What I Learned

  • Katherine Lee image
    Katherine Lee

    Katherine Lee explains how to effectively lead teams, how universities can better prepare students for careers in industry, and why she is passionate about helping people advance in their careers

  • Ken Fivizzani image
    Ken Fivizzani

    Ken Fivizzani identifies safety considerations before reopening labs, assesses how industry, academia and gov’t are executing lab safety, and more

  • Christina Bodurow image
    Christina Bodurow

    Christina Bodurow talks about the most instrumental trait to her career success, how and when to encourage women to pursue STEM careers and more

  • Lisa Houston image
    Lisa Houston

    Lisa Houston explains how she found her love for biochemistry in college, where she gets her perseverance from, what impact COVID-19 might leave on the instrumentation industry and more

  • Michael J. Nuwer image
    Michael J. Nuwer

    Michael J. Nuwer on professional development tips, why to pursue a PhD, and why it's important to understand all aspects of the production process

  • Richard Cobb image
    Richard Cobb

    Richard Cobb talks to us about how COVID-19 is impacting technicians and the ACS Rochester Sections, what ACS is and could be doing to support its members during the pandemic and more

  • Lisa Balbes image
    Lisa Balbes

    Lisa Balbes tells us how to effectively network, how to deal with overcommitment, and more

  • Al Ribes image
    Al Ribes

    Al Ribes shares the skills and certifications that he credits to his maintained employment with Dow through decades of disruption

  • Mike Appell image
    Mike Appell

    USDA's Mike Appell on food safety and what foods to avoid associated with outbreaks

  • Jay Dias image
    Jay Dias

    Gut feelings and motivation? More important than you might think--they've led ExxonMobil's Jay Dias to where he is today

  • William Greenlee image
    William Greenlee

    William Greenlee shares the six traits that highly successful medicinal chemists, including himself, have in common.

  • Kevin Edgar image
    Kevin Edgar

    Kevin Edgar shares the top 3 ways chemistry students should prepare for industry jobs and more

  • Dawn Mason image
    Dawn Mason

    The 4 critical questions to ask when you're thinking about a career move, safety and more

  • Harry Elston image
    Harry Elston

    Harry Elston, Ph.D., CIH, PMP talks about safety awareness, entrepreneurship and more

  • H. N. Cheng image
    H. N. Cheng

    H. N. Cheng, Research Chemist, USDA Southern Regional Research Center compares working as an industry chemist vs. working as a chemist in government and more