Technical Division Innovative Project Grant

Grant at a Glance

Recipient Industry, Chemistry Professional
Category Community Recognition,  Events & Activities
AmountUp to $7,500
DeadlineFebruary 15, 2022

Vision & Purpose

The ACS Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) funds new Division projects through Technical Division Innovative Project Grants (IPGs). This program encourages the creation of innovative projects that will serve Division members, encourage strategic planning for future division success, and foster collaborative projects among divisions and other governance groups.

Submission Deadlines

Special IPG Cycle

All IPG applications are due on Friday, October 29, 2021:

Project Types

The following are examples of projects eligible for IPGs:

  • New and unique opportunities to the applying Division
  • Projects designed to recruit new and retain existing Division members
  • Collaborative projects between Divisions and/or Local Sections (see Local Section IPG)
  • Strategic Planning Projects (one every five years)


  • Divisions may have more than two active projects for this Special IPG cycle. 
  • Divisions must be current on their Annual Report and IPG report submissions. 
  • No more than one (1) strategic planning project may be awarded within a five year period. 
  • Maximum funding for Innovative Project Grants is $25,000 for the calendar year. 
  • Maximum funding for Strategic Planning projects is $7,500.
  • Maximum funding for Convergent Research Community IPG projects is $40,000.

Application Requirements

Applications will be graded using the following rubrics. A review of these before you begin the application process may prove useful. Please read and address the categories accordingly. Additional requirements are listed below:

  1. Clear statement of project’s goal and innovative aspects.
  2. Brief project background.
  3. Detailed budget clearly justifying the funding amount requested and sources of supplemental funding, if applicable.
  4. Support letter signed by current division chair or another executive committee member, if the chair is the applicant. The support letter must also include a brief status report for any outstanding IPGs.
  5. Signed letters of support from co-sponsoring Divisions or other governance groups.

Joint Division Application Requirements

Joint IPGs are intended for not more than three divisions or governance groups. Each division  should submit a separate clearly stating the division’s role and budgetary requirements in the project.  Signed letters of support are required from all participating divisions or governance groups.

What is required after an award?

  • Funds must be used to support the proposed project and expended within two years.
  • A final report describing the use of funds and the effectiveness of the project is required within three months after conclusion of the project.
  • A Final IPG Report must be submitted within three months of the project’s conclusion.
  • Final Reports must include a poster for presentation at a subsequent ACS national meeting Sci-Mix session and/or for posting on the IPG website.

What will not be funded?

  • Honoraria, cash awards, or endowments
  • Events or projects occurring prior to the funding decision being made
  • Continuing a well-established program or project
  • Travel and registration requests to non-ACS meetings
  • Strategic Planning IPGs if the past award is within five years

Spring & Fall Cycles

  • Proposals submitted between July and February will be reviewed at the Spring ACS National Meeting, and may be awarded, denied, or deferred to the fall cycle to maximize resources. 
  • Proposals submitted between February and July will be considered during the Fall review cycle, and will be either funded or denied. 
  • Proposals awarded during the spring cycle will be transferred to Division treasuries no later than May 1. 
  • Proposals awarded during the fall cycle will be transferred to Division treasuries no later than December 31.

Previously Funded Projects

Other ACS Innovation Funding

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