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Riding the Wave of Green Chemistry: How to Enhance Awareness of Plastics in the Ocean

Plastics permeate every aspect of our society. Although, students and the public recognize their many benefits, reports of their alarming buildup in our oceans and resulting harm to aquatic life is a topic that resonates with all.

Join Jane Wissinger of University of Minnesota and Reuben Hudson of Colby College in a free interactive webinar for Chemists Celebrate Earth Week. During this special broadcast, Jane and Reuben will bring awareness to the accumulation of plastics in our oceans, highlight outreach and curriculum materials that teach polymer basics, and feature innovative ideas by chemists who apply green principles to develop more sustainable materials.

ACS Webinars

ACS Webinars is proud to partner with the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®, whose mission is to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise. Learn about the amazing work being done by chemists to reduce waste and reduce demand on diminishing resources and improve our world. 

How to Sustainably Innovate Throughout the Life Cycle of Drug Research and Development
Paul Richardson of Pfizer shares how industry can further reduce its ecological impact and make a business case for green chemistry in Pharma.

How to Create Sustainable Product Design that Satisfies Production Demand and Eco-Awareness
Eric Beckman discusses how to create viable new products in harmony with traditional production methods and ecological impact.

Nanomaterial Design Guided by the Principles of Green Chemistry
James Hutchison discusses the foundations for greener nanotechnology and presents a case study that uses nanomaterial product innovation guided by green chemistry.

Sustainability Challenges of the Textiles, Dyeing and Finishing Industries: Opportunities for Innovation
Richard Blackburn discusses the techniques being scrutinized so that textiles become more efficient from the technical, economic and ecological perspective.

Natural, Sustainable Innovation: L’Oréal’s Commitment to Renewable Materials and Eco-Friendly Processes
Michel Philippe discuss the importance of using renewable raw materials, designing resource-efficient synthesis methods with minimal environmental impact, and developing substances with favorable environmental profiles designed with their subsequent degradation in mind.

Cosmetic Chemistry: Novel Approaches using Natural and Renewable Ingredients
Richard Blackburn of the University of Leeds investigates the possibility of isolating actives from plant materials.

Outsmarting the Shortage: The Emergence of Base Metal Catalysis in Pharma
J.Chris McWilliams shares how base metals can replace precious metals in the construction of organic molecules.

Artificial Photosynthesis: Making Fuels Directly from Sunlight
Join Nathan Lewis as he shares his work on transforming water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to make fuel.

How to Create a Safer and More Sustainable Lab Through Green Chemistry
David Finster and Jeffrey Whitford share how to adopt sustainable strategies that inherently produce a safer lab and chemical facility in both commercial and academic settings.

Catalyzing Innovation through Molecular Design
Brian Laird and Anthony Rappé discuss how their interdisciplinary research presents new approaches to designing and using catalysts that eliminate hazardous materials while minimizing waste and conserve resources.

Making Plastic Greener Through Next Generation Polymers
Marc Hillmyer explains how the next generation of plastics could be made from renewable resources such as plants.

Transitioning Organic Synthesis from Organic Solvents to Water
Bruce H. Lipshutz presents his work on developing an alternative to organic solvents that is safer and generates less waste.

Planting the Seeds for Sustainable Chemistry
Learn about the Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientist and Engineers with Jennie Dodson, Cliff Cross and Julian Silverman.

Endangered Elements: Critical Materials in the Supply Chain
Modern materials use an ever-increasing number of elements, and some supplies are running short. Learn how we can face this issue with Avatar Matharu, Paul Chirik and Roderick Eggert.

From Waste to Wealth Using Green Chemistry
Discover how modern technologies can be used to maximize the chemical potential of food and e-waste with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence.

Alternative Assessments: Strategies for Sustainable Product Development
Pamela Spencer shares how integrating toxicology assessments at an early stage can be better for the environment and your bottom line.

Endangered Elements: Critical Materials in the Supply Chain
Modern materials use an ever-increasing number of elements, and some supplies are running short. Learn how we can face this issue with Avatar Matharu, Paul Chirik and Roderick Eggert.

Green Chemistry Videos

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The Chemistry of Rocks: Program-in-a-Box Recording

Explore the (green) chemistry behind rocks, minerals and gemstones in this video produced by ACS for National Chemistry Week 2017!

We are surrounded by rocks and minerals everywhere... in the ground we walk on, the places we work and live and even in the food we eat. How are chemists experimenting with these fundamental materials to help the world and make our lives better? 

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The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry Videos

Watch this set of 14 videos covering in detail the principles of green chemistry. Presented by Dr. David Constable and Dr. Richard Williams, these videos spend about 20 minutes on each principle, and were recorded during the 2013 Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop.





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Green Chemistry & Engineering Presentations

Watch over 100 recorded presentations from the 20th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference. Browse by session to find cutting edge science, industry case studies, and what's next in green chemistry education from the leaders in the field. Recorded June 14-16, 2016.

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What's Your Green Chemistry? 

Dive into this playlist featuring green chemistry enthusiast's answers to what their green chemistry is! Watch as these professors, students and industry enthusiasts illustrate how they implement green chemistry in their professions.

Watch the entire "What's Your Green Chemistry?" playlist on YouTube

ACS GCI's Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

The 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be held June 16-18, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. Take your sustainable chemistry to the next level - don't miss this conference!

The GC&E Call for Symposia is open through October 4, 2019