Human Rights Symposia

The Office of International Affairs organized a variety of symposia regarding the appropriate role of science, chemists, and ACS in working to solve human rights issues.

The following presentations were presented at the 2011 Spring National Meeting:

Science and human rights: A bridge towards benefiting humanity
Dr. Jeffrey Toney, Dean, Kean University
How does science fit into Human Rights? What can you do?

Human rights, scientific freedom, and our responsibility as a professional society
Presenter: Dr. Nancy Jackson, ACS President 2011
What are the capacities, roles, and responsibilities of a scientific professional society to monitor the welfare of scientists? What are the challenges to the human rights of scientists and scientific freedom?

On advancing science, technology, and human rights
Presenter: Dr. Bassam Shakashiri, ACS President-Elect 2011
What is the appropriate role for ACS in the realm of human rights?