Preparing for your US Consulate Interview

Make sure your paperwork is in order

To prepare for the application and interview, be sure that your passport is valid (six months or longer) and, if applicable, is visa waiver program compliant; that you have completed the appropriate visa application forms; that your given and family names on all documents match what is in your passport; and that you have a passport-type photograph, proof of payment of fees, and evidence of funds to cover your expenses while in the United States.

Document your ties to your home country

As part of your visa application and interview, you will need to show proof that you have binding or sufficient ties to your home country or permanent residence abroad. You will need to present documentation showing evidence of:

  • family ties to the home country or permanent residence abroad;
  • property ownership;
  • bank accounts;
  • employment (contract or letter from your employer specifying length of employment, position, and salary, for example);
  • the entire trip itinerary, including travel to countries other than the United States;
  • an announcement from the meeting organizer specifying the subject, location, and dates of the event;
  • documentation showing whether you have submitted or have had accepted a proposal to deliver a technical paper.

Provide proof of your professional, scientific, or educational status

A curriculum vitae and copies of diplomas will serve this purpose. If you are presenting at the meeting, bring copies of any documents or correspondence confirming that you have submitted and/or have had a paper accepted.

Apply for early approval if necessary

If you cannot apply three to four months in advance of your travel, on your application communicate that your ability to attend the meeting will depend on early approval of the visa application.