Travel Discounts

ACS has negotiated special travel discounts with the following partners. To get the best rates and avoid service fees, it is recommended to make reservations online.


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American Airlines
Discount code: 8130EG

Discount code: NMTUH

United Airlines
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Complimentary shuttle to/from selected airport.

Getting Around

The only thing easier than getting to San Francisco is getting around once you’re here. In San Francisco, everything is just around the corner.

Shuttle Bus

Shared Van & Shuttle Service
Several privately-owned, shared-ride vans provide service between SFO and passenger-specified locations.  The one-way rate from SFO to the city center is approxinately $17.  Depending on the number of pasengers, shared ride vans may make multiple stops, so the travel time can vary from 35-90 minutes.  In the Domestic Terminals, shuttles pick up passengers curbside on the Arrivals Level terminal.  In the International Terminal passenger pick up is on the Arrivals Level roadway center island.

Taxis depart from roadway islands on the lower level outside the Arrivals/Baggage Claims aea in all terminals.  Uniformed taxi coordinators work from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m. to ensure a smooth process for travelers.  All cabs are metered.

Rideshares Apps

With app-based transportation services, including Uber and Lyft, you can arrange to ride with drivers using their personal, non-commercial vehicles via smartphones.  These services pickup passengers at the curb n the Departures/Ticketing level of all terminals.  Fares and travel times vary according to demand and traffic, but it typically takes 30 minutes and cost $30-40 to get from SFO to popular San Francisco neighborhoods like Union Square.