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Broadcast Sessions

Broadcast Session schedules are preliminary and subject to change. All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Monday, August 17

  • Morning Sessions 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    AGFD Volatile sulfur compounds in wine: Recent findings and future challenges. | Presenter: Bruno Fedrizzi

    AGFD Transference of lipid processing technologies to the cannabis-hemp platform. | Presenter: Jerry King

    AGFD Gary list: Inspirational leader in agricultural and food chemistry and our community. | Presenter: Michael Appell

    AGFD Health, nutrition, dietary fats: Never ending challenges to the food industry. | Presenter: Gary List

    AGRO Agrochemicals: A cornerstone of agriculture. | Presenter: Qing Li

    AGRO Evolution of mass spectrometry from the Hawaiian Islands to modern pesticide discovery. | Presenter: Michael David

    AGRO Reducing “identity crisis” in suspect screening of contaminants of emerging concern in the environment by high resolution LC/MS. | Presenter: Diana Aga

    AGRO Scientists observing, listening, and communicating to solve agricultural challenges. | Presenter: Cathleen Hapeman

    ANYL Metaoptics enabled multifunctional imaging of single cells of Myxococcus xanthus. | Presenter: Paul Bohn

    ANYL Nanomaterial-based system for the controlled generation of free radicals inside cells. | Presenter: Younan Xia

    ANYL Hypoethesis-free profiling using nanosensor arrays for diagnostics and geno- /phenotypic screening. | Presenter: Vincent Rotello

    ANYL Mapping nanoscale cellular structures. | Presenter: Bo Huang

    BIOL Medicinal chemistry of antisense oligonucleotide drugs. | Presenter: Thazha Prakash

    BIOL Rational design & continuous evolution of minimalist proteins that target the E-box DNA site. | Presenter: Jumi Shin

    BIOL From patterns to function in small molecule:RNA interactions. | Presenter: Amanda Hargrove

    BIOL Moving RNAi therapeutics from bench to market. | Presenter: Muthiah Manoharan

    BIOL Directed Evolution of Parts and Circuits for Orthogonal Control Systems. | Presenter: Andrew Ellington

    BIOT Considerations in formulation development of a PEGylated protein. | Presenter: Lori Burton

    BIOT Engineering antimicrobial proteins: Co-evolutionary models aid molecular discovery. | Presenter: Benjamin Hackel

    BIOT Enhancing tissue repair via peptide-mediated gene and drug delivery. | Presenter: Millicent Sullivan

    CARB Chemical evolution of enzyme-catalyzed glycosylation. | Presenter: Hongzhi Cao

    CARB Microbial polysaccharides in pathogens. | Presenter: Laura Kiessling

    CARB Glycosyltransferases in one-pot multienzyme (OPME) synthesis of bacterial surface glycans. | Presenter: Xi Chen

    CARB Targeting siglec - sialylated glycan interactions for improving cell-based cancer immunotherapy. | Presenter: Peng Wu

    CARB Infant fecal metabolite profiles reveal microbial activity. | Presenter: Carolyn Slupsky

    CATL Stability of catalysts for selective hydrogenolysis of biobased polyols. | Presenter: Andrew Ingram

    CATL Tuneable process for the hydrodeoxygenation of lignin to jet fuel over molybdenum carbide catalysts. | Presenter: Michael Stone

    CATL Atomic layer deposition for enhanced reactivity, stability, and sulfur tolerance of hydrogenation catalysts. | Presenter: William McNeary

    CATL Distinguishing framework-bound and free phosphates in P-modified zeolites by DNP-enhanced NMR. | Presenter: Sheetal Jain

    CELL Diversifying biochar applications towards the implementation of a circular economy. | Presenter: Juliana Vidal

    CELL Greener methods for lignin valorization: electrocatalytic transformation of lignin-derived monomers to valuable chemical precursors. | Presenter: Mahlet Garedew

    CELL Combining plant-derived polymers and silicones in sustainable commercial products. | Presenter: Pete LeBaron

    CHAL Have you unwittingly placed your invention on sale or can it be salvaged as experimental or not a commercial exploitation?. | Presenter: Bryan Diner

    CHAL Recent chemical and pharmaceutical patent case law on infringement under the doctrine of equivalents. | Presenter: Justin Hasford

    CHAL When obviousness-type double patenting rejections get complicated: Examination of the Novartis cases. | Presenter: Matt Hlinka

    CHAL PTAB proceedings: Recent developments and what they mean for you. | Presenter: Caitlin O'Connell

    CHAS Integrating risk assessment as a direct form of research skills development. | Presenter: Jessica Martin

    CHAS New hire stories: Perspective from an industrial supervisor. | Presenter: Frankie Wood-Black

    CHAS Managing chemical risk in agrochemical business. | Presenter: Vsevolod Rostovtsev

    CHAS Transition from the academic laboratory to industrial employment. | Presenter: Abdallah Diagne

    CHED Incorporation of benchtop NMR spectroscopy into undergraduate laboratories. | Presenter: Matthew Leclerc

    CHED 1H NMR spectroscopy tabletop game. | Presenter: Zachary Thammavongsy

    CHED Transitioning from general chemistry into organic chemistry: Bridging the gap using saponification reaction in an inquiry-based laboratory approach. | Presenter: Liza Abraham

    CHED 3D printed space-filling molecular models. | Presenter: Jeremy Klosterman

    CHED Use of creative exercises to promote meaningful learning in organic chemistry. | Presenter: Krystal Grieger

    CINF Quantum descriptors real-time predictions and applications to reaction planning. | Presenter: Yanfei Guan

    CINF Synthetic feasibility and de novo molecular generation and optimization. | Presenter: Connor Coley

    CINF Discovering novel fluorescent molecules via global optimization of molecular properties. | Presenter: Juyong Lee

    CINF Predicting diffusion in Lennard Jones fluids and beyond using machine learning. | Presenter: Joshua Allers

    CINF Conformal regression for Profile-QSAR: Adding confidence intervals to point predictions. | Presenter: Xiangwei Zhu

    CINF Big errors in big data: when automated data curation misses the mark. | Presenter: Robert Clark

    CMA Making the transition from academia to industry. | Presenter: Jenea Adams

    CMA Transitioning into Atomwise, an AI for drug discovery startup. | Presenter: Terrence O'Brien

    CMA How to find your first career opportunity in the industry?. | Presenter: Danielle Augustine

    CMA Essential role of mentorship for supporting the next generation of young and diverse scientists. | Presenter: Luigi Alvarado

    COLL Surface science of shape-selective metal nanocrystal synthesis from first-principles. | Presenter: Kristen Fichthorn

    COLL Long journey to “biopatterning”: surface assays and analysis using closed- and open-space microfluidics. | Presenter: Emmanuel Delamarche

    COMP Harnessing high-throughput modeling and graph theory towards the topological characterization of densely glycosylated proteins. | Presenter: Srirupa Chakraborty

    COMP Ligand Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics (LiGaMD): Characterization of ligand binding thermodynamics and kinetics. | Presenter: Yinglong Miao

    COMP Capturing the kinetics of transmembrane signaling through simulation. | Presenter: Ron Dror

    COMP Improving parallel particle mesh Ewald (PME) using treecode method. | Presenter: Henry Boateng

    COMP Selective enhanced sampling of biomolecular dynamics in internal coordinate frameworks using vibrational spectra. | Presenter: Khaled Maksoud

    COMP Selective enhanced sampling of biomolecular dynamics in internal coordinate frameworks using vibrational spectra. | Presenter: Can Pervane

    COMP Refinement of GPCR homology models: Can molecular dynamics simulations improve structural accuracy?. | Presenter: Jon Kapla

    COMP Improved force fields for the simulations of structural and thermal dynamics of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) complexes with natural nucleic acids. | Presenter: Joanna Trylska

    COMP On calculating free energy differences using ensembles of full transition paths. | Presenter: Alex Dickson

    COMP Calculation of conformational free energies of large solvated systems with the focused confinement method. | Presenter: Arjan Van Der Vaart

