FAQ for Presiders

FAQ for Presiders

I'm both a presider and a presenter in the same session. Do I need to introduce myself or will someone else?
As the presider, you may introduce yourself.

How do presiders get speaker bios?
Speaker bios can be obtained from the speaker.

How do I join my virtual session?
Add your session to your itinerary in the “Full Schedule & My Itinerary” tab in the platform. Join the session 35  minutes before the session start time and the session producer will let you into the room.

What do I do if a speaker does not show up or has withdrawn?
The open time must be held as a break or networking time.

I am presiding over back-to-back sessions, entering the second session 35 minutes before the start might not be possible; will this be an issue?
This will not be an issue. There will be an Encore Producer in every room and they will be able to assist you even if you arrive a bit later.

Do I need to keep track of the attendance for my session?
You are not expected to keep track of attendance.