Chemical Sciences and Society (CS3)

The CS3 series, hosted by the funding agencies and chemical societies of the US, Germany, China, Japan and the UK, convenes eminent researchers from each participating country to explore frontier chemistry research and its potential application to global challenges. By design, each meeting in the CS3 series, hosted in turn by each of the organizing countries, is to focus on a particular key societal challenge, as mutually identified by meeting organizers, and the role of chemical research in addressing the challenge.

CS3 Whitepaper

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The final whitepaper for the 2015 Chemical Sciences and Society (CS3) Summit "Chemistry and Water: Challenges and Solutions in a Changing World"  was relased at the 251st ACS National Meeting in San Diego, California. You can view the press conference here

You can download a copy of the 2015 CS3 report and whitepaper here

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CS3 2015

The 2015 Chemical Sciences and Society Summit (CS3) was held September 14-18 in Leipzig, Germany. Organized by the German Chemical Society, the symposium brought together experts from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan to discuss chemistry and water. Chemists identified some of the major issues affecting water including sanitation, contamination, analytical techniques to detect/measure contaminants, emerging techniques for water treatment, and methods to safely repurpose wastewater. 

ACS is pleased to lead the U.S. delegation to Leipzig to be a part of this vital conversation. The U.S. delegation includes:

  • Matt Platz, Chair (University of Hawaii-Hilo)
  • Amy Childress (University of Southern California)
  • Bruce Logan (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Venera Jouraeva (Cazenovia College)
  • Jerry Schnoor (University of Iowa)
  • Brooke Mayer (Marquette University) 
The delegation will tackle the four sub-topics of CS3, including: 
  • Water, health, and the environment
  • Detection of contaminants in water
  • Water treatment (membrane, non-membrane and desalination methods)
  • Recovery of energy and materials from wastewater 

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