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The Best of ACS Industry Matters for Managers

It’s hard work to set your team and your company up for success, all while continuing to improve your leadership skills and reach your long-term career goals.

ACS’s member-only Industry Matters Newsletter delivers exclusive interviews from chemical industry executives with insights and perspectives on managing teams, protecting intellectual property, fostering innovation, championing inclusivity, and more each week to address the unique questions, challenges, and opportunities you face as a leader.

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On connecting business strategy to product development:

“The product development process requires scientists to be involved in collecting data that reflects the voice of the customer, interacting with sales personnel, conducting field trials of the products, and evaluating the financial costs and financial returns of the products. All of these interactions enable scientists to learn the business and financial aspects of the product they are involved in.” – Jyoti Seth, VP of Technology, GCP Applied Technologies

On attracting and retaining women in the chemical industry:

“Women want to work where they believe they’ll be welcomed, heard and promoted, and if they don’t see other women leaders in the workplace, they’re less likely to stay…the chemical industry can’t afford to miss out on half of the trained workforce, and so we have to be diligent in engaging young graduates early and ensuring they have the support and encouragement to thrive in whatever roles they aspire to.” Patricia Hubbard, SVP & CTO, Cabot Corporation

On leading large, distributed teams:

“To be successful with large, geographically diverse teams, you need to articulate a clear strategy and how the teams contribute to that strategy. It’s so important for every team member to understand how they fit into the bigger picture and the individual impact they have on the business. Regular, consistent communication helps to build this understanding and alignment.” – Kathy Shelton, VP & CTO, FMC Corporation

On leadership challenges faced by managers:

One of the most challenges of being a C-suite executive is the “crushing pressure exerted by [y]our shareholders to maximize short term profits at the expense of the long term. This trend ramped up during my tenure and is the greatest threat to the existence of publicly owned listed enterprises investing in CAPEX and R and D for the long term.” – Andrew Liveris, Former Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemical Company

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