Early Career Chemist

  • Meet the traveler and discovery scientist who visits his new compounds in the greenhouses each week image
    Meet the traveler and discovery scientist who visits his new compounds in the greenhouses each week

    Michael Holmes, an early career discovery chemist with FMC, details his journey from Christchurch, New Zealand to Newark, DE; explains why he pursued a PhD; and what he considers to be the best part of his job at FMC

  • Hasmukh Patel image
    Hasmukh Patel

    Our Early Career Professional profile centers on Hasmukh Patel, with Aramco Americas, who shares insight into his journey on devising novel materials chemistries for sustainable energy development

  • Rachel D. Slack image
    Rachel D. Slack

    Read the inspiring story of Rachel D. Slack, an early career professional who shares that the discovery in pharma and ag require a combined understanding of synthetic chemistry and the biology of the organism

  • Erin Joy Araneta image
    Erin Joy Araneta

    Erin Joy Araneta, an author, nonprofit founder, and undergraduate researcher, shares her passion about increasingintersectional environmentalism, diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect in chemistry

  • Dara Bobb-Semple image
    Dara Bobb-Semple

    Dara Bobb-Semple, a rotation engineer with Lam Research and Stanford Alum, explains how high school struggles with chemistry nearly derailed her career dreams, until a particular teacher came along who helped Dara leave her struggles behind, and reignite her professional aspirations

  • Lori Ana Valentín image
    Lori Ana Valentín

    Lori Ana Valentín, a forensic scientist with the New York State Police, shares details on a fascinating job that allows her to apply chemistry to law enforcement

  • Souvagya Biswas image
    Souvagya Biswas

    Souvagya Biswas, an associate research scientist working for Dow, shares his journey from India to Midland, MI, and his work in an academic-industry collaboration with UCSB

  • Eugenia Narh Baawuo image
    Eugenia Narh Baawuo

    An early career chemist, Eugenia Narh Baawuo of DeWolf Chemical, explains how her career in cosmetic chemistry/personal care has evolved, and how her choice of mentors has evolved along with it

  • Brandon Presley image
    Brandon Presley

    Brandon Presley of The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson shares his passion for analytical chemistry, scholarship programs, and science-themed t-shirts

  • Kristin Nuzzio image
    Kristin Nuzzio

    Kristin Nuzzio of PPG offers advice for making the transition from managing experiments to managing people

  • Juan Carlos Ramos image
    Juan Carlos Ramos

    Juan Carlos Ramos of HP outlines an ambitious future for the manufacture of metal parts

  • Brandon Wenning image
    Brandon Wenning

    Brandon Wenning of Roswell Biotechnologies shares his dual passion for chemistry and music

  • Candice Pelligra image
    Candice Pelligra

    Candice Pelligra of Axalta Coatings Systems details the colorful field of automobile coatings R&D

  • Bridget Woolley image
    Bridget Woolley

    Bridget Woolley of Chemours takes us behind the scenes of her analytical testing laboratory

  • Tara Kennedy Griffiths image
    Tara Kennedy Griffiths

    Tara Kennedy Griffiths reveals the vital role chemists play at Hershey’s largest manufacturing site