the ACS PRF Advisory Board are entered on Page 3 (Figure 5).  Please verify the spelling and email information for your suggested reviewers.  We use this information to update contact information in our database and transmit correspondence.   A text fields (not shown in Figure 4) are provided for entry of your PRF relevance statement and an explanation of differences in a resubmitted proposal that was not previously reviewed by the PRF Advisory Board.

Figure 5. Suggested Reviewers, PRF Relevance, and Resubmission

Demographic Information (Page 4)

Demographic information--birth year, ethnic background, racial category, disability status, and gender--can be entered on page 4 (Figure 6).  Submission of demographic information is voluntary and it will have no effect on the processing of your application. The collected, anonymized data will be used only for statistical purposes. The categories listed below are those used by federal government agencies to collect demographic information.

Figure 6. Demographic Information

Attachments (Page 5)

Your application is uploaded as a one PDF file that contains all required forms and documents with signatures.  Depending on the browser, click on the [Choose File] or [Browse] button to the right of the File Name label (circled in Figure 7). This will open the file explorer for your device. After selecting your PDF file, the name of this file should appear next to the File Name label.  Click the [Upload] button to attach the PDF file to your online submission.

Figure 7. Attachments

Review My Application (Page 6)

On the Review My Application page, all of the information fields with entries on the individual pages are aggregated in sequence into a single page.  This display may make it easier for you to review and complete your application.  You can scroll through the entire application using the vertical slider bars on your browser to edit or add information.

Figure 8. Review My Application


You can submit the online application by clicking on the [Review & Submit] button at the bottom of Page 5 or the [Submit] button at the bottom of Page 6.  If there are errors, they will be displayed at the top of the form as shown in Figure 9.  

Figure 9. Submission Errors


The Logon Screen (Figure 10) provides access to saved proposals for applicants with an existing account.   First time users can  create an account using the New Applicant? option.  Password recovery can be initiated with the Forgot Password? option.

Figure 10. ACS PRF IGAM Logon Screen

New Applicant

You can use any valid email to establish your IGAM account.  Once you establish this account and link it to a proposal, all notifications related to saving or submitting the proposal will be transmitted to this email address.  Use only letters and numbers when creating passwords.

Figure 11. New Applicant Screen

Forgot Password

If the Forgot Password link is selected in Figure 10, a screen be displayed so you can enter the email for the account (Figure 12).  Enter the email and click the [Send Password] button.  If an IGAM account is associated with that email, the password will be sent.  Please check your SPAM or JUNK folders if this message is not in your inbox.  If you do not receive an email, it is possible that you did not register this email account or used a different email address.

Figure 12. Password Reset Screen

IGAM Dashboard

After a successful logon, you will see a list of applications in progress. There is a pull-down which permits you to toggle between “In Progress Applications” and “Submitted Applications.”  You can also delete applications using the trash can icon which is located on the Actions column.  There is an menu option at the top of the screen to change the password associated with your email logon.