Visa Issued—Coming to the US

Know your visa validity date

This is the time period during which the applicant must use the visa to enter the United States. A person with a multiple-entry visa valid for one year can make several trips to the United States during that year. Some people will be issued single-entry visas only; therefore if they travel outside the United States they must apply for another visa before they return. The visa validity date has nothing to do with the length of stay which is determined by the immigration official at the port of entry.

Anticipate more processing when you arrive

A US visa will usually allow you to travel from your country to a port of entry in the United States. Under the US Visit Program, all visitors traveling on visas to the United States will be interviewed, will have their documents reviewed, will have two fingerprints scanned by an inkless device, and will be photographed by US immigration officials upon entry at US air- and seaports.