ACS PRF Reviewer Connect Help

Reviewer Connect Login

The Reviewer Connect Login screen is shown below (Figure 1).  Your Reviewer Connect Login ID is the email account that we have established in our contact database.  Your organization may support multiple, valid email addresses  (e.g., vs. but our software requires an exact match to login.  The review requests that are sent to you use the email which is the Login ID.  An initial password is sent to you at the time of your first review request.  The email containing the password may be sequestered in your spam or junk folder.  If you forget your password, use the "Forgot password?" link which is located below the [Login] button.  If at any time you experience problems logging into Reviewer Connect, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or via phone at (202)-872-4481.

Figure 1. Reviewer Connect Login Screen


Responding to a Review Request

After a successful logon, the Reviewer Connect Home page below (Figure 2) will be displayed showing review requests, reviews in progress, and completed reviews.  The proposal title, due dates, and email for the ACS PRF Program Managers are listed for the review requests.  For new review requests, there are three options represented by icons on the right-side of the screen:

  • View Grant Request
  • Will Review
  • Will Not Review

Click on the [View Grant Request] icon to download a pdf of the proposal and obtain more information about the proposal.  After examining the proposal, use the [Will Review] or [Will Not Review] icons to respond to the review request.  You can always return to the Reviewer Connect Home page by clicking on the "Home" menu option located at the top of all Reviewer Connect pages.

Figure 2. Reviewer Connect Home Page


Viewing a Proposal

Clicking on the [View Grant Request] icon will display the proposal detail screen as shown in Figure 3.  A links to the application and proposal are located at the bottom of this screen as indicated by the red arrow.  After examing the abstract and proposal, return to the Reviewer Connect Home page to accept or reject the review request by clicking the "Home" menu option.

Figure 3. Reviewer Connect Proposal View Page


Accepting a Review Request

Clicking on the [Will Review] icon on the Reviewer Connect Home page (Figure 2) and a confirmation form will be displayed as shown in Figure 4.  Click on the [Yes, I agree] button to accept the review request and notify the ACS PRF Program Manager.  Click on the [Back to homepage] if you do not want to respond to the request at this time.  If the review request is accepted, there will be only two options for that proposal on the home page (Figure 5):

  • View Grant Request
  • Edit/Submit Review
Figure 4. Reviewer Connect Review Request Acceptance Form
Figure 5. Reviewer Connect Home Page - Accepted Review Request


Declining a Review Request

Clicking on the [Will Not Review] icon on the Reviewer Connect Home page (Figure 2) and a confirmation form will be displayed as shown in Figure 6.  If you decide not to review, please provide comments and--if possible--alternate reviewers in the text box.  Click on the [I will not review] button to reject the review request, which will notify the ACS PRF Program Manager by sending an email to her/him.  Click on the [Back to homepage] if you do not want to respond to the request at this time.   

Figure 6. Reviewer Connect Review Rejection Form


Submitting a Review

After accepting a review request, click on the [Edit/Submit Review] icon on the Reviewer Connect Home page (Figure 5). This option will only appear if you have previously accepted the review request.  The Reviewer Connect Review Submission form is shown in Figure 7.  

The submission form is made up of two page parts:

  • The upper part contains instructional text on completing the review.  Additional information the ACS PRF review process is provided at the Reviewer Guidelines section.
  • The lower part appears below the Instructions, and it contains three feedback fields that must be completed by the reviewer

If you begin your review but are not able to complete it for any reason, you may save the incomplete Review and return to it later. Simply click the [Update] button to save the Review without submitting.

Once you have completed the Review by filling in all of the feedback fields that appear, click [Submit Review] and your review information will be transmited to our database and the Program Manager will be notified.

To avoid losing your review text due to a "time-out" error, we recommend that you do not compose your review in real-time.  Download the proposal PDF to your computer and compose your review text in a text editor or word processor.  Establish a new session on Reviewer Connect to copy your review text into our system.  The default timeout session for Reviewer Connect is 60 minutes. 

Figure 7. Reviewer Connect Review Submission Form


Changing Your Password

Reviewers can change their Reviewer Connect passwords by clicking the Change Password option available on the menubar at the top of the Reviewer Connect home page.  The Change Password form will require that you enter your current password, then enter and confirm your new password.  Please note that Reviewer Connect passwords can only contain alphanumeric characters;  special characters are not permitted.