    COMP Elucidating mechanisms of substrate transport in membrane transporters. | Presenter: Diwakar Shukla

    CTA Panel discussion - how chemical technical professionals contribute to the chemical enterprise from bench to market. | Presenter: Jennifer McKenzie

    ENVR Measurements of enteric methane emissions in ruminants using infrared spectroscopic techniques. | Presenter: Wilson Gichuhi

    ENVR Effects of dairy manure biochar and anaerobic digestate on greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from California agricultural soils. | Presenter: Michael Rodriguez

    ENVR Sizing the ozone Fenton reaction pathways: Ferryl vs hydroxyl. | Presenter: alan gu

    ENVR Crossed beams and theoretical studies of the O(3P) + toluene reaction: Primary products and branching fractions. | Presenter: Marzio Rosi

    ENVR Identification of chemical compounds enriched in the Baltic sea surface microlayer using targeted and non-targeted liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. | Presenter: Jana Helena Johansson

    ENVR Aqueous chemistry of carbon dioxide studied with machine learning-based molecular dynamics simulation. | Presenter: Samuel Niblett

    ENVR Intact carbonic acid is a reactive species in the high atmosphere more than on earth surface. | Presenter: Ehud Pines

    GEOC Mechanisms of Tl(I) sorption and structural effects on poorly crystalline birnessites as a function of Tl(I) concentration. | Presenter: Mario Villalobos

    GEOC Fast photochemically-facilitated formation of MnO2 nanoparticles in the environment. | Presenter: Young-Shin Jun

    GEOC Redox reactions of Manganese oxides in complex systems. | Presenter: Huichun Zhang

    GEOC Oxidative decomposition of natural organic matter by manganese oxide. | Presenter: Mengqiang Zhu

    I&EC Important phenomena and functional requirements for the modeling and simulation of molten salt reactor source term. | Presenter: Shayan Shahbazi

    I&EC Chemistry and electrochemistry in molten salt reactors and concentrating solar power systems. | Presenter: Nathaniel Hoyt

    I&EC ThorCon: Better fissioning through chemistry. | Presenter: Dane Wilson

    I&EC Quantification and chemical characterization of oxide-containing species in molten halide salts. | Presenter: Haley Williams

    I&EC Moltex SSR-W, employs static molten salt fuel, in conventional fuel assemblies, cooled by a non-fissile coolant salt. | Presenter: Adam Owens

    INOR Molecular control of heterogeneous electrocatalysis through graphite conjugation. | Presenter: Megan Jackson

    INOR Atomically-precise chemistry of gold nanoclusters for engineered functional nanomaterials. | Presenter: Tatsuya Higaki

    INOR Kinetic stability of MOFs: Insights for water harvesting. | Presenter: Adam Rieth

    INOR Coupling dinitrogen and hydrocarbons through aryl migration. | Presenter: Sean McWilliams

    MEDI Orally bioavailable small molecule CD73 inhibitor reverses immunosuppression by reduction of adenosine production. | Presenter: Xiaohui Du

    MEDI Discovery and characterization of a non-acidic probe for SLC13A5. | Presenter: Jörg Kley

    MEDI Building a drug discovery platform that opens the gates to a pipeline of new transporter drugs. | Presenter: Joel Barrish

    MEDI Chemoproteomic strategies for SLC chemical probe discovery. | Presenter: Christopher Parker

    MPPG Nanomaterials enable delivery of genetic material without transgene integration in mature plants. | Presenter: Markita Landry

    MPPG Translational chemistry. | Presenter: Phil Baran

    MPPG Inexpensive and scalable production of high performance thermoelectric materials through solution methods. | Presenter: Maria Ibanez

    MPPG Internet of functions in hybrid supramolecular nanomaterials: From high-performance sensors to multiresponsive devices. | Presenter: Paolo Samori'

    MPPG Taking electrochemical biomolecular sensors from the bench to the clinic. | Presenter: Shana Kelley

    NUCL Synthesis, topology, and properties of a phosphate-functionalized uranyl peroxide cage cluster. | Presenter: Stephanie Mackley

    NUCL Synthesis and characterization of actinide-based metal–organic framework materials. | Presenter: Omar Farha

    NUCL Breaking down of the energy landscape of uranyl peroxide nanoclusters. | Presenter: Hrafn Traustason

    NUCL Heat responsive uranyl peroxide cage clusters. | Presenter: Mengyu Xu

    NUCL Preparation of uranium oxide thin films by combustion synthesis for nuclear target applications. | Presenter: Jordan Roach

    NUCL In-situ generation of peroxide in non-aqueous systems and the formation of uranyl peroxide species. | Presenter: Tori Forbes

    NUCL Electronic structure and speciation of actinide molecular metal oxides. | Presenter: Pere Miro

    NUCL Structural features of zirconium-based metal–organic frameworks affecting radiolytic stability. | Presenter: Sylvia Hanna

    ORGN Prime Editing: Search-and-Replace Genome Editing in Human Cells Without Double-Strand Breaks or Donor DNA. | Presenter: David Liu

    ORGN Hijacking the endocytic pathway for chemistry, biology, and medicine. | Presenter: Alanna Schepartz

    PHYS Energy transfer and conversion in molecular junctions. | Presenter: Abraham Nitzan

    PHYS Electronic structure challenges for the 21st century. | Presenter: Laura Gagliardi

    PHYS Sonoluminescence: the chemical history of a bubble. | Presenter: Kenneth Suslick

    PHYS Synthetic chiral light for efficient control of chiral light-matter interaction. | Presenter: Olga Smirnova

    PMSE Imaging and tracking mRNA in live mammalian cells via fluorogenic photoaffinity labeling. | Presenter: Jennifer Heemstra

    PMSE Smart viruses: functional nanoparticles in medicine. | Presenter: Jeremiah Gassensmith

    PMSE Artificial receptors for cell engineering. | Presenter: Alexander Zelikin

    PMSE Nanoconstruct shape and targeting effects on particle-cell interactions. | Presenter: Teri Odom

    POLY Selective area growth of deactivating polymers. | Presenter: Rudy Wojtecki

    POLY Lab-to-market story of Sepion technologies. | Presenter: Brett Helms

    POLY From bench to market: When Murphy’s law prevails. | Presenter: Erin Murphy

    PROF Using a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) to introduce massively parallel sequencing (MPS) in forensic science to Towson University students. | Presenter: Kelly Elkins

    PROF Introduction of research into a large enrollment introductory organic chemistry lab course. | Presenter: Nita Eskew

    PROF Inclusive pedagogy toolkit for chemistry curriculum delivery. | Presenter: Sarah Kennedy

    SCHB Renewable acrylic acid enables bio economy of superabsorbent polymers, coatings, adhesives, etc.. | Presenter: Dimitris Collias

    SCHB Materials metabolism: Enabling the circular economy. | Presenter: John Warner

    SCHB Making the future of consumer care. | Presenter: Hubert Chaperon

    SCHB Microbially produced high-purity glucaric acid for diverse uses. | Presenter: Tyler Smith

    TOXI Mutational signatures induced by atypical UV photoproducts are associated with driver mutations in melanoma. | Presenter: John Wyrick

    TOXI Global repair fingerprinting of glycosylase activity on nucleosomes. | Presenter: Sarah Delaney

    TOXI Polymerase ζ mutational spectrum following alkylating agent exposure. | Presenter: Cécile Mingard

    TOXI Mechanistic Studies of 8-Oxoguanine in Non-canonical Structures Impacting Gene Expression. | Presenter: Aaron Fleming

    TOXI Mutational spectra provide insight into the mechanisms bridging DNA damage to genetic disease. | Presenter: John Essigmann

  • Afternoon Sessions 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    AGFD Spencer Award Address: A multidisciplinary journey through agricultural and food chemistry. | Presenter: Jerry King

    AGFD Application of solubility concept in bioprocessingiIndustries. | Presenter: Keerthi Srinivas

