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Featured Green Chemistry Webinar:

How Chemists and Engineers Will Make a Difference for a Healthy Planet

Webinar Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 2-3pm ET

At the time of the first Earth Day, fifty years ago, the state of the environment in the United States was bleak. Air pollution blanketed our cities and rivers were so polluted that some represented a fire hazard. Generations of chemists and chemical engineers have made profound contributions to improving air and water quality over the past half century. Sign up for a free interactive broadcast  with David Allen of the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources at the University of Texas at Austin. This webinar highlights how chemistry and engineering have contributed to improvements in environmental quality over the past 50 years.  


ACS Green Chemistry Webinars

ACS Webinars is proud to partner with the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®, whose mission is to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise. Learn about the amazing work being done by chemists to reduce waste and reduce demand on diminishing resources and improve our world. 


2019 - 2020

The Future of Organic Synthesis is in Water: From Chemo- to Bio-catalysis
Professor Bruce Lipshutz of UC Santa Barbara discusses how for chemical, economic, and environmental reasons, chemistry in water is our only path to sustainability. Present day synthesis produces unimaginable levels of organic solvent waste; chemo- and biocatalysis in water are solutions to this problem. Learn how to utilize combinations of chemo- and bio-catalysis, both in water, for synthetic gain. 

Slimming the Waste-line in Large Molecule Syntheses
Senior Research Advisor Michael Kopach of Eli Lilly and Company discusses why the opportunities for innovations in sustainable chemistry for peptides and oligonucleotide syntheses are much greater than for small molecule chemistry.

Is Paper and Pulp Recycling the Solution to Our Single Use Package Problem?
Richard Venditti, Professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University, in a special broadcast for Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, demonstrates the potential of paper and pulp recycling as the renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally compatible solution that society desires.

Green Chemistry Videos

Youtube ID: rfhAAqEsagE

The Chemistry of Rocks: Program-in-a-Box Recording

Explore the (green) chemistry behind rocks, minerals and gemstones in this video produced by ACS for National Chemistry Week 2017!

We are surrounded by rocks and minerals everywhere... in the ground we walk on, the places we work and live and even in the food we eat. How are chemists experimenting with these fundamental materials to help the world and make our lives better? 

Youtube ID: bp6NMsTbiaQ

The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry Videos

Watch this set of 14 videos covering in detail the principles of green chemistry. Presented by Dr. David Constable and Dr. Richard Williams, these videos spend about 20 minutes on each principle, and were recorded during the 2013 Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop.

Youtube ID: Zkz39UfqxxI

Green Chemistry & Engineering on YouTube

Watch Green Chemistry & Engineering webinars and conference presentations on the ACS Webinars and GCI Youtube channels.  

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What's Your Green Chemistry? 

Dive into this playlist featuring green chemistry enthusiast's answers to what their green chemistry is! Watch as these professors, students and industry enthusiasts illustrate how they implement green chemistry in their professions.

Watch the entire "What's Your Green Chemistry?" playlist on YouTube

Additional Resources

ACS GCI's Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

Register to watch free videos from the 24th Annual Virtual GC&E Conference. Symposia proposals for the 25th Annual GC&E Conference are now open.