Frequently Asked Questions


  • What time zone is the meeting set to?

    Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

  • Can I see or search the whole program and do any scheduling?

    On August 9, the full schedule will be accessible in the virtual meeting platform.

  • Can I change my registration type from hybrid to virtual only? 

    Yes, you may modify/change your registration time without penalty. To modiy your registration, contact the ACS Registration Call Center on Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Eastern) via 800-251-8629 (U.S. registrants), 508-743-0192 (International registrants) or email

  • Can I register onsite and what payment options are accepted?

    Payments can be made only by credit card. Cash or checks will not be accepted for onsite registration.

  • Will there be an in-person or virtual Expo at ACS Fall 2021?

    No, there will not be an exposition. A variety of hybrid, in-person, and virtual sponsor opportunities will be available to groups and companies. Please contact or 202-590-0662 for sponsor questions or assistance.

  • I also registered for (workshops/short courses/events at the division level) but I cannot locate it on the platform.

    For events that are being held in-person in Atlanta, the event will be listed on the ACS Engagement Events page with additional information regarding each of these events. The ACS Engagement Events page is coming soon.

  • Can I connect with other attendees within the meeting platform?

    Yes, there will be networking opportunities available in-between the technical sessions and afterwards via Divisional networking rooms and events. There will also be a global chat feature available within the platform to chat with registered attendees who have made their profiles public and viewable by other attendees.

  • How do I change my name or email address in the virtual platform?

    You must change your information within your ACS ID account and then log in to the platform to refresh these fields.

  • When will the meeting platform be available to log in? How will I know where to go?

    The link to the meeting platform will be available on August 9.  An email will be sent to all registered attendees and the link will be available on the ACS Meetings & Expositions pages of

  • What will I use to log into the meeting website?

    Registrants will use the same ACS ID with password used to register for the meeting. If you have registered and have trouble logging in to the meeting, please contact or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776) for immediate assistance.

  • What are the preferred browsers for the meeting platform?

    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

  • Will registration be required?

    All attendees and presenters are required to register to access technical sessions and events. Registration is available through September 30, 2021

  • Will in-person sessions be broadcast online for virtual participants to view?

    Many, but not all, in-person sessions will be broadcast for virtual presenters and attendees to participate via the virtual meeting platform.

  • Where do I store my luggage while in Atlanta?

    There is not a bag check option at the Georgia World Congress Center. Plan on leaving all luggage, additional bags, and materials at your hotel.

  • What are the cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the technical session rooms at the Georgia World Congress Center?

    High-touch surfaces in the meeting rooms will be cleaned throughout the day with disinfectants. Additionally, the use of electrostatic sprayers will be used in all meeting rooms as part of the overnight sanitizing procedures. Electrostatic sprayers contain positively charged particles that aggressively adhere to surfaces and, thus, are effective in disinfecting the entire room including chairs, tables, and other surfaces.

  • What does the Georgia World Congress Center do to clean and sanitize the building during events?

    GWCC was the first convention center in the U.S. to achieve Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR accreditation for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention. It is the industry's only outbreak prevention, response, and recovery accreditation. GBAC STAR enables facilities to create and maintain an organized, effective approach to work practices, protocols, procedures, and systems to control risks associated with infectious agents, such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. For additional information, review the GWCC “Getting Back to Business”.



  • What is the format of oral sessions for the meeting?

    From August 22 through August 26, the hybrid meeting will take place in-person and virtually. Oral technical sessions will take place in-person and pre-recorded presentations from virtual presenters will be played in-room. 

    These sessions will not be broadcast or recorded for on-demand. Maximum allotted time is 120 minutes per session.

  • Will oral presenters need to record and upload their presentation in advance?

    Oral presenters are encouraged to self-record their presentations in advance in case they are not able to participate live.

  • What is the format of poster sessions?

    From August 22 through August 26, poster presentations will take place in-person and virtually during scheduled sessions, providing capability for live interactions.

