FAQ for Presenters

FAQ for Presenters

What is the format of oral sessions for the meeting?
From March 20 through March 24, the hybrid meeting will take place in-person and virtually. Oral technical sessions will take place in-person and pre-recorded presentations from virtual presenters will be played in-room. 

These sessions will not be broadcast or recorded for on-demand. Maximum allotted time is 240 minutes per session.

When will ACS communicate with all presenters?
Acceptance (12/20) and scheduling (1/17) notices will be sent to all presenter (oral and poster). For questions, contact abstracts@acs.org

Can a presentation be moved to another session?
Yes. The deadline to request a change is 12/31/2021. All requests must come from the Division/Committee program chair.

I need to change presenters or I am presenting instead of the original presenter.
Who do I inform of this change? To ensure presenters are properly identified for in-person or virtual sessions, we do ask that presenters are correctly noted in MAPS for each abstract in the program. Please contact ACS at maps@acs.org to request changes to the designated abstract presenter.

Are we able to tell the exact time that our oral presentations will occur during these 4 hour blocks?
Yes. Each oral presentation time will be posted in the schedule under the individual session.

Will the presentations and Q&A be accessible after the meeting?
Abstracts will all be stored in the SciMeetings platform as the official meeting archive as well as available in SciFinder. If presenters have consented and paid, presentations and recordings will also be available in SciMeetings approximately one month after the meeting platform closes.

What software platform will the live oral technical sessions use?
All live oral technical sessions will use Zoom meetings accessible via the virtual meeting platform. Please be sure to download the most up-to-date version of this platform prior to the meeting.

What background do I need for my presentation?
ACS has optional Zoom backgrounds available.

Will there be technical support provided in the virtual meeting room?
Yes, there will be a dedicated technical producer for each hybrid and virtual meeting room.

What do I do if an in-person oral technical session is full?
Attendees will be able to view hybrid sessions via the meeting platform. For standard in-person meeting rooms, overflow viewing rooms will be available.

Will the virtual presentations and Q&A be accessible after the live technical session?
All abstracts and select posters and presentations will be made available through SciMeetings. Presenters who select to add SciMeetings to their registration may record and upload a video to accompany their poster or presentation. Learn more about SciMeetings.

How do I find out what to do as a presider (aka moderator, session chair) for my session?
Virtual session presiders will have a very similar role to what they would in an in-person meeting. They must register for the meeting, log-in to the session early, verify presentation order, greet the speakers, introduce the speakers, keep the session on time, and lead the Q&A. Producers in the session will handle all technical aspects of Zoom support for the presider.

Will there be a warning before cutting off the virtual session?
Yes. The technical Zoom room Producer will private chat with the Presider to inform them time is short and to wrap up Q&A. All sessions will automatically end at 5 minutes past the session end time if they haven't concluded by that time.

Will the Q&A be after each virtual presentation or after all the presentations have been completed?
Q&A can take place after each presentation or after all the presentations have been completed.

Is there a maximum number of questions assigned to each presenter so all presenters get the chance to answer questions?
There is not a maximum number of questions per presenter.  The presider will need to manage time and give each presenter an equal opportunity to answer questions.

I am a presider for an in-person standard oral tech room and/or a hybrid oral technical room. Do I have to preside over these rooms in person?
Presiders need to be physically present for an in-person only oral tech room. However, Presiders do not need to be in-person to preside in a hybrid oral technical room.

How can I upload my poster with a recording?
Please login to Speaker Management and Click on the Poster Presenter portal. There will be activities to upload your poster and record a brief 3-5 minute presentation.

Do I need to upload a poster files if I am presenting in-person?
While uploading a poster presentation is not required for in-person poster presenters, it is encouraged so virtual attendees can view your poster.

What  do I do for my in-person poster event?
All materials must be confined to 4' high by 8' wide display board. 

Authors must mount their poster during the one hour before the scheduled session start.

Poster numbers supplied by ACS will be in the upper corner of each poster board. This number corresponds with the number assigned to each poster in the technical program.

Pushpins will be available at the poster session.

Authors must remain with their posters for the duration of their scheduled session, as indicated in the technical program.

All posters must remain up until the session ends; they must be removed within one hour. ACS cannot assume responsibility for materials beyond these time limits.

What is the format of poster sessions?
From March 20 through March 24, poster presentations will take place in-person and virtually during scheduled sessions, providing capability for live interactions.

Posters will be on-demand in the virtual platform from March 20 through April 24. Poster presenters are required to upload their poster in PDF or PowerPoint format along with a high-resolution thumbnail image. Poster presenters may also choose to record a brief 3-5 minute video to accompany their poster to be available on demand throughout the meeting. Instructions to record a video will be provided to the poster presenters if they choose to do so.

I am participating in a live virtual poster event. Can I provide a recording of my poster and presentation for the event?
You must attend the session via the platform to present your poster live virtually during the poster session you have assigned to. Separately, you may record your poster presentation and make it available to others in the poster tab of the platform for OnDemand viewing.

What is the recommended poster format?
At the live virtual poster events, posters can be presented as JPG, PNG, PDF or in PPT.

Can I prepare a short PowerPoint to present in the poster session, instead of a poster?
You have the option to present your research via a PowerPoint presentation.

Can I zoom in on my poster during the live poster presentation?
Live virtual poster presenters will be sharing their screen and will have the ability to zoom in on the image/window they are sharing.

I am a virtual presenter, how do I get into my Zoom room.
Presenters may access the link to their technical session by clicking on the 'My Account' button, then the 'Speaker Management' tab, from here the Presenter will see their session(s) listed. Presenter will select the session by clicking 'Launch’ then clicking 'Enter Live Session' and finally clicking on 'Join Session'.

I am registered and logged in as a poster presenter but I don't have the option to record my presentation.
Ensure you are logged in to the meeting with the same ACS ID that you use to access your presentation in MAPS. If you are unable to upload your presentation, please contact service@acs.org or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776) for immediate assistance.

I am participating in virtual Sci-Mix. Do I need to upload a separate poster if it is also part of a primary session?
No separate upload is required for Sci-Mix selections. If the Sci-Mix participant is a virtual poster presenter in their primary session, then they still need to upload on the Poster Collection tab to satisfy that requirement.

Whom do I contact with questions about Sci-Mix if not presider is listed on the website for my session?
Contact member services at: service@acs.org.

Can I change my mind during the meeting to have my poster presentation added to Sci-Mix event?
Sci-Mix selections are determined by the Division program chair. Please contact the program chair directly for information about participation in Sci-Mix

What is the format of the live (virtual) poster events?
The poster sessions will be in Zoom. Poster presenters will be placed in a breakout room where people can connect with them to ask questions about their poster.

All poster presentations are concurrent during the two hours of each event.

What is the time limit for virtual poster presentations?
Two hours.

How much time before the session starts should in-person speakers upload talks in the ready room?
30 minutes prior.

Does my scheduled presentation time of 20 minutes include time for questions?
Your presentation time incudes the time for Q&A.

Can I pre-record my presentation and join afterward for live for Q&A?
Yes, as long as a request has been submitted to pre-record and the pre-record has been uploaded by Friday, 3/18 at 11:59pm PT

When is the deadline to request that a pre-recording of my presentation by played during my live session?
The deadline to request a pre-recorded presentation is Friday, 3/18 at 11:59 PM PT. This can be accessed in Speaker Management under the Record Presentation & Opt-in for OnDemand activity.