2013 Awardees

ACS California Local Section

Project Title: International Program at the ACS 44th Western Regional Meeting

Organizer: Bryan Balazs

Partner Organizations:

  • ACS Santa Clara Local Section
  • Various international centers within the San Francisco Bay Area Universities

Project Description:

As part of the ACS 44th Western Regional Meeting held October 3rd to 6th, 2013 in Santa Clara, CA, an international program of events was held on Saturday October 5th to provide students and other chemistry professionals with information on studying and working abroad, and to provide them with insight as to considerations and experiences from others who have engaged in work/study abroad.  The 2013 WRM was co-hosted by the California and the Santa Clara Valley Sections (over 7000 ACS members total), and funds from the Global Innovation Grantused to offset the costs of this international program.  The program targeted primarily two- and four-year college students.

ACS Northeastern Local Section

Project Title:The Northeastern Section (NESACS) German Exchange at the Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM) 2013

Organizer: Morton Z. Hoffman

Partner Organizations:

  • Younger Chemists Committee of the NESACS (NSYCC)
  • Jungchemikerforum (JCF) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)

Project Description:

The Exchange between the Younger Chemists Committee of NESACS (NSYCC) and the Jungchemikerforum (JCF) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) took place on October 19-26, 2013.  The visitors from Germany attended NERM in New Haven (October 23-26), participated in the technical sessions, made oral and poster presentations, and were part of a NESACS-sponsored symposium, “International Chemistry Connections,” on October 25, 2013.

ACS Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter

Project Title: SAICSC-ACS Program: "Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future" Student Study Visit to Saudi Aramco

Organizer:Waleed M. Al-Dahlan

Partner Organizations:

  • Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center
  • SciTech

Project Description:

In order to promote chemistry and chemical sciences education in Saudi Arabia, SAICSC-ACS partnered with Saudi Aramco to offer school visits for around 300 high school students (both male and female) in April and May, 2013. These visits fostered curiosity and understanding of chemistry related education. In addition, SAICSC-ACS helped to plan and implement the 2013 SciTech Cultural Program, where more than 5000 participants were exposed to an array of activities pertaining to energy research and technology development, including hands on chemistry experiments.

ACS Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division

Project Title: Establishment of Technical University of Munich Student Chapter

Organizers: Thomas Hoffman & Peter Schieberle

Partner Organizations:

  • Technical University of Munich

Project Description:

With the goal of promoting international membership and collaboration, ACS’s Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division organized and implemented the establishment of a local student chapter for the Technical University of Munich in Munich, Germany. This included the setup of Chapter Charter and by-laws, student recruitment and site visits by Chapter Advisor Thomas Hoffman from the University of Boston. Future plans include attendance at the ACS National Meeting in Dallas in March, 2014.