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The ACS GCI Manufacturer’s Roundtable welcomes the active participation of member companies meeting the eligibility description below. Companies pledge their support and contribute to the Roundtable by making available their knowledge and experience as well as providing financial support. Each member company may designate employees to participate in the Roundtable. Members participate in meetings once every six weeks via teleconference and/or internet and work with committees to direct and develop resources to meet the objectives of Roundtable. At least one in-person meeting is scheduled per year.

Membership Eligibility

Members include establishments producing basic chemicals and establishments manufacturing products by predominantly chemical processes. Establishments manufacture general classes of products such as basic chemicals and specialty chemicals, including acids, alkalis, salts, organic chemicals and polymers to be used in manufacture and formulation.

Membership Fees

Membership contributions are restricted for the purpose of meeting the project needs of the Roundtable. Annual contributions range from $1000-$6000 depending on net global sales.

Contact Information

To participate or for more information, contact the ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer's Roundtable:

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