Collaborative Opportunities Grants

Grant at a Glance

Recipient Student, Faculty
Category Events & Activities
AmountUp to $2,500


To support two-year colleges in doing collaborative activities with other stakeholders.


Collaborative Opportunities Grants are $1,000 to $2,500 grants awarded to two-year colleges to support collaborative activities with other stakeholders. 

Partnerships among the different sectors of the chemical enterprise can address many key challenges. For example, businesses and academic institutions can partner to ensure that the skills employers seek are integrated into the curriculum; two- and four-year institutions can partner to facilitate successful student transfer. However, establishing and maintaining a robust partnership that engages and benefits all participants in the long term can be a daunting undertaking.

For many, it is easier to start with small successes and use them to build partnerships and motivate stakeholders. The Collaborative Opportunity Grants support such activities.

Past winning projects include:

  • Joint seminar courses
  • Product analysis research for a local start-up
  • Outreach with county afterschool program
  • Development of a museum exihibit

Other possibilities include symposia on topics of mutual interest, partnership-building retreats, internship pilots, and more. Partners are encouraged to work together to creatively address their mutual needs.


Grants are awarded to two-year colleges collaborating on an activity with one or more of the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Four-year post-secondary institutions
  • K-12 institutions
  • ACS Local Sections or Student Chapters
  • Community or workforce development organizations

Additional collaborations with other two-year colleges are allowed, as long as at least one partner is from one of the above sectors.    

At least one partner in the activity must be an ACS member. Each partner must have a well-defined, active role in the project; likewise, the potential benefit to the organization or sector represented by the partner must be clearly defined.

Activities must be completed by August 15.

Note for ACS Student Chapters: Activities supported by the Collaborative Opportunities Grants are not eligible for the Inter-Chapter Relations Grant.

How to Apply

Check back for information on future grant cycles.

Grant Distribution

Applications will be peer-reviewed, with reviewers determining the grant amount. Award decisions will be based on the following:

  • Strength of the partnership
    Active participation by all partners listed in the application, benefits to the partners or the organizations they represent, likelihood that the partnership will continue after completion of the project
  • Likelihood of project success
    Impact of the project on the stakeholders, strength of plan and use of resources to achieve stated goals
  • Need for ACS funding
    Effectiveness of the planned use of funding. In other words, is ACS funding necessary to the success of the project? Will any funding provided be used effectively to achieve project goals?

Contact Information

Send any questions, comments, or concerns to the ACS Undergraduate Progam Office:
(202) 872-6108

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