Travel to the United States

ACS has members worldwide, many of whom travel to the United States for work, collaboration, and meetings. The Office of International Activities has compiled the following information on how to obtain a U.S. visa, the visa waiver program available for travelers from select countries, and what to do if you encounter visa problems.

ACS has registered its concerns regarding the increasing number of delays and denials of visas. Read the Visa Restrictions and Scientific Progress statement.

The U.S. Visa Application Process

Steps in applying for a visa include:

If you have not heard back within 60 days from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, contact them to request information about the status of your visa application

ACS recommends that you allow for plenty of time to process your visa application, particularly if you are a third country national, working on sensitive technology projects, or if you have been denied a visa in the past. For an estimate of wait times for various types of visas at U.S. embassies and consulates, please visit the State Department website.

C&EN Article

By David T. Donahue, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services at the U.S. Department of State