What I Learned

  • Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt image
    Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt

    Katie Hunt discusses her tenure as ACS President, what it was like working for Rohm & Haas and Dow, and teaching at UVA. Katie also provides advice for younger chemists, and why it is so important to always ask questions – specifically the question “Why?”

  • Beth Lorsbach image
    Beth Lorsbach

    Beth Lorsbach from Corteva explains the similarities and differences in how the agro and pharma industries discover and develop chemical compounds. She also comments on future sustainability challenges, the “one that got away,” and coping with failure

  • Tiffany Hoerter image
    Tiffany Hoerter

    Tiffany Hoerter discusses the domestic employment outlook for the chemistry enterprise over the next three years, avoiding data-driven paralysis by analysis, and the personality trait most responsible for her career success

  • Dee Strand image
    Dee Strand

    Dee Strand, formerly with Dow and Wildcat Discovery Technologies, explains how an internship with Chevron helped her visualize working in industry, whether she would start her career over with a large or small company, and the two-edged sword of a strong work ethic

  • Elsa Reichmanis image
    Elsa Reichmanis

    Elsa Reichmanis on obtaining her undergrad and PhD in only six years, the secret to Bell Labs’ success, leading teams, and raising twins

  • Matt Grandbois image
    Matt Grandbois

    DuPont’s Matt Grandbois shares some insights on what early career chemists value from the perspective of industry management. Matt also talks about the outsized influence his parents have on his leadership style, and the four musicians he would pick to put on Mt. Rushmore

  • Jon Siddall  image
    Jon Siddall

    Jon Siddall walks through his decision to change jobs late in his career, he tells us what he learned at The Dow Chemical Company and Cabot Corporation, the fundamentals of the “Nylon Problem”, his stance on sustainability, and more

  • Dorothy Phillips image
    Dorothy Phillips

    Dorothy Phillips remembers what it was like to be one of the only African Americans at Vanderbilt University, explains how her competitive streak advanced her career, and offers some suggestions to advance diversity, inclusion and respect in the chemical enterprise

  • Katherine Lee image
    Katherine Lee

    Katherine Lee explains how to effectively lead teams, how universities can better prepare students for careers in industry, and why she is passionate about helping people advance in their careers

  • Ken Fivizzani image
    Ken Fivizzani

    Ken Fivizzani identifies safety considerations before reopening labs, assesses how industry, academia and gov’t are executing lab safety, and more

  • Christina Bodurow image
    Christina Bodurow

    Christina Bodurow talks about the most instrumental trait to her career success, how and when to encourage women to pursue STEM careers and more

  • Lisa Houston image
    Lisa Houston

    Lisa Houston explains how she found her love for biochemistry in college, where she gets her perseverance from, what impact COVID-19 might leave on the instrumentation industry and more

  • Michael J. Nuwer image
    Michael J. Nuwer

    Michael J. Nuwer on professional development tips, why to pursue a PhD, and why it's important to understand all aspects of the production process

  • Richard Cobb image
    Richard Cobb

    Richard Cobb talks to us about how COVID-19 is impacting technicians and the ACS Rochester Sections, what ACS is and could be doing to support its members during the pandemic and more

  • Lisa Balbes image
    Lisa Balbes

    Lisa Balbes tells us how to effectively network, how to deal with overcommitment, and more