ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable

Representing many industry leaders, the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable is a driving force for the use of green chemistry to create sustainable cleaning and personal care products that are safer for consumers to use. Established in 2007 as a partnership between ACS Green Chemistry Institute® and the formulated products industry, the Roundtable works throughout the supply chain, from supplier to certifier, to develop and use greener alternatives and scientifically sound standards.

The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable Greats New Co-Chairs
Marie-Esther Saint Victor of S. C. Johnson & Son and Clement Choy of Seventh Generation will be taking over from the capable leadership of Phil Sliva of Amway and Tom Burns of Novozymes. 


To be a driving force in the formulated products industry to use Green Chemistry in creating innovative products that are environmentally sustainable throughout their product life cycle and safer to make and use.


Strategic Priorities

  • Promote transparency and consistency through a set of green chemistry principles for formulated products.
  • Drive good science in the development of environmentally preferred products standard/ certification.
  • Inform and influence suppliers and academia to develop greener alternatives.
  • Be recognized leaders in green chemistry.
  • Incorporate risk-based decision making into green chemistry.
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Member companies who are part of the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable are dedicated to identifying and developing opportunities for greening the formulations of many common household products. By working together, the Roundtable provides leadership and influences the industry throughout the supply chain. For example, the Roundtable developed a chemical ingredient database to facilitate communication and transparency of non-proprietary feedback from third party evaluations of product formulations such as the U.S. EPA’s Design for Environment Program, Green Seal, and Eco Logo. This feedback makes it easier for formulators and their suppliers, such as fragrance companies, to improve the safety and sustainability of their products to achieve certification.

The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable invites all corporation, subsidiaries, and divisions, meeting the eligibility requirements to consider joining. Companies are encouraged to join if they are committed to the integration of green chemistry into the formulation of soap, detergents and cleaning preparations and/or perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a Roundtable meeting.

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The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable reaches out to the broader industry through papers, reports and conferences. The Roundtable’s publications include:

  • Opportunities for Greener Alternatives in Chemical Formulations, Philip G. Jessop, Faraz Ahmadpour, Michael A. Buczynski, Tom J. Burns, Newton B. Green, Rebecca S. Korwin, David Long, Suhail K. Massad, Julie B. Manley, Navid Omidbakhsh, Richard Pearl, Schubert Pereira, Robert A. Predale, Phil G. Sliva, Herb Vanderbilt, Stan Weller and Martin H. Wolf, Green Chem., February 23, 2015 (web), DOI: 10.1039/C4GC02261K

Members of the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable share their thought leadership and strategies at scientific conferences and industry seminars. Below are a selection of past presentations:

To participate in the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable or for more information, please contact or 202-872-6102.