    AGFD Government/Industry teamwork to expand the uses of supercritical fluids. | Presenter: Rolf Schlake

    AGFD Extraction of oilseeds with supercritical carbon dioxide. Effects on oil and meal properties. | Presenter: Gary List

    AGRO Using semiochemicals to optimize biological control of invasive saltcedar. | Presenter: Alex Gaffke

    AGRO Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) movement ecology and perceptual range facilitates effective habitat restoration. | Presenter: Kelsey Fisher

    AGRO Elucidation of molecular mechanisms of insect olfaction in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum. | Presenter: Cassie Sims

    AGRO Plants induce defense chemicals based on identity of parasitoid attacking an herbivore. | Presenter: Ryan Paul

    AGRO Environmental decomposition of cuticular hydrocarbons generates a volatile pheromone that guides insect behavior. | Presenter: Eduardo Hatano

    ANYL Multi-detector HDC of colloids: Following in Hamish Small's footsteps. | Presenter: Andre Striegel

    ANYL Electrochemical properties of synthetic ion exchangers; How Hamish Small sustained the evolution of ion chromatography. | Presenter: John Riviello

    ANYL Applications of ion chromatography in field based instrumentation. | Presenter: Kyle Elkin

    ANYL Anything but stationary: 40 years of ion chromatography column development. | Presenter: Christopher Pohl

    BIOL Targeting ribonucleotide reductases. | Presenter: Joanne Stubbe

    BIOL New strategies for class I ribonucleotide reduction in metal-restricted environments. | Presenter: Amie Boal

    BIOL Shake, rattle, & roll: Capturing snapshots of ribonucleotide reductase. | Presenter: Catherine Drennan

    BIOL Ribonucleotide reductase as a Neisseria gonorrhoeae drug target. | Presenter: Talya Levitz

    BIOL Mapping allosteric transitions of a class Ib ribonucleotide reductase with SAXS, cryo-EM, and crystallography. | Presenter: William Thomas

    BIOT Nanoparticle assisted protein crystal nucleation: Towards crystallization in downstream protein purification. | Presenter: Caroline McCue

    BIOT Development of AVIPureTM - AAV9: The first affinity resin for AAV production that can be cleaned with sodium hydroxide enables high resin reusability and decreases annual resin costs for high scale production. | Presenter: Thomas Scanlon

    BIOT Implementation of continuous processing for the downstream purification of vaccines. | Presenter: Tiago Matos

    BIOT Fundamental approach to understanding selectivity trends for bispecific antibody purification by multimodal chromatography. | Presenter: Siddharth Parasnavis

    BIOT Evolution of intensified downstream processes. | Presenter: Ashley Hesslein

    CARB Sulfo-galactose (SGal) - aromatic interactions in solution: An NMR study. | Presenter: Janet Muzulu

    CARB Highly precise and direct competitive kinetic isotope effect measurement using whole molecule MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. | Presenter: Teodora Kljaic

    CARB Synthesis and purification of the Yariv reagent; a plant proteoglycan binding dye. | Presenter: Raghuraj Hoshing

    CARB Polymer hydrogels with tunable carbohydrate content to probe extracellular matrix-lectin interactions. | Presenter: Juanpablo Olguin

    CATL Multiscale modeling of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for the vaporfFed electrolysis of water and the reduction of CO2. | Presenter: Alexis Bell

    CATL Towards rigorous multiscale flow models of nanoparticle reactivity in chemical looping applications. | Presenter: Stefan Andersson

    CATL Overcoming performance and accuracy challenges: How to incorporate lateral interactions of adsorbates into kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for kinetic modeling. | Presenter: Franziska Hess

    CATL Economics and technology for numbering up processes to handle distributed feedstocks. | Presenter: Robert Weber

    CELL Unraveling fast pyrolysis of lignin: Mechanistic studies using model compounds. | Presenter: ALLEN PUENTE

    CELL High-throughput method for lignin and its decomposition & processing products characterization using thermal carbon analysis and electrospray mass spectrometry. | Presenter: Alena Kubatova

    CELL Developing a high-throughput reductive catalytic fractionation method for lignin characterization in the genome wide association study of poplar. | Presenter: Michael Stone

    CELL Electron paramagnetic resonance analysis of moist heat-treated wood. | Presenter: Jeffrey McVay

    CHAL Recent supreme court ruling holds that infringement under the patent statute requires providing more than 1 component to an invention. | Presenter: Katherine Rubino

    CHAL United States Supreme Court provides key guidance for those participating in the biological drug approval “Patent Dance” when a second party seeks marketing license on an already approved biological drug product. | Presenter: Xavier Pillai

    CHAL United States Supreme Court provides key guidance for those participating in the biological drug approval “Patent Dance” when a second party seeks marketing license on an already approved biological drug product. | Presenter: Richard Bone

    CHAL U.S. Supreme Court Survey: 2017 – 2020 cases that have impacted the Patent Law. | Presenter: Richard Bone

    CHAS Approach to sustainable cleaning. | Presenter: Paul Lopolito

    CHAS Explosion hazards of sodium hydride in polar aprotic solvents. | Presenter: Qiang Yang

    CHAS Scale-up to fatality: Case study of ignoring MOC. | Presenter: Neal Langerman

    CHAS Building a culture of laboratory safety at Corteva Agriscience™. | Presenter: Ann Buysse

    CHED S-STEM and the community environmental scholars program at UW-Madison. | Presenter: Catherine Middlecamp

    CHED Improving student success in STEM with a success coach and intrusive advising. | Presenter: Richard Jarman

    CHED Implementation of tiered mentoring and professional development for mentees and mentors to promote science identify and increase success in STEM. | Presenter: Alena Kubatova

    CHED S-STEM Scholars: A Success Story in retention and graduation of underrepresented students in STEM. | Presenter: Karen Molek

    CHED S-STEM Scholars: A Success Story in retention and graduation of underrepresented students in STEM. | Presenter: Erica Taylor

    CHED Formalizing existing partnerships: Grants as catalysts for change. | Presenter: Regis Komperda

    CINF Clustering and predicting properties of general polymers based on their monomer unit structure. | Presenter: Hitoshi Yamano

    CINF Performance and scope of similarity-based and machine learning approaches for predicting the macromolecular targets of small molecules. | Presenter: Neann Mathai

    CINF Heuristic Global Optimization in Chemical Compund Space. | Presenter: Christopher Rinderspacher

    CINF Inductive Transfer Learning for Molecular Activity/Property Prediction. | Presenter: Xinhao Li

    CINF Deep learning showed increased phenotypic assay sensitivity in quantifying inhibitors of α-synuclein inclusion formation. | Presenter: Lakshmi Akella

    COLL In-situ PDF/DRIFTS study of nanoparticle formation in zeolites. | Presenter: Tina Nenoff

    COLL Peptide engineering for targeted, intracellular delivery of siRNA and proteins. | Presenter: Millicent Sullivan

    COLL Trapped-hole diffusion in semiconductor nanocrystals. | Presenter: Gordana Dukovic

    COLL Mechanisms of cellulose nanocrystals in stabilizing iron nanoparticles. | Presenter: Charles-Francois de Lannoy

    COMP Exploring the reaction mechanism of HIV reverse transcriptase with a nucleotide substrate. | Presenter: Hao Wang

    COMP Rapidly estimating conformational entropy in small molecules. | Presenter: Leung Sing Chan

    COMP Prediction of pKa values of histidines in proteins with free energy perturbation. | Presenter: Dilek Coskun

    COMP Molecular dynamics simulation of water condensation on surfaces with tunable wettability. | Presenter: Dineli Ranathunga

    COMP Breaking into the molecular dynamics of protein residues with coupled multi-layer machine learning and enhanced fitting methods. | Presenter: Ka Chun Ho

    COMP Smart ions know when to stop expanding their water business. | Presenter: Yang Ha

    COMP Combined molecular graph neural network and structural docking selects potent programmable cell death protein 1/programmable death-ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) small molecule inhibitors. | Presenter: Prageeth Wijewardhane

