Speaker Instructions

No recording


The use of any device to capture images (e.g., cameras and camera phones) or sound (e.g., tape and digital recorders) or stream, upload or rebroadcast speakers or presentations is strictly prohibited at all official ACS meetings and events without the express written consent from the ACS.

All speakers must register and pay the appropriate registration fee to present and attend during the meeting.  Invited speakers should contact their symposium organizer or division program chair to clarify terms of their invitation.  

Poster Session Guidelines

  • All materials must be confined to:
    - Convention Center: 4' high by 8' wide display board
    - Hotels: 4' high by 6' wide display board
  • Authors must mount their poster during the one hour before the scheduled session start.
  • Poster numbers supplied by ACS will be in the upper corner of each poster board. This number corresponds with the number assigned to each poster in the technical program.
  • Pushpins will be available at the poster session.
  • Authors must remain with their posters for the duration of their scheduled session, as indicated in the technical program.
  • All posters must remain up until the session ends; they must be removed within one hour. ACS cannot assume responsibility for materials beyond these time limits.

Sci-Mix Poster Session Guidelines

Sci-Mix presenters may begin poster setup at 7:15 PM.  Each presenter may be accompanied by one assistant only, and both people are required to arrive together when entering the hall.  After exiting, presenters will not be permitted to reenter the hall until the session begins at 8 PM.  

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Speaker Ready Rooms

As a presenter, you may use the speaker ready rooms to preview your presentation and ensure capability with the LCD projectors.  We strongly recommend that all presenters come to the speaker ready room the day before their presentation.  The hours of operation are 3 – 5 PM Saturday and 7 AM – 6 PM Sunday through Thursday.  

Laptop Connectivity Information

ACS will provide a “Standard HDMI Cable” in all meeting rooms. Therefore, it is imperative for speakers to supply their own Mac or windows-based laptop computer’s dongle/adaptor to connect to the “Standard HDMI Cable”.   If unsure of the correct adaptor, the laptop connectivity specifications can be found on the computer manufacturer’s website. 

Mac laptops will need a “dongle” to connect to the HDMI cable.  From the Apple Website the type of dongle/adaptor required to connect to our HDMI cable:

  • MacBook Air - HDMI audio and video output using third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (sold separately)
  • MacBook - HDMI video output using USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (sold separately)
  • MacBook PRO – Thunderbolt 3 digital video output; Native DisplayPort output over USB‑C; HDMI and Thunderbolt 2 output supported using adapters (sold separately)

The most popular windows-based laptops (not exclusively limited to these models) without an HDMI connection port are listed below.  An adaptor will be required to connect these computers to the HDMI cable: 

ACS Provisions

Each technical session meeting room will be equipped with the following:

  • LCD projector
  • Screen (16:9 screens)
  • lighted podium
  • podium microphone or lapel microphone
  • laser pointer
HP Laptops
  • EliteBook Folio G1 Notebook
  • EliteBook 745 G4 Notebook
  • EliteBook 840 G3 Notebook
  • EliteBook 820 G3 Notebook
  • EliteBook 850 G3 Notebook
  • EliteBook 850 G4 Notebook
  • Chromebook 13 G1
  • Probook 650 G2 Notebook
  • Spectre 13 – v151nr
Microsoft Laptops
  • Surface Pro 4
  • Surface Pro
  • Surface Book
  • Surface Laptop
Dell Laptops
  • XPS 2 in 1 Touch Screen
  • Inspiron 4K HD Touch Screen
  • Inspiron Touch Screen AMD A8-Series
  • Inspiron Intel Core i5
Asus Laptop
  • Touch Screen Laptops
  • Not all Zenbooks
  • Flip C302CA
  • ROG
Samsung Laptops
  • Galaxy
  • Pro Touch Screen Chromebook
  • Chromebook Plus Touch Screen
Lenovo Laptops
  • Yoga 720 i5
  • Yoga 900s
  • Yoga 910 Intel Core i7
  • Some of the ThinkPad Laptops
  • Miix 510
  • IdeaPad 100
Acer Laptops
  • Aspire R
  • Switch Alpha 12
  • Swift 7
Alienware Laptops
  • Alienware R3
  • Alienware R2
Cybertron Laptops
  • Titan
  • Tesseract

Projection Presentation Technology is the audio visual provider and they will have technicians available to assist speakers with connecting their adaptors to the HDMI cable.  However, due to the increasing number of different windows-based laptop and Mac laptop adaptors required, Projection may not able to accommodate last minute adaptor requests on site.