Project summary

We had several planning meetings that involved our safety personnel, maintenance, event coordinator, and key faculty members. We did a tour of the building and discussed how we could utilize the building for maximum effectiveness. We also decided to give participants "passports" to make sure they visit every demonstration. At the end, there was a laser light show for the participants.


  1. About 80 students volunteers to support the event.
  2. Faculty gave two presentations on how to describe demonstrations effectively.
  3. Based on faculty feedback, volunteers have shown improved confidence in the classroom.
  4. ACE has expressed interest in continuing to partner on this event.

Most successful aspect

The participants were elementary students that came from our feeder ISD schools. This is the most effective way of marketing our college and our science department.

Tips for similar projects

Meet with your collaborators several times to ensure you share the same vision as they do.

Next steps

We will meet with our collaborators again as well as faculty who have decided to participate. Our next event is scheduled to be October 2016.