    COMP Combined molecular graph neural network and structural docking selects potent programmable cell death protein 1/programmable death-ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) small molecule inhibitors. | Presenter: Gaurav Chopra

    COMP Establishing the allosteric mechanism of CRISPR-Cas9. | Presenter: Giulia Palermo

    COMP Computational chemoproteomics to understand the role of psychoactives in treating mental health indications. | Presenter: Jonathan Fine

    COMP Computational chemoproteomics to understand the role of psychoactives in treating mental health indications. | Presenter: Gaurav Chopra

    COMP Structure-based design of potent anti-HIV inhibitors. | Presenter: Debananda Das

    ENFL Fundamental insight into ammoxidation catalysis using modeling & simulation. | Presenter: Joseph Golab

    ENFL Design of high loaded non-noble metal catalysts. | Presenter: Stuart Soled

    ENFL Interfacial perimeter active sites in TiO2/AuNP inverse catalysts for hydrocarbon oxidation. | Presenter: Harold Kung

    ENFL Selective production of glycolaldehyde via hydrothermal pyrolysis of glucose: Experiments and microkinetic modeling. | Presenter: Pavlo Kostetskyy

    ENFL Activity and deactivation modes of platinum catalysts in glucose oxidation. | Presenter: Karl Albrecht

    ENFL Sustainable materials from renewable feedstocks. | Presenter: Erik Hagberg

    ENFL Multifunctionality in heterogeneous catalysis. | Presenter: James Brazdil

    ENFL Selective hydrogenolysis of biobased polyols under industrially relevant conditions. | Presenter: Andrew Ingram

    ENVR Selective adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of extracellular antibiotic resistance genes by molecularly-imprinted graphitic carbon nitride. | Presenter: Pingfeng Yu

    ENVR SERS-active hot spots on "coffee-ring" for determining washing durability of silver nanoparticle-treated textiles. | Presenter: Matthew Hillyer

    ENVR VOC emissions and formation mechanisms from carbon nanotube composites during 3D printing. | Presenter: Phillip Potter

    ENVR Association of nanoparticles with extracellular genetic material and implications for the fate of antibiotic resistance genes in environmental systems. | Presenter: Nadratun Chowdhury

    ENVR Utilizing microscopy techniques to monitor differential induction of mitophagy after exposure to engineered nanomaterials. | Presenter: Christie Sayes

    ENVR Methods to detect microplastics and nanoplastics in human tissue. | Presenter: Charles Rolsky

    ENVR Methods to detect microplastics and nanoplastics in human tissue. | Presenter: Varun Kelkar

    ENVR Linking silver nanoparticle intracellular chemical transformation to bio-reactivity and toxicity in an in vitro model of the fish intestine, the RTgutGC cell line. | Presenter: Matteo Minghetti

    GEOC Geochemical controls of bixbyite and manganite on the mobility of Tc-99: TcO2 oxidative dissolution under anoxic conditions. | Presenter: Vasileios Anagnostopoulos

    GEOC Effects of halide ions on photochemically-induced abiotic formation of Mn oxides. | Presenter: Zhenwei Gao

    GEOC Nanoscale thermal conductivity measurements of kerogen-rich shales using atomic force microscopy. | Presenter: Shannon Eichmann

    GEOC Understanding coexistence of montmorillonite swelling states through mixing energetics. | Presenter: Nithya Subramanian

    I&EC Electrochemical sensors for on-line redox measurements in fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactors. | Presenter: Francesco Carotti

    I&EC Advancing in situ analysis of molten salts and ancillary systems: optical monitoring and spectroelectrochemistry. | Presenter: Amanda Lines

    I&EC Analysis of aerosols and gases relevant to molten salt reactor off-gas monitoring using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. | Presenter: Hunter Andrews

    I&EC Electrochemical noise studies on Ni and Ni-20Cr in molten ZnCl2 salt. | Presenter: JAGADEESH SURE

    I&EC Chemical modifications of graphite exposed to molten 2LiF-BeF2 (FLiBe) and to the vapor space above the salt. | Presenter: Lorenzo Vergari

    INOR Energy-converting metal-organic nanomaterials for biomedical and photocatalytic applications. | Presenter: Guangxu Lan

    INOR Simple rules for understanding and predicting the electronic structure of halide double perovskites. | Presenter: Adam Slavney

    INOR Generating conjugated boron heterocycles from boroles. | Presenter: Samantha Yruegas

    INOR Interconversion of ammonia with its elements by molybdenum complexes: Fundamental investigations. | Presenter: Máté Bezdek

    MEDI Complete regression of estrogen receptor alpha positive breast cancer. | Presenter: Matthew Boudreau

    MEDI High-throughput cellular thermal shift assays (CETSA) for screening and lead optimization. | Presenter: Mark Henderson

    MEDI Understanding drug-target interactions using chemical probes. | Presenter: Lyn Jones

    MEDI Application of target engagement principles to the selection of tool molecules and the design of quality pre-clinical proof of concept experiments. | Presenter: Michael Wiley

    MPPG From academic innovation to product in energy and environment. | Presenter: Yi Cui

    MPPG Magnetic nanoparticle-based cell profiling: Applications of rare cell analysis. | Presenter: Shana Kelley

    MPPG ‘Dual-cure’ additive manufacturing materials. | Presenter: Joseph DeSimone

    MPPG Hardware is hard: Lessons from commercialization of high efficiency photovoltaics. | Presenter: Harry Atwater

    NUCL Radiation effects on the formation and stability of uranyl peroxide clusters. | Presenter: Daniel Felton

    NUCL Exploring pathways of uranyl oxalate cluster assembly. | Presenter: Aliya Whitehill

    NUCL Thermodynamic and crystallographic analysis of uranyl sulfate minerals with unique structures. | Presenter: Samuel Perry

    NUCL Solution and solid-state supramolecular assembly of large actinide-oxo clusters and superatoms. | Presenter: Ian Colliard

    NUCL Uranyl peroxide capsule without templating. | Presenter: May Nyman

    ORGN Biological synthesis in forward and reverse gears. | Presenter: Peter Schultz

    ORGN Chemical strategies for drugging undruggable targets in oncology. | Presenter: Kevan Shokat

    PHYS Photogenerated radical pairs as spin qubits: exploiting quantum entanglement of electron spins. | Presenter: Michael Wasielewski

    PHYS Awesome power of Fluorine NMR. | Presenter: Angela Gronenborn

    PHYS Deep dive into electron-neutral interactions. | Presenter: Caroline Chick Jarrold

    PHYS Impact of ocean microbes on the composition of the marine atmosphere, clouds, and climate. | Presenter: Kimberly Prather

    PMSE Designing intrinsically stretchable semiconducting polymers. | Presenter: Christine Luscombe

    PMSE Fundamental properties of conjugated polymers from the chemical structure. | Presenter: Enrique Gomez

    PMSE Tackling morphological stability of conjugated polymers based solar cells. | Presenter: Wei You

    PMSE Packing structure design principle of conjugated polymers with strain-adaptive structure regulations for stretchable electronics. | Presenter: Jie Xu

    POLY Building from waste: Using monomeric building blocks from decomposed polyethylene to make new polymers. | Presenter: Katrina Knauer

    POLY Developing sustainable polymers for industrial applications. | Presenter: James Wang

    POLY From biomass waste to performance-advantaged polymers: efficient routes to lignin valorization. | Presenter: Thomas Epps

    PRES Solar photochemistry. | Presenter: Harry Gray

    PRES Break-it-to-make-it strategies for complex molecule synthesis: made possible by the ACS-PRF. | Presenter: Richmond Sarpong

    PRES Salt-sediment interaction: major advances from ACS-PRF funded research in La Popa Basin, Mexico. | Presenter: Katherine Giles

    PRES Ionic liquids for olefin/paraffin separations. | Presenter: Joan Brennecke

    PRES Olefin metathesis reaction. | Presenter: Robert Grubbs

    PROF Initiating successful international collaborations during sabbatical. | Presenter: Lee Blaney

