What I Learned

  • Al Ribes image
    Al Ribes

    Al Ribes shares the skills and certifications that he credits to his maintained employment with Dow through decades of disruption

  • Mike Appell image
    Mike Appell

    USDA's Mike Appell on food safety and what foods to avoid associated with outbreaks

  • Jay Dias image
    Jay Dias

    Gut feelings and motivation? More important than you might think--they've led ExxonMobil's Jay Dias to where he is today

  • William Greenlee image
    William Greenlee

    William Greenlee shares the six traits that highly successful medicinal chemists, including himself, have in common.

  • Kevin Edgar image
    Kevin Edgar

    Kevin Edgar shares the top 3 ways chemistry students should prepare for industry jobs and more

  • Dawn Mason image
    Dawn Mason

    The 4 critical questions to ask when you're thinking about a career move, safety and more

  • Harry Elston image
    Harry Elston

    Harry Elston, Ph.D., CIH, PMP talks about safety awareness, entrepreneurship and more

  • H. N. Cheng image
    H. N. Cheng

    H. N. Cheng, Research Chemist, USDA Southern Regional Research Center compares working as an industry chemist vs. working as a chemist in government and more

  • Mark Frishberg image
    Mark Frishberg

    Mark Frishberg, VP Business Development, JenKem Technology compares working for a big company vs. a small one and more

  • Anne DeMasi image
    Anne DeMasi

    Anne DeMasi, Manager, Hazard Communications, LANXESS Solutions, US Inc. talks about the significance of '100 days' and more

  • John Finley  image
    John Finley

    John Finley, Adjunct Professor, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Agricultural Center at Louisiana State University reveals all about buying organic and more

  • Frankie Wood-Black image
    Frankie Wood-Black

    Frankie Wood-Black, Ph.D, M.B.A., R.E.M., Division Chair, Engineering, Physical Science and Process Technology at Northern Oklahoma College, and Principal of Sophic Pursuits, Inc. discusses working in academia vs. industry and more.

  • Ed Miller image
    Ed Miller

    Edward L. Miller, MSCE, MBA, PE, Executive Director, ACS Rubber Division looks back on three different careers from the Air Force to ACS and more

  • Valerie Kuck image
    Valerie Kuck

    Valerie Kuck, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Retired on the obstacles impeding greater advancement for women chemists in industry and more

  • Neal Langerman image
    Neal Langerman

    Neal Langerman, Principal Scientist, Advanced Chemical Safety talks about the state of safety in the chemical enterprise and more