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Pitch your Research: A Virtual Science Communication Competition

An opportunity for Indian PhDs and Postdocs to present a bird’s eye view of their research to scientists, researchers, and science communicators, effectively explaining their research in three minutes. The competition aims at cultivating the presentation and science & research communication skills

  • Compress your research project from a 20-minute presentation to 3 minutes.
  • Communicate your research using a single slide.
  • Publicize your research and yourself.
  • Compete to win a merit certificate and a full waiver to the ACS Author Lab course.

The Event Format

  • Participants will present a three-minute pitch of their research project focusing on four aspects (i) background and significance of the research question, (ii) the research strategy/design, (iii) the results/findings of the research, and (iv) the conclusions, outcomes, and impact of the research.
  • The three-minute pitch will be supported by a single PowerPoint slide that best captures the project. You can think of it as the graphical abstract of your manuscript.
  • The presenters will give their pitch to a panel of two judges. The judges will have 5 minutes to ask clarifying questions.
  • Each pitch will be evaluated under 5 categories - Novelty of Research, Real World Implications of Research, Clarity of presentation, Time Management, and Presentation Effectiveness.

Who can participate
All India based presenters (PhDs and Postdocs) who have registered for ACS Fall 2022 (In-person, hybrid, or virtual). ACSi India team will send individual participation invites via email along with more details about the event and way to register for the event. Interested presenters can also reach out to us. or call +91-9606807001

Who can attend
All ACS Fall 2022 registrants. Attendee zoom links will be shared in the digital platform.

Schedule and Location
August 22 - 25 
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (IST) 
Zoom virtual sessions

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