    Posters will be on-demand in the virtual platform from August 22 through September 30. Poster presenters are required to upload their poster in PDF or PowerPoint format along with a high-resolution thumbnail image. Poster presenters may also choose to record a brief 3-5 minute video to accompany their poster to be available on demand throughout the meeting. Instructions to record a video will be provided to the poster presenters if they choose to do so.

  • When will ACS communicate with all presenters?

    Acceptance (6/18) and scheduling (7/14) notices will be sent to all presenters (oral and poster).

  • Can a presentation be moved to another session?

    The deadline to request a change is July 14, 2021. Please contact your Division/Committe program chair directly to make this request. All requests to ACS must come from the Division/Committee program chair. Program chairs and contact information are available on the list of symposia page.

  • Can I change my mind during the meeting to have my poster presentation added to Sci-Mix event?

    Sci-Mix selections are determined by the Division program chair. Please contact the program chair directly for information about participation in Sci-Mix.

  • I need to change presenters or I am presenting instead of the original presenter. Who do I inform of this change?

    To ensure presenters are properly identified for in-person or virtual sessions, we do ask that presenters are correctly noted in MAPS for each abstract in the program. Please contact ACS at to request changes to the designated abstract presenter.

  • Are we able to tell the exact time that our oral presentations will occur during these 2 hour blocks?

    Yes. Each oral presentation time will be posted in the schedule under the individual session.

  • Will the presentations and Q&A be accessible after the meeting?

    Abstracts will all be stored in the SciMeetings platform as the official meeting archive as well as available in SciFinder. If presenters have consented and paid, presentations and recordings will also be available in SciMeetings approximately one month after the meeting platform closes.

  • What software platform will the live oral technical sessions use?

    All live oral technical sessions will use Zoom meetings accessible via the virtual meeting platform. Please be sure to download the most up-to-date version of this platform prior to the meeting.

  • What background do I need for my presentation?

    ACS has optional Zoom backgrounds available as well as a presentation template and customizable images available for download on the Image Resources page.

  • Will there be technical support provided in the virtual meeting room?

    Yes, there will be a dedicated technical producer for each hybrid and virtual meeting room.

  • What do I do if an in-person oral technical session is full?

    Attendees will be able to view hybrid sessions via the meeting platform. For standard in-person meeting rooms, overflow viewing rooms will be available.

  • How do I find out what to do as a presider (aka moderator, session chair) for my session?

    Virtual session Presiders will have a very similar role to what they would in an in-person meeting. They must register for the meeting, log-in to the session early, verify presentation order, greet the speakers, introduce the speakers, keep the session on time, and lead the Q&A. Producers in the session will handle all technical aspects of Zoom support for the presider.

  • Will there be a warning before cutting off the virtual session?

    Yes. The technical Zoom room Producer will private chat with the Presider to inform them time is short and to wrap up Q&A. All sessions will automatically end at 5 minutes past the session end time if they haven't concluded by that time.

  • Will the Q&A be after each presentation or after all the presentations have been completed?

    Q&A can take place after each presentation or after all the presentations have been completed.

  • Will the virtual presentations and Q&A be accessible after the live technical session?

    However, all abstracts and select posters and presentations will be made available through SciMeetings. Presenters who select to add SciMeetings to their registration may record and upload a video to accompany their poster or presentation. Learn more about SciMeetings.

  • Is there a maximum number of questions assigned to each presenter so all presenters get the chance to answer questions?

    There is not a maximum number of questions per presenter. The presider will need to manage time and give each presenter an equal opportunity to  answer questions.

  • I am a presider for an in-person standard oral tech room and/or a hybrid oral technical room. Do I have to preside over these rooms in person?

    Yes, you must physically be in these rooms in person to preside.


Technical Issues

  • I am a virtual presenter, how do I get into my Zoom room?

