2012 Awardees

ACS St. Louis Local Section - Younger Chemists Committee

Project Title: International Safety Video Collection and Competition

Organizer: Natalie LaFranzo

Partner Organizations:

  • Washington University in St. Louis Department of Chemistry and Environmental Health and Safety
  • ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety
  • University of California San Diego Department of Chemistry
  • Sigma-Aldrich

Project Description:

The International Chemical Safety Forum (http://www.ycclabsafetystl.org) provides resources for young chemists (and their mentors) in developing countries, which do not have access to such resources within their institution. The site contains three basic components including discussion boards, safety videos, and a resource repository. Previously developed safety videos are currently featured on the site, and new videos produced by the St. Louis YCC are in production and will be introduced in the future. The goal of this site is to constantly update with new information and resources. The site not only provides access to laboratory safety information, but also serves as a platform for international virtual collaborations on this topic via discussion boards and a private messaging system. In early 2013, the site was introduced first to the St. Louis region, then nationally, finally “going global” during the International Conference for Young Chemists in Penang, Malaysia. The site has attracted registered users at a variety of institutions from the US, as well as international users. About 36% of visitors have been from outside the US. The site saw considerable traffic when it was first introduced and continues to see traffic from around the world.

ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry

Project Title: Computational Chemistry Teaching and Research Laboratory at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya

Organizers: Dr. Lewis Whitehead, Dr. Heather Burks and Dr. Evans Ogwagwa

Partner Organizations:

  • Kenyatta University Department of Chemistry
  • Seeding Labs

Project Description:

As chemistry is an essential discipline in the drug discovery process, it has been a focus area for several visiting African Fellows and their NIBR scientific mentors over the last few years. In particular, computational chemistry has minimal requirements and is ideally suited as an area for scientific capacity building in Africa. Our application for an Global Innovation Grant through the ACS’ International Activities Committee has allowed Professor Ogwagwa to procure scientific molecular modeling software for installation onto computer workstations that were donated by NIBR in 2012. This new facility at Kenyatta University is now supporting research & teaching in computational chemistry and is standing as a role model for other institutions in the area, one of which is the University of Nairobi.

ACS Colorado Local Section - Younger Chemists Committee

Project Title: Young Chemists Committee International Physical Exchange Program

Organizers: Jens Breffke

Partner Organizations:

  • EuCheMS European Younger Chemists Network (EYCN)
  • ACS Corporation Associates
  • ACS LSAC Innovative Projects
  • IYC Nan-Grant
  • LS YCC Starter Grant

Project Description:

The Young Chemists Crossing Borders (YCCB) program brought four young scientists and a delegate from the Colorado local section to the 4th European Chemistry Congress in Prague, Czech Republic. Our collaborator and sister organization, the European Young Chemist Network (EYCN) of EuCheMS, hosted them for the conference and additional programming afterwards there. All of the US participants presented their research as a poster or oral presentation at the Chemistry Congress and the feedback from the scientific community was outstanding. Receptions were attended to stimulate dialogue with other scientists, societies, and sponsors from industry. Sigma-Aldrich sponsored a welcome dinner, a farewell dinner, a lunch, and the “Prague-by-night” tour that encouraged networking and communication among the participants.

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