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ACS, as a service to exhibitors, is providing this series of articles helping you “Save Money, Save Time, and Reduce Stress”.  Most of these suggestions refer to freight and material handling, but some of the topics refer to exhibit design, planning, international exhibiting and other items.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Airways Event Freight Group Representatives, Gary Tolbert or Cindy Bohannon at 469-643-6037 or gary@eventfreight.com.

Excerpt: Transportation of exhibit materials often falls to the bottom of the “to do list” or perhaps is just not looked upon as an important aspect of the overall exhibiting experience.   However, as a carrier, we find it odd that we are not somewhere close to the top of the “to do list” when exhibitors formulate their overall plan to market their products or services through live exhibition.  After all, if you miss the show, you have experienced the greatest cost increase.  Utilizing transportation entities that specialize in the moving of exhibit materials, companies that understand marshaling yards, waiting time, and how to interact with the general contractor is very important.   

Key Planning Tips

Time is money.  Never more true than in exhibit planning.  Check your exhibitor kit for the deadlines. Be sure to:

  • Review and choose your advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Book your booth personnel airfare and hotels far in advance.
  • Order your booth materials: handouts, printed materials, equipment, giveaway items.
  • Order your water, electricity, gas or other utilities.
  • Order your labor for setup and teardown.
  • Schedule your booth furnishings: furniture, carpet, computers, monitors, av equipment, etc.

Arrange for the shipment of all your materials to arrive at either the advance warehouse or the show site whichever is less expensive.

This list is not all inclusive as every exhibit, show, and exhibitor is different, but if you know the deadlines, and time requirements for each of these items, and then you beat those deadlines, you will save your organization money, time and reduce stress for yourself and your onsite personnel.


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