Endangered Elements

What are Endangered Elements:

Of the 118 elements that make up everything—from the compounds in a chemist’s arsenal to consumer products on the shelf—44 will face supply limitations in the coming years. These critical elements include rare earth elements, precious metals, and even some that are essential to life, like phosphorus.

How They Relate to Green Chemistry:

Endangered elements in the chemical enterprise face critical supply risks, making sustainable management of their extraction, use, reuse and dispersion essential. In addition to the environmental cost of extracting and processing endangered elements, there is, for some of these materials, an additional human cost of conflict minerals mined to finance armed disputes. Research into more abundant alternatives, more efficient uses, recycling and recovery will help mitigate risks and move industry towards sustainable supply chains.

The Periodic Table of Endangered Elements presents elements facing supply restrictions in the coming years. The research was conducted by the Chemical Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network.

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