About SciMeetings

SciMeetings is a virtual science-sharing database developed by ACS Publications in collaboration with other ACS divisions. Presenters whose abstracts were accepted for the terminated ACS Spring 2020 Meeting & Expo shared their posters and presentations through SciMeetings. For the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo, presenters whose abstracts were accepted were prompted to select one of three upload and publishing options. Those who selected the All-inclusive option granted permission for their abstract and presentation to be added to SciMeetings as part of the permanent meeting record.

What are the benefits to authors who upload their posters and presentations to SciMeetings?

Posters and presentations uploaded to SciMeetings will receive a DOI from ACS Publications, the publisher of record. DOIs ensure your work can be easily cited by others and establish a permanent record of your contribution to the scientific record. You can track views, downloads, and citations in your registered SciMeetings account.

The standard license for work submitted to SciMeetings is CC BY-NC-ND. This license allows others to download your work and share it as long as they credit you, but they can’t change your work in any way or use it commercially.

Posting on SciMeetings ensures your work is seen by a global community. Posters, presentations, abstracts, and author metadata will be fully indexed and searchable on both the SciMeetings platform and the ACS Publications platform, which supports over 150 million downloads to research articles per year.

Presenters can also interact with viewers through the new Presenter Q&A feature. Attendees or the public may comment on a presentation. Comments and questions must be approved by the presenter first, and then they can directly reply. This will help bring the traditional networking reserved for in-person meetings to a virtual format. 

Does posting on SciMeetings count as a prior publication when I publish my work later?

The Editors-in-Chief of ACS journals have agreed that inclusion of posters and presentations in SciMeetings is comparable with posting on a preprint server, and as such does not constitute prior publication. As with preprints, we recommend that you inform the Editors about conference materials posted on SciMeetings and their relationship to your submitted manuscript in the cover letter. If you plan to submit your work to a non-ACS journal at a later time, you should verify with the Publisher and/or Editor that inclusion of your conference material in SciMeetings is acceptable.

What does it mean for my conference materials to be marked “private”?

Posting your work privately means it cannot be seen by anyone and is therefore ineligible for a DOI or CC BY-NC-ND license. Your work will simply be archived in the cloud. You can change to a public account at any time.

Does SciMeetings host virtual conferences?

Currently, SciMeetings is a platform to host conference materials as the permanent meeting record. The platform exists in static form to increase discoverability and advance science. With the addition of the Presenter Q&A feature, we are aiming to expand the networking, similar to that of a virtual conference. 

Why did ACS Publications select Morressier as the SciMeetings platform provider?

Morressier was selected as the platform for SciMeetings due to their commitment to developing tools that enable conferences posters, presentations, abstracts, datasets, videos, and supporting files to be widely discoverable. Morressier actively pursues new functionality to ensure users have the best possible experience. Research you post on SciMeetings is searchable on both the SciMeetings and ACS Publications platforms.