    PROF Global adaptation of a course on scientific writing and publication ethics: From Missouri to China. | Presenter: Kaidi Yang

    PROF Conducting research as a Fulbright grantee in Germany. | Presenter: Kelly Elkins

    PROF Towards a commonly accepted science ethics: Experiences and guidance from scientists. | Presenter: Rainer Glaser

    PROF Towards a commonly accepted science ethics: Experiences and guidance from scientists. | Presenter: Kelly Elkins

    PROF Towards a commonly accepted science ethics: Experiences and guidance from scientists. | Presenter: Susan Schelble

    SCHB Biofene™: So much more than a biofuel feedstock. | Presenter: Derek McPhee

    SCHB When the (bio)rubber met the road: how gel-point suppression paved the way for new opportunities for vegetable oil and its derivatives in large volume markets. | Presenter: Eric Cochran

    SCHB Science communication through public-private partnerships to drive utilization of biobased transportation products. | Presenter: Jimmy Gosse

    SCHB Zaoki catalyst for biogas desulfurization: A case study of a green tech academic technology scale-up from bench to market. | Presenter: Vitor Almeida

    TOXI Free radical oxidation of guanine in DNA—mutagenic or epigenetic?. | Presenter: Cynthia Burrows

    TOXI Investigating nonclinical strategies to modify PBD Antibody Drug Conjugate-related toxcities. | Presenter: Melissa Schutten

    TOXI Insights to developing nextgen antibody drug conjugates. | Presenter: Jagath Reddy

Tuesday, August 18

  • Morning Sessions 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    AGFD Quantification of active compounds in wine and deciphering their biosynthesis: Contribution of organic chemistry to the field. | Presenter: Remi Schneider

    AGFD Effect of sun exposure on the evolution and distribution of anthocyanins in interspecific red hybrid winegrapes. | Presenter: Catherine Dadmun

    AGFD Investigation of atypical aromas in Cabernet Sauvignon wines caused by vine frost exposure. | Presenter: James Harbertson

    AGFD Effect of regionality on the sensorial and chemical aging characteristics of Pinot noir grown on the U.S. West Coast. | Presenter: Annegret Cantu

    AGRO Nature Inspired - natural products and crop protection. | Presenter: Thomas Sparks

    AGRO Unknown effects of plant protection products and their metabolites: The case of fluopyram and growth disorder in Vitis vinifera. | Presenter: Michael Oberhuber

    AGRO Unknown effects of plant protection products and their metabolites: The case of fluopyram and growth disorder in Vitis vinifera. | Presenter: Peter Robatscher

    ANYL Interconnections: Education in analytical chemistry. | Presenter: Robert Cooks

    ANYL Imaging interfacial nanobubbles using single-molecule fluorescence. | Presenter: Bo Zhang

    ANYL Gearing up electrochemical microscopy for addressing pressing challenges in energy storage. | Presenter: Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez

    ANYL Silicon phonic sensor arrays for multiplexed bioanalysis—from initial concept to reality. | Presenter: Ryan Bailey

    BIOL Understand the anti-cancer STING pathway and harness it to treat metastatic cancers. | Presenter: Lingyin Li

    BIOL Base editing: Chemistry on the genome without double-strand DNA breaks. | Presenter: David Liu

    BIOL Synthetic activators, inhibitors, and degraders of CRISPR-associated nucleases. | Presenter: Amit Choudhary

    BIOL Chemistry behind paralytic shellfish toxin biosynthesis. | Presenter: Alison Narayan

    BIOL Can we beat nature? New antibiotics from old natural products. | Presenter: Ian Seiple

    BIOT Novel bacterial toxin enables CRISPR-free, RNA-free base editing. | Presenter: David Liu

    BIOT Quality and quantity?: Enhancing mammalian biomanufacturing performance through systems biotechnology approaches. | Presenter: Michael Betenbaugh

    CARB Effects of random versus residue-specific conjugation on the immunogenic and physical properties of glycoconjugates. | Presenter: Molly Congdon

    CARB Lactose functionalized dendritic polyglycerols for binding to galectin-3. | Presenter: Mary Cloninger

    CARB Design, synthesis and antitumor activities of Isolipoic acid-based tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen coated nanoparticles. | Presenter: Utpal Mondal

    CARB Self-assembled glycopeptide nanofibers as inhibitors of galectin signaling. | Presenter: Greg Hudalla

    CATL Electronic level alignment between a metal electrode and a solution with a known redox potential: a liquid-jet XPS study at PLEIADES beamline (SOLEIL). | Presenter: Lucia Perez Ramirez

    CATL Role of vacancies in CO oxidation by CoOx-Pt catalysts: A spectroscopic, structural, and theoretical approach. | Presenter: Heath Kersell

    CATL Observing the chemistry and structure of working interfaces at atmospheric pressures and above. | Presenter: Robert Weatherup

    CATL Understanding perovskite oxide reactivity with water. | Presenter: Kelsey Stoerzinger

    CELL Supporting bioproducts industry growth with a system dynamics decision-support tool. | Presenter: Rebecca Hanes

    CELL Solving bottlenecks of modern biorefineries . | Presenter: Antoine Mialon

    CELL Analyses of the valley of death. | Presenter: World Nieh

    CELL Taking Hemp Innovation from Bench to Market. | Presenter: Robin Pate

    CHAL Clean your room – protecting against trade secret misappropriation claims. | Presenter: Nate Ngerebara,

    CHAL Securing and maintaining a strong patent portfolio: Practical considerations and best practices. | Presenter: David Weingarten

    CHAL Labeling and infringement in pharmaceutical cases: How to best protect your IP. | Presenter: Collete Corser

    CHAL Changing landscape of patent eligible subject matter: Where do we go from here?. | Presenter: Emily Gabranski

    CHAS Safety culture in the media. | Presenter: Ralph Stuart

    CHAS Formatting feedback for success. | Presenter: Melinda Box

    CHAS Don't cut that! Lessons learned from a laser cutter fire. | Presenter: Daniel Kuespert

    CHAS 'Essential' cannabis manufacturing in the COVID-19 Era: Sustaining safety and sanitation at a distance. | Presenter: Alex Thompson

    CHED Breaking the language barrier: Equitable assessment in general chemistry. | Presenter: Eshani Lee

    CHED Patterns and trends in instrument development and usage in the chemistry education literature. | Presenter: Tina Marcroft

    CHED Systematic review of the design, implementation, and impact of flipped instruction in undergraduate chemistry lectures: 2007-2019. | Presenter: Senetta Bancroft

    CHED Design of research-based assessment strategies for a biochemistry CURE using published learning outcomes. | Presenter: Arthur Sikora

    CHED Explicit teaching of metacognition combined with active learning shows lower DFWs in a general chemistry course. | Presenter: Jacinta Mutambuki

    CINF Advancing FAIR: Moving toward the Internet of FAIR data and services. | Presenter: Melissa Cragin

    CINF PubChem COVID-19 response: Opportunities and challenges in delivering timely research data. | Presenter: Evan Bolton

    CINF FAIR IUPAC: Advancing pure and applied chemistry worldwide. | Presenter: Leah McEwen

    CINF GO-FAIR chemistry implementation network (ChIN). | Presenter: Stuart Chalk

    COLL Treating cystic fibrosis lung infections with bacteria-inspired nanoscale drug delivery systems. | Presenter: Joel Finbloom

    COLL Silver-chalcogenide nanoparticles as contrast agents for breast cancer screening. | Presenter: David Cormode

    COLL Self-assembled protein nanosheets for the expansion of stem cells at liquid-liquid interfaces. | Presenter: Julien Gautrot

    COLL Rapid discovery of multivalent T cell-redirecting immunotherapies for leukemia. | Presenter: Erik Dreaden

    COMP Developing an ultra-fast shape based search workflow for screening Enamine collection. | Presenter: Valery Polyakov

    COMP Chemical space docking: Mining billions of on-demand molecules in 3D. | Presenter: Franca Klingler