    Presenters may access the link to their technical session by clicking on the 'My Account' button, then the 'Speaker Management' tab, from here the Presenter will see their session(s) listed. Presenter will select the session by clicking 'Launch’ then clicking 'Enter Live Session' and finally clicking on 'Join Session'.

  • I’m registered, but it says I’m not.

    Ensure that you've logged in with the ACS ID and password used to register for the meeting. If you have registered and have trouble logging in to the meeting, please contact or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776) for immediate assistance.

  • I am registered and logged in as a poster presenter, but I don't have the option to record my presentation.

    Ensure you are logged in to the meeting with the same ACS ID that you use to access your presentation in MAPS.  If you are unable to upload your presentation, please contact or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776) for immediate assistance.


Symposium Organizer

  • I missed the submission deadline, can I submit late abstracts to include in the technical program?

    Program Chairs may choose to add late submissions to the program through June 18, 2021, 11:59 PM ET.  Please contact your Division/Committee program chair to request a late abstract submission.

  • How many sessions in maximum can one symposium have?

    Please contact your program chair to confirm the session allotment for your symposium.

  • What is the maximum time allowed for each in-person session?

    120 minutes.

  • What is the maximum time allowed for each virtual session?

    120 minutes.

  • Can a single symposium have both a fully virtual and fully in-person sessions?

    Yes, create sessions as needed in your workbook to accommodate the in-person and virtual presentations that have been submitted.

  • Does the 120-minute limit include non-technical events like introductory remarks or discussions?

    Yes, the total session time should be no more than 120 minutes, including any non-technical events.

  • Who should I contact if I do not see the "session" tab in MAPS ?

    Please email for assistance.

  • If there are co-organizers, who will be having access to the workbook?

    All Symposium Organizers will be given access to Box. Please coordinate with your co-organizers who will provide the final completed workbook. Only the most recently updated workbook in Box will be uploaded by ACS Staff following the workbook deadline.

  • Is there a limit on the number of sessions per symposium?

    Each division does have a limited number of sessions available. Please contact your program chair if you have any questions about the number of sessions allotted for your symposium.


Georgia Voting Law

  • Isn’t ACS concerned with the restrictive nature of Georgia’s new voting law?

    ACS believes that voting rights are fundamental to democracy and is hopeful that all states and the federal government will ensure all of its citizens are permitted the right to vote without barrier or limitation. While the new Georgia voting law is extremely concerning, ACS took into consideration the administrative order issued by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms seeking to mitigate the effect of Georgia’s new election law, as well as lawsuits seeking to overturn the Georgia law. In making its decision to have an in-person presence in Atlanta, ACS also considered calls from former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams asking organizations not to boycott the city and penalize its workforce.

  • Why did the Society decide to proceed with ACS Fall 2021 as a hybrid, with an in-person component in Atlanta?

    A key factor in determining whether to proceed with the hybrid meeting was presenter preferences indicated during submission of abstracts for the meeting. For the more than 7,000 abstracts submitted, roughly half of the presenters elected to present their research in-person, while the rest opted to present virtually.

    This demonstrated member preference, plus the fact that a limited in-person meeting could be done safely in Atlanta was a contributing factor to the decision. Additionally, as the number of vaccinated individuals increases and new cases diminish, Georgia’s public health emergency order expired at 12 AM on July 1 and operations in the state has returned to pre-pandemic status.

    It is clear ACS members are eager to gather in-person safely to share their science, and this will be the first opportunity to do so in over a year.

  • Isn’t there some way ACS can indicate its concern over the new voter law while holding a portion of the hybrid meeting in Atlanta?

    In connection with its in-person portion of ACS Fall 2021, ACS is engaging the local community through enhanced chemistry outreach activities. These efforts will have a special focus on students from underrepresented populations. The outreach will have two goals: to increase awareness, excitement and understanding of chemistry, and to attract greater diversity to the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) pipeline and the chemistry enterprise. 


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