ACS Scholars Program | Rules and Expectations

Rules and Regulations

Conditions for Acceptance of the Award
Each Scholar must be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited educational institution.
Determining Financial Need
Each Scholar is required to complete a financial need form when requested. This is to ensure that the financial need criterion is maintained throughout the receipt of the ACS award. Failure to comply with this request may result in dismissal from the Scholars Program.
Conditions for Transfer
Transferring a scholarship to another institution is permissible AT THE BEGINNING OF AN ACADEMIC YEAR. The Scholar must notify the American Chemical Society of the intent to transfer, provide evidence of good academic standing, and submit proof of admission to the institution to be entered. Transfers may be permitted at other times at the sole discretion of the Program Manager under special circumstances, provided that a written request is received 30 days before the start of the semester or quarter.
Interruption of Studies
It is the Scholar’s responsibility to notify the American Chemical Society if enrollment is interrupted or delayed because of illness, accident or other extenuating circumstances. Reinstatement of the award will be considered at the sole discretion of the Program Manager.
While seeking a mentor is strictly voluntary in the Scholars Program, experience has taught us that mentors contribute significantly to the success of science majors. Each Scholar has a responsibility to notify the Program Manager of his/her desire regarding mentoring and to work with the Program Manager to identify an appropriate person, if that has been indicated by the Scholar.
Provision of Current and Accurate Information
Each Scholar has the responsibility to keep the Program Manager informed as to current home and school address, school and home telephone numbers and e-mail address if available. This information is not disclosed to anyone who is not authorized to see this data. The information is used by the Program Manager’s office to contact Scholars concerning items of interest such as potential attendance at science meetings, and official scholarship communications.
Career Path
Scholars are expected to pursue college majors in the chemical sciences and, following graduation from college, to pursue career paths in the chemical sciences. Medicine and pharmacy are not considered careers in the chemical sciences by this program. Failure to meet these criteria will result in removal from the program. *Whether a program of study meets the criteria of chemical science is at the sole discretion of the Program Manager.
Academic Progress Toward Degree
Scholars are expected to maintain high academic achievement while in the scholarship program. Generally the Society considers “high achievement” to be at least a 3.0 GPA in the chemical sciences accompanied by high achievement in elective courses. The Society may waive strict adherence to the 3.0 GPA provided that the student demonstrates very high potential to meet the GPA requirement, there are exceptional circumstances affecting the student’s current academic performance, and the Program Manager receives affirmative recommendation from a member of the chemical sciences department that the student be given special consideration and the reasons therefore.
Academic and personal information submitted by the Scholar will remain in the files of the Program Manager during the period that the scholarship is in effect as well as in accordance with ACS document retention policy. All records are confidential and are available for reference only by the American Chemical Society.

Refer to ACS Scholars Program Acknowledgement of and Commitment to Criteria

Expectations and Responsibilities

As a student in the American Chemical Society Scholars Program, you are EXPECTED to:

Be Responsive
If you are contacted by ACS Scholars Program staff, mentor, or corporate sponsor, you should respond promptly by telephone, e-mail, or return correspondence. A response is necessary even if you intend to decline an offer or invitation.
Find a Mentor
It is strongly recommended that you work with the ACS Scholars Program staff to identify a mentor or find someone on your own and inform us of your choice. Experience has proven that mentors contribute significantly to the success of science majors and their careers.
Stay Informed
Each student in the ACS Scholars Program will receive information periodically throughout the year (including summer) by e-mail, written correspondence, and postings on the ACS Scholars network. This will include important information about your scholarship, mentoring, and scheduled events.
Keep Us Informed
If your address or telephone number changes, either at your permanent home or school residential mailing address, please notify us. If you plan to transfer to another school, please notify us in advance of the transfer so we can arrange to send your stipend check to your new school.
Ask Questions
If there is anything that you do not understand about any information you receive from the Scholars Office or anyone connected with the Scholars Program, do not hesitate to call or send an e-mail message with your questions.