Why Exhibit at the ACS National Exposition?

To meet potential customers and network! As an ACS exhibitor, you will encounter an estimated 11,000-14,000 meeting attendees. They are prospective customers, and probably some of your existing clients, too.

These attendees visit the Exposition to explore products and services that will help them to improve their business and laboratory operations, and to investigate new technologies and techniques in instrumentation, laboratory equipment, software, hardware, publications, and more. This is your chance to put yourself in front of them.

To encourage attendee foot traffic, ACS incorporates effective traffic-builders, such as:

  • ACS membership, publications, and other staff units create a vibrant ACS booth cluster in the middle of the show floor
  • Attendee services (e.g., Internet access, laptop accessibility, prize and souvenir booths, seating, and concessions at each Exposition

Also, with approximately 300 exhibiting companies in more than 450 booths, exhibiting provides you with access to other U.S. and international suppliers of business-to-business products and services. Explore your competition in a non-threatening environment, and develop contacts and valuable partner-supplier connections.

Exhibitor Testimonials

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Marketing Opportunities

Only ACS exhibitors are permitted to interact with our 12,000+ chemical professionals through our exclusive advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We offer a wide range of exhibitor services that will assist you with attracting and educating your target customers during our shows. Leave a lasting impression with our attendees outside the exhibit hall, sponsor programs inside the exposition, or advertise in the society’s meeting materials.

Through our advertising and sponsorship opportunities you will:

Meet chemists in certain specialties by participating in the meeting’s research and social components alongside ACS technical divisions and committees.

Number 2

Attract new customer leads by ensuring that your company is visible at the show through pre-show communications, advertising in meeting programs, Info2Go literature displays, sponsorships, booth giveaways, and other promotions.

Number 3

Further your existing relationships with your current customers through hosting workshops that emphasize new applications, customer appreciation events, private viewings of new products, advertising and sponsorships opportunities, and other networking activities.

Explore your competition in a non-threatening environment, and develop business-to-business contacts and valuable partner-supplier connections.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Extend your reach beyond the booth! ACS offers a variety of marketing and sponsorship opportunities to fit your budget. All sponsors will be recognized through signage and ads throughout the meeting.

These sponsorship opportunities are available to exhibitors and Career Fair recruiters only.