Early Career Chemist

  • Eugenia Narh Baawuo image
    Eugenia Narh Baawuo

    An early career chemist, Eugenia Narh Baawuo of DeWolf Chemical, explains how her career in cosmetic chemistry/personal care has evolved, and how her choice of mentors has evolved along with it

  • Brandon Presley image
    Brandon Presley

    Brandon Presley of The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson shares his passion for analytical chemistry, scholarship programs, and science-themed t-shirts

  • Kristin Nuzzio image
    Kristin Nuzzio

    Kristin Nuzzio of PPG offers advice for making the transition from managing experiments to managing people

  • Juan Carlos Ramos image
    Juan Carlos Ramos

    Juan Carlos Ramos of HP outlines an ambitious future for the manufacture of metal parts

  • Brandon Wenning image
    Brandon Wenning

    Brandon Wenning of Roswell Biotechnologies shares his dual passion for chemistry and music

  • Candice Pelligra image
    Candice Pelligra

    Candice Pelligra of Axalta Coatings Systems details the colorful field of automobile coatings R&D

  • Bridget Woolley image
    Bridget Woolley

    Bridget Woolley of Chemours takes us behind the scenes of her analytical testing laboratory

  • Tara Kennedy Griffiths image
    Tara Kennedy Griffiths

    Tara Kennedy Griffiths reveals the vital role chemists play at Hershey’s largest manufacturing site

  • Ivona Sasimovich image
    Ivona Sasimovich

    Early career chemist Ivona Sasimovich takes us behind the scenes of the flavor industry

  • Manibarsha Goswami image
    Manibarsha Goswami

    Meet the materials chemist facilitating the production of novel logic - and memory-chips

  • Josh Kaitz image
    Josh Kaitz

    Josh Kaitz of DuPont provides insight into the fast-paced world of lithography R&D

  • James Walker image
    James Walker

    Dow's James Walker shares his passion for chemistry and volunteering with NOBCChE to provide after-school STEM programming for K-12 students

  • Jim Goetz image
    Jim Goetz

    Jim Goetz of Eastman Chemical Company shares his passion for manufacturing recycled plastics and craft beer

  • Jamie Schwarzbach image
    Jamie Schwarzbach

    Early career brand manager takes us behind the scenes of marketing in the biotech industry

  • Fabio Broccatelli image
    Fabio Broccatelli

    Computational chemist Fabio Broccatelli likes to work at the intersections of disciplines