ACS Meetings & Expos

Pricing & Registration

Registration will open January 10, 2022.

Learn more about the packages that will be available when you join or renew your membership in the American Chemical Society. The new packages will be in effect beginning 2022. 

Members - Premium Package 
Registration Category Hybrid Virtual
ACS Member or Society Affiliate   $399 $199
Student   $99 $49
Emeritus   or Retired   $199 $99
50-year   or Unemployed   $0 $0
Members - Standard Package, Community Associates - Basic Package, and Non-Members
Registration Category Hybrid Virtual
Regular   $799 $399
Student   $199 $149
One Day
Registration Category Hybrid Virtual
ACS Member, Society Affiliate, Emeritus or Retired (Premium Package) $199 $99
ACS Member (Standard Package), Community Associate (Basic Package) or Non-Member $399 $199
K-12 Teachers
Registration Category Hybrid Virtual
AACT Member and/or ACS Member (Standard or Premium Package)   $99 $49
ACS Community Associate (Basic Package) or Non-Member   $199 $149
Registration Category Hybrid Virtual
Guest of Full Conference registrant   $99 N/A
SciMeetings: Meeting Archive & Publishing Options 

SciMeetings is the official archive and repository for all presenter abstracts of ACS Spring 2022. For an additional $150 (basic and standard package members and non-members), $90 (premium package members) or $45 (student) per poster or presentation, presenters can select to upload to SciMeetings and extend the longevity of their conference material. Presenters who choose to archive their work on SciMeetings will benefit from:

  • a citable DOI
  • an open access license
  • the ability to add supplemental information to your upload
  • personal analytics to track engagement
  • increased discoverability on SciFinder, Google Scholar, and the ACS Publications platform

For more information and presenter specific FAQs, please visit the SciMeetings pages

Attendee List Scam Alert

The attendee list for the ACS Spring 2022 is maintained solely by ACS and is proprietary to ACS. Distribution or other use of the list without express authorization by ACS is strictly prohibited. ACS does not share or sell contact information in accordance with our privacy policy.