Global Innovation Imperatives (Gii)

Gii Imperative

Global Innovation Imperatives (Gii) is an ACS program that was originally started and implemented in collaboration with the U.K.-based Society of Chemical Industry.  Now administered solely by the ACS, the Gii program fosters creative solutions to imperatives of global significance (e.g., clean water, food and health, etc.).

Gii’s goal is to stimulate significant action among ACS members, who include:

  • Innovation leaders
  • Business executives
  • Academia/education leaders
  • Multinational businesses
  • Non-government organizations
  • Governments

Call to Action

By joining Gii you will be able to:

  • Contribute to developing pragmatic solutions to the global issues, including water quality, healthcare, or agriculture practices, to name a few.
  • Tap in to the valuable existing networks of ACS – both business and academia
  • Provide visibility for you, your ideas or your organization by being part of a global solution
  • Engage in collaborations with other companies and individuals
  • Access and share knowledge and technology
  • Optimize your resources - by combining what you can offer with others’ and avoiding the duplication of your efforts
  • Increase the perceived value/image of your company by linking your efforts to a socially responsible / non for profit cause
  • Have a greater impact on society by being part of the greater solution


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GII’s mission is to create community and knowledge transfer to stimulate global scientific innovation that meets societal imperatives.

Gii Water Poster
Participants of the 2nd Gii Water Forum in Colombia visit Monserrate in Bogotá
Participants of the 2nd Gii Water Forum in Colombia visit Monserrate in Bogotá

We hope you will want to help by:

  • Contributing on an individual basis – sharing your knowledge and expertise directly or through our website discussion or;
  • Engaging your company or organization – sharing knowledge, technology, or offering more tangible solutions and help or;
  • Introducing other influencers to Gii who would be willing to help or;
  • Providing sponsorship or other practical assistance.

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