    COMP Massively multi-task Profile-QSAR for collaboration among competitors: sharing single-task models. | Presenter: Eric Martin

    COMP Compound atlas: real-time SAR search tool in very large compound databases. | Presenter: Andrew Blevins

    COMP Assessment and use of in silico metabolism and bioactivation models in practical applications. | Presenter: Grover Miller

    COMP Challenges and opportunities in hyper-scale virtual screening. | Presenter: Patrick Walters

    COMP Fast screening of ultra-large compound libraries against pain-related GPCR targets for efficient discovery of new lead candidates. | Presenter: Vsevolod Katritch

    COMP Modern approach to computational hit identification and tool compounds discovery. | Presenter: Robert Abel

    COMP Giga-docking: 10's of billions docked and counting. | Presenter: Mark McGann

    COMSCI Advancing science and technology to reduce the supply risk of critical materials. | Presenter: Bruce Moyer

    ENFL Energy efficient building technologies: Challenges and opportunities. | Presenter: Praveen Cheekatamarla

    ENFL NSF Division of Chemistry (CHE) from concept to commercialization. | Presenter: Carol Bessel

    ENFL From discovery to commercialization – highlights from the chemical manufacturing industry. | Presenter: Anne Gaffney

    ENFL “If it works, will it matter?” ARPA-E’s unique role in funding new energy technologies. | Presenter: Madhav Acharya

    ENFL Advanced technologies for energy storage and sustainability: Pathways from lab scale to commercialization. | Presenter: Hui Xu

    ENVR Sustainable resource recovery from a wastewater treatment byproduct: Development of grit assisted patch (GAP) from bench to demonstration. | Presenter: Zhongzhe Liu

    ENVR Linking anaerobic digester microbiome structure with sensitivity to organic overloads. | Presenter: Ashley Berninghaus

    ENVR Electrochemical stripping for flexible recovery of ammonia-based fertilizer and disinfectant from wastewater. | Presenter: Anna Kogler

    ENVR Co-digestion of food waste and wastewater sludge for enhanced methane production and energy security on military installations. | Presenter: Andrew Pfluger

    ENVR Mitigating harmful algae blooms: Translating pilot scale scientific discoveries into actionable solutions at market scale. | Presenter: jason quinn

    ENVR Evaluating the sustainability of lactic acid production from lignocellulosic biomass. | Presenter: Yalin Li

    ENVR Recovery of phosphorus and amino acids from swine manure using fruit wastes. | Presenter: Matias Vanotti

    GEOC Abiotic reduction of the munitions compounds DNAN and NTO by AQDS and Leonardite humic acid. | Presenter: Jimmy Murillo Gelvez

    GEOC Modeling the reduction of nitroaromatics by humic acid using quantum chemically computed reaction energies and quinone functional groups. | Presenter: Kevin Hickey

    GEOC Development of a kinetic model to investigate the mechanism of dark ROS production during microbially-driven Fenton reactions. | Presenter: Nan Xie

    GEOC Development of a gene-centric kinetic model for competitive terminal electron-accepting processes in sediments. | Presenter: Martial Taillefert

    I&EC Modeling molten salt reactor thermochemistry and applications using the molten salt thermodynamic database. | Presenter: Theodore Besmann

    I&EC Structure and dynamics includingiIntermediate range order and its temperature dependence in molten mixtures of MgCl2 and KCl. | Presenter: Claudio Margulis

    I&EC Simulating solid-liquid phase transitions of alkali chloride salts with a non-polarizable and a polarizable force field. | Presenter: Haimeng Wang

    I&EC Comparative studies of the structural, dynamic, and thermodynamic properties of molten FLiNaK using machine-learned neutral network and analytical forcefields. | Presenter: Yang Zhang

    I&EC Digestion methods: Sample preparation for the elemental analysis of molten fluoride salts. | Presenter: Sara Mastromarino

    IAC European research council funding schemes. | Presenter: Christine Courillon

    IAC Research networks: Programs and policy considerations. | Presenter: Marc Fortin

    IAC Strengthening international collaboration: DFG funding at a glance. | Presenter: Markus Behnke

    IAC Priorities and people – research perspectives from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) division of chemistry. | Presenter: David Berkowitz

    INOR Translating research into innovation: The lens of the market program and nexTC. | Presenter: Jenn Amador

    INOR Commercialization of single crystals for deep UV nonlinear optics and short wavelength lasers. | Presenter: Joseph Kolis

    INOR Supramolecular receptors for anions: Commercialization pathway of an anion-sensing molecule and professional development in innovation. | Presenter: Darren Johnson

    INOR Harnessing off-cycle catalytic processes for site-specific functionalization of icosahedral boron clusters. | Presenter: Rafal Dziedzic

    MEDI Structure-based design of novel biphenyl amide antagonists of human transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8 channels (TRPM8). | Presenter: V Journigan

    MEDI Medicinal chemistry of natural products to discover kinase inhibitors for cancer: Discovery and preclinical development of IIIM-290 for pancreatic cancer. | Presenter: Sandip Bharate

    MEDI Rationally designed small molecule PPARα agonists: A step towards new-age treatments for retinal diseases. | Presenter: Adam Duerfeldt

    MEDI Factor XI activation inhibitors: Advancing a novel mechanism of FXI inhibition. | Presenter: Jacqueline Hicks

    NUCL Heavy-element chemistry from the perspective of relativistic multi-reference configuration interaction. | Presenter: Xiaosong Li

    NUCL Dependence on orbital occupations for density-functional theory (DFT) calculations of uranium compounds. | Presenter: Matthew Christian

    NUCL Selective binding across the lanthanide and actinide series. | Presenter: Deborah Penchoff

    NUCL Developing a computational protocol for understanding binding selectivity in lanthanide and actinide systems. | Presenter: Charles Peterson

    ORGN Novel photochemical-Pd-catalysed rearrangement sequences: Rapid access to the morphan ring system. | Presenter: Hannah Steeds

    ORGN Disruptive chemistry: Innovations in bi-cyclic amine synthesis enabled by C-H bond functionalization. | Presenter: Michaelyn Lux

    ORGN Oxazoles from alcohols and nitriles via tandem hydrogen atom transfer. | Presenter: James Herbort

    ORGN Iridium-catalyzed silylation of aromatic C–H bonds: Faster catalysis, heightened selectivity, and mechanistic study. | Presenter: Caleb Karmel

    ORGN Halogenation of pyridines via heteroaryl phosphonium salts. | Presenter: Jeffrey Levy

    ORGN Imine-chaperone mediated ß C-H functionalization. | Presenter: Raymond Twumasi

    PHYS Catalysis on pristine two-dimensional materials via dispersion and electrostatic interactions. | Presenter: Amir Karton

    PHYS Visualizing charge and spin dynamics at interfaces. | Presenter: L. Robert Baker

    PHYS Why don’t plants get sunburn?. | Presenter: Gabriela Schlau-Cohen

    PHYS Following and controlling excited state structural dynamic trajectories using photons with different energies. | Presenter: Lin Chen

    PMSE Antibody modification for optimized immuno-positron emission tomography in oncology. | Presenter: Jason Lewis

    PMSE Zwitterionic polymers for nonaqueous gel electrolytes. | Presenter: Matthew Panzer

    PMSE Understanding and design of materials for high energy density batteries. | Presenter: Jeffrey Lopez

    POLY Carbios, the first and only company to have developed an enzymatic depolymerization process to recycle polyester PET in plastic and textile waste. | Presenter: Frédérique Guillamot

    POLY UV-curable reversible thermosets as a path towards recycling in additive manufacturing. | Presenter: Rick Curvers

    POLY Non-isocyanate polyurethanes and polyureas for elastomers and foams: Opportunities for green chemistry and depolymerization. | Presenter: Timothy Long

    PROF Tools for teaching publication ethics. | Presenter: Kelly Elkins

    PROF Social justice & the chemistry curriculum: developing awareness of ethics and equity issues in the next generation of scientists. | Presenter: Rebecca LaLonde

