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Green Chemistry Innovation Scorecard Calculator

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Green Chemistry Innovation Scorecard Calculator



FMW: g/mol (MW of parent drug: exclude salt/cocrystal)

Campaign Dev Phase Complexity # steps cEF=PMI-1

After inserting the inputs, click on the campaign number to display its scoreboard.


Designed by Frank Roschangar and developed by Manuel Henry

Roschangar, F.; Zhou, Y.; Constable, D.J.C.; Colberg, J.; Dickson, D.P.; Dunn, P.J.; Eastgate, M.D.; Gallou, F.; Hayler, J.D.; Koenig, S.G.; et al. Inspiring process innovation via an improved green manufacturing metric: iGAL. Green Chem.2018, Advance Article. DOI: 10.1039/C8GC00616D

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