ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer's Roundtable

The ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer's Roundtable brings together industry leaders to identify best practices for the implementation of green chemistry and engineering in the chemical manufacturing industry. Launched in June 2010 as a partnership between ACS Green Chemistry Institute® and the chemical manufacturing industry, the Roundtable focuses on strategic areas where improving efficiency can benefit the diverse industry stakeholders.

ACS GCI Awarded DOE Grant to Support AltSep Initiative
ACS GCI has received a High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) award which provides computing time at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to further our understanding of molecular dynamics in membrane separations.

ACS GCI Industrial Roundtables Awarded NIST Grant
ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer's Roundtable has initiated a collaboration between ACS GCI Industrial Roundtables and AIChE, based on their sustainable separations proposal, AltSep

Recent News: Putting Distillation Out of Business in the Chemical Industry. Purifying chemicals without heat would go a long way toward reducing global energy consumption and pollution. 


To provide leadership and education in the interpretation and implementation of green chemistry and green engineering principles as applied in the chemical manufacturing industry as well as providing a consistent source of credible, scientifically sound information on the application of the principles to chemical manufacturing industry stakeholders to influence policy, standard setting organizations, and third parties directly relevant to the chemical manufacturing industry.

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Member companies who are part of the ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable are dedicated to the implementation of green chemistry and engineering into the manufacturing of chemicals. Member companies face a diversity of challenges and priorities, yet by identifying common processes, the Roundtable can drive sustainability improvements that will have a broad impact on the industry. For example, through the lens of green chemistry and engineering, the Roundtable is defining research, development, and demonstration needs to facilitate industrial adoption of less energy-intensive alternatives to distillation (a staple of most chemical processes).

The ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable invites all corporations producing basic chemicals or manufacturing products by predominantly chemical processes to consider joining. Companies are encouraged to join if they are committed to improving the process of chemical manufacturing through the application of green chemistry and engineering.

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The ACS GCI Manufacturer’s Roundtable is targeting publications in scientific journals and industrial outlets. Recent publications include:

The ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable operates under the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®, a part of the American Chemical Society, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

To participate in the ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable or for more information, please contact or 202-872-6102.

ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable

Learn about the ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable's involvement in a collaborative effort to accelerate the industrial application of less energy-intensive alternative separation processes.   

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