    PROF Teaching students to publish ethically, even when it is not popular. | Presenter: Judith Currano

    PROF What trans students need: ethical and supportive mentoring of transgender and non-binary graduate students. | Presenter: Michelle Nolan

    PROF What trans students need: ethical and supportive mentoring of transgender and non-binary graduate students. | Presenter: Isaac Blythe

    PROF Ethics in chemical education and human flourishing: reflections from an activist scholar. | Presenter: RAQUEL DIAZ-SPRAGUE

    SCHB Thermally-recyclable materials derived from free fatty acids and elemental sulfur. | Presenter: Andy Tennyson

    SCHB Synthetic organic chemistry in water; It's our future. | Presenter: Bruce Lipshutz

    SCHB Current progress on improving hydroxy fatty acid production in lesquerella (Physaria fendleri) through metabolic engineering. | Presenter: Grace Chen

    TOXI Old becomes new in the epi-verse of DNA and RNA modifications. | Presenter: Peter Dedon

    TOXI Chemical methods for detecting and quantifying nucleotide modifications in mRNA. | Presenter: Samie Jaffrey

    TOXI Role of the ‘Epitranscriptome’ in gene regulation and cancer. | Presenter: Richard Gregory

    TOXI Epitranscriptomic marks translationally regulate stress response programs to protect against environmental insults. | Presenter: Thomas Begley

  • Afternoon Sessions 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    AGFD  Rethinking food allergen detection: Distinguishing cross-reactivity from true target signal in botanicals used in dietarysupplements and spices with the xMAP food allergen detection assay. | Presenter: Katherine Ivens

    AGFD Identification and cross-reactivity analysis of sarcoplasmic-calcium-binding protein: A novel allergen in Crassostrea angulata. | Presenter: Guang-Ming Liu

    AGFD Plant antimicrobial proteins and food allergens. | Presenter: Yuzhu Zhang

    AGFD Investigation of biochemical and structural mechanisms for the release of phytochemicals from cell-based carriers. | Presenter: rewa rai

    AGRO Overview of human exposure in relation to risks from glyphosate. | Presenter: K Solomon

    AGRO Evolved glyphosate resistance. | Presenter: Mithila Jugulam

    AGRO Update into the ecotoxicology of glyphosate, its formulants, and environmental degradation products. | Presenter: Jose Luis Rodriguez Gil

    AGRO Evaluating the genotoxicity and animal carcinogenicity of glyphosate and their relevance to humans exposed to pesticide residues. | Presenter: David Eastmond

    ANYL Machine learning and diagnostic mass spectrometric Ion-molecule reactions. | Presenter: Hilkka Kenttamaa

    ANYL Machine learning for analytical chemistry using traditional and deep learning techniques: Advancements and outlook. | Presenter: Jonathan Fine

    ANYL Generative adversarial linear discriminant analysis. | Presenter: Youlin Liu

    ANYL Remembering Dennis Peters. | Presenter: William Carroll

    BIOL Beyond our control? Illuminating how ephemeral electrophiles rewire cell decision-making processes. | Presenter: Yimon Aye

    BIOL Optogenetic and chemogenetic technologies for probing molecular and cellular interactions. | Presenter: Alice Ting

    BIOL Progress of de-risking strategies for drug-induced liver injury in the last two decades. | Presenter: Kaushik Mitra

    BIOL Determinants of Cellular Entry for Third Generation Inhibitors of mTOR: Rapa-Link. | Presenter: Kevan Shokat

    BIOT Next generation bioprocess development. | Presenter: Gregg Nyberg

    BIOT Predicting protein developability via a deep informatic/experimental hybrid. | Presenter: Alexander Golinski

    BIOT Cell free platform for rapid synthesis and testing of active oligosaccharyltransferases. | Presenter: Jasmine Hershewe

    BIOT Engineering in mammalian cells to streamline development of antibodies, antibody-like molecules and other proteins of therapeutic interest. | Presenter: Jennifer Maynard

    CARB Developing microwave-based methods for glycan manipulation and a. | Presenter: Peter Andreana

    CARB Synthesis of O-glycosyl hydroxylamine oligosaccharide components for the preparation of glycoconjugates. | Presenter: Steven Sucheck

    CARB New Tools for the Synthesis of Saccharide Building Blocks and Glycosides. | Presenter: Pavel Nagorny

    CARB O-Glycosylation through remote activation. | Presenter: Justin Ragains

    CATL PM IRRAS study on the interaction of methanol vapor with Cu surfaces under ambient conditions. | Presenter: Baran Eren

    CATL In situ APXPS characterization of the methane to methanol reaction on copper-exchanged zeolites. | Presenter: Luca Artiglia

    CATL Ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy facilities for liquid-solid investigations in China. | Presenter: Yi Yu

    CATL Structural and chemical transformations studied simultaneously by photoemission and surface scattering. | Presenter: Slavomir Nemsak

    CELL Translating real world results into a two-dimensional page: Demystifying patent law. | Presenter: Adam Sussman

    CELL Intellectual Property Considerations – From Bench to Market. | Presenter: Kirby Drake

    CELL Investing in the Future – Angel Investing, STEM Research and YOU. | Presenter: Judith Giordan

    CHAL Post grant proceedings of bio and pharma patents: A brief overview and analysis of noteworthy cases. | Presenter: Katherine Rubino

    CHAL From bench to market, discovery to patent, professor to patent agent: what you need to know about IP law. | Presenter: Gary Deboer

    CHAL Patent considerations for maintaining secrecy of chemical processes. | Presenter: Daniel Margolis

    CHAL Intellectual property traps in contracts/agreements. | Presenter: Kirby Drake

    CHAS Does “cannabis-derived” mean to the public what it does to a chemist?. | Presenter: Brad Douglass

    CHAS How recent federal court decisions and USPTO proceedings are shaping future cannabis intellectual property rights. | Presenter: Katherine Rubino

    CHAS AI and drug discovery : Search for new psychoactive candidates from cannabis sativa. | Presenter: Ramesh Jagannathan

    CHAS Product marketing: Bridge the gap between formulation science and consumer. | Presenter: Stefanie Maletich

    CHED Why I continued studying chemistry. | Presenter: Ibiye Dagogo

    CHED Let's do chemistry: Applying an empirically derived research framework to the practice of informal chemistry education. | Presenter: David Sittenfeld

    CHED What do general chemistry instructors consider when designing multiple-choice assessments?. | Presenter: Jared Breakall

    CHED Encouraging reproducible research in an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory setting. | Presenter: Nathan Malmberg

    CHED Chemistry unbound at Emory University: Implementation and initial assessment results. | Presenter: Douglas Mulford

    CINF Machine learning augmented quantum chemistry: From deep learning of wave functions to ML/QM-tandem methods. | Presenter: Reinhard Maurer

    CINF BioHarmony across semantic drug discovery data streams. | Presenter: Barry Bunin

    CINF From High-Throughput Computational Chemistry and Molecular Pattern Recognition to the Targeted Design of Novel Chemistry. | Presenter: Johannes Hachmann

    CINF Machine-learning correlation energies using hybrid structural-energetic descriptors. | Presenter: Robert Distasio

    CINF Accurate Gaussian process models for high-dimensional molecular systems. | Presenter: Roman Krems

    COLL Characterization of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition diamond-like carbon coatings on fused silica with and without argon or oxygen plasma treatment. | Presenter: Roger Narayan

    COLL Metallic plate buckling as a low adhesion mechanism for durable and scalable icephobic surface design. | Presenter: Kevin Golovin

    COLL Epoxy matrix resins with offset stoichiometry for predictable joints in composite assemblies. | Presenter: Frank Palmieri

    COLL Acoustic characterization of a degassed fluid with a novel cavitation measurement instrument: Process enhancements to ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning. | Presenter: Petrie Yam

    COMP FEP impact on early and late-stage programs across blueprint medicines portfolio. | Presenter: Aysegul Ozen

    COMP Targeting HIV capsid assembly by long-acting small molecule modulators. | Presenter: Eric Hu

    COMP Effect of conformational flexibility of protein-ligand binding free energy computation and its significance in predicting mutation-induced drug sensitivity changes in oncogenic kinases. | Presenter: Mitsugu Araki

    COMP Rapid binding site similarity determination on a GPGPU: Performance and challenges. | Presenter: John Shelley

    COMP Expanding the domain of applicability of structure-based drug design with IFD-MD. | Presenter: Ed Miller

    COMP Rapidly estimating conformational entropy in small molecules. | Presenter: Leung Sing Chan

    COMP Docking finds GPCR ligands in dark chemical matter. | Presenter: Flavio Ballante

    COMP Design of GPCR agonists using free energy calculations. | Presenter: Nicolas Panel

    COMP Modelling drug metabolism using a reactivity and accessibility approach. | Presenter: Mario Öeren

    COMP Relative free energy calculations for accurate, and efficient virtual screening of congeneric ligand series in lead optimization. | Presenter: Prabhu Raman

    ENFL Predicting the dendrite initiation time inside metal electrode batteries: Deviations from the Sand equation. | Presenter: Youngju Lee

    ENFL Optimized cell design parameters for high energy all-solid-state batteries. | Presenter: Kihong Ahn

    ENFL Enabling highly efficient hydrogen production through novel liquid/gas diffusion layers. | Presenter: David Cullen

    ENFL Enhancing unconventional reservoir ultimate recoveries with in-situ nano-catalysts. | Presenter: Randall Winans

    ENFL On-sun photoelectrochemical water-splitting with molybdenum disulfide-protected III-V tandem absorbers. | Presenter: Micha Ben-Naim

    ENVR Natural silicate minerals for nutrient removal from blackwater. | Presenter: Lena Trotochaud

    ENVR Doped biochar for the removal of pesticides, emerging contaminants, and heavy metals from water. | Presenter: Eshani Jha

    ENVR Thermally driven technologies for atmospheric water capture to provide decentralized drinking water. | Presenter: Anjali Mulchandani

    ENVR Reuse of food processing wastewater in irrigation using two-dimensional nanomaterial-based membranes. | Presenter: Indranil Chowdhury

    ENVR Technical performance and sales viability of a novel Venturi chlorine doser at drinking water kiosks in Kisumu, Kenya. | Presenter: Julie Powers

    ENVR Increasing community resilience with off-grid water treatment. | Presenter: Vinka Craver

    ENVR Earth-abundant electrocatalysts enhance competitiveness of electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate as point-of-use technology. | Presenter: Ana Fajardo

    GEOC Stability of mineralized carbon and structural distortion of calcite by Mg2+. | Presenter: KungWon Choi

    GEOC Adsorption of mono- and poly-molybdate (MoO42-) onto iron oxides: A multi-technique approach. | Presenter: Jing Zhang

    GEOC First-principles investigation of Keggin-type nanocluster stabilization and reactivity. | Presenter: Jennifer Bjorklund

    GEOC Sulfate induces a compact and thick CaCO3 formation that helps protect Portland cement from supercritical CO2 attack. | Presenter: Yaguang Zhu

    I&EC Pulse radiolysis study of radiation effect on molten salt. | Presenter: Kazuhiro Iwamatsu

    I&EC Complex structure of molten NaCl-CrCl3 salt: octahedra network and intermediate-range order. | Presenter: Boris Khaykovich

    I&EC Initial species in the radiolysis of molten salts. | Presenter: Jay LaVerne

    I&EC Atomic insights into metal ion solvation structure in molten chloride salts through high-energy X-ray scattering. | Presenter: Alexander Ivanov

    I&EC Cesium and iodide in molten fluoride salts: solution structure and thermodynamics through ab initio molecular dynamics. | Presenter: Stella Nickerson

    INOR GURPs: Group-based undergraduate research programs as an alternative introduction to undergraduate research. | Presenter: Jason Calvin

    INOR It’s a competitive world out there – successfully moving chemistry from bench to market with early stage university innovation training aligned with research. | Presenter: Joseph Steig

    INOR Titanium and tantalum catalyzed asymmetric hydroamination with bulky sulfonamide ligands. | Presenter: Fanrui Sha

    INOR Copper(I) SNS pincer complexes based on bis-imidazole and bis-triazole moieties as electrocatalyst precursors for the reduction of carbon dioxide and hydrogen cations. | Presenter: John Miecznikowski

    MEDI Late stage lead diversification (LSLD) coupled with quantitative NMR Spectroscopy to Identify New SAR vectors at nanomole scale: Application to drug discovery using loratadine a human histamine H1 receptor inverse agonist. | Presenter: Manjinder Lall

    MEDI Application of late-stage functionalization techniques in the identification of novel kinase inhibitors. | Presenter: Lindsay McMurray

    MEDI Leveraging advances in catalysis and high throughput experimentation to impact drug discovery. | Presenter: Shane Krska

    MEDI Acylhydrazones as novel antifungal agents targeting the synthesis of fungal sphingolipids. | Presenter: Krupanandan Haranahalli

    NUCL Effects of process history on the surface morphology of uranium ore concentrates extracted from ore. | Presenter: Cody Nizinski

    NUCL Measuring forensic signatures in legacy super-grade Pu at Los Alamos National Laboratory. | Presenter: Kevin Glennon

    NUCL 3D printed microfluidic supported liquid membrane modules for actinide separations. | Presenter: Anna Servis

    NUCL Nuclear forensics research at Texas A&M University. | Presenter: Charles Folden

    NUCL Uranium concentration using reactive polymer thin films and thin-film composite membranes for spectroscopic analysis. | Presenter: Abenazer Darge

    NUCL Influence of environmental effects on post-detonation debris chemistry. | Presenter: Batikan Koroglu

    NUCL Innovative sample preparation methods for post detonation debris analysis of lanthanides and actinides. | Presenter: Veronica Bradley

    NUCL Measurement of short-lived Fission products of Pu-239. | Presenter: Vanessa Linero

    ORGN Dearomative cycloadditions utilizing an organic photosensitizer: An alternative to iridium catalysis. | Presenter: Alessa Rolka

    ORGN Sulfamate esters guide C(3)–H functionalization of alkanes. | Presenter: Suraj Ayer

    ORGN Enantionselective reductive C2 allylation of benzimidazoles using Diene Pronucleophiles. | Presenter: James Knippel

    ORGN Probing noncovalent interactions in asymmetric catalysis using computational chemistry and data science. | Presenter: Jacquelyne Read

    ORGN Mechanistic investigation of Rh(I)-catalyzed asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura coupling with racemic allyl halides. | Presenter: Lucy van Dijk

    PHYS Dynamic ensembles of metastable states drive the catalysis on size-selected supported clusters. | Presenter: Anastassia Alexandrova

    PHYS Can you really trust your tunneling prediction. | Presenter: David Yarkony

    PHYS Watching and driving material transformations at the nanoscale. | Presenter: Naomi Ginsberg

    PMSE Translating applied polymer science into successful products and therapies. | Presenter: Joachim Kohn

    PMSE Controlled radical polymerizations from hydritic C-H bonds. | Presenter: Brett Fors

    PMSE From lab to fab: silicon-containing polymers as a material platform for nanoelectronics manufacturing. | Presenter: Qinghuang Lin

    POLY Chemoenzymatic routes to structured and responsive silicone materials. | Presenter: Paul Zelisko

    POLY Synthesis of silsesquioxanes with well-defined new structures. | Presenter: Masafumi Unno

    POLY Silicone elastomers witho crosslinking: Concatenated ring network structures. | Presenter: Anne Skov

    PROF Romney's dilemma: how we got to the ACA. | Presenter: Joseph Sabol

    PROF Healthcare reform in 2020 and beyond. | Presenter: David Grande

    PROF Fructose: from molecule to planet. | Presenter: Robert Lustig

    SCHB Versatile nanocellulose aerogels: from amphiphilