Presidential Symposia

Presidential Symposia 

These symposia, endorsed by the ACS President and the organizers, deliver scientific content of greatest interest to ACS meeting attendees.

Symposium Title Organizing Group
Sustainability: Advances and Applications ACS Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 
Ideas from Mind to Market: International Collaborations for Health, Wellness and Sustainability ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Chemistry and the Future of Plastics ACS Committee on Science
Plastics and the Oceans: Chemistry for the Journey Ahead ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement
Industrial-Academic Dialogue ACS Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry
Advancing International Chemical Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Launch, Leverage, Lead ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Macromolecular Science at the Dawn of its Second Century Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group

Presidential Recommended Symposia 

The ACS President has identified these symposia as ones that would interest ACS meeting attendees, and recommends that registrants make an effort to seek out and attend these high-interest technical sessions. 

Symposium Title Organizing Group
Advances in Renewable Energy and Fuels  ACS Division of Energy & Fuels
COVID: Lessons Learned ACS Division of Professional Relations
Lessons Learned from Starting a Chemical-Related Business  ACS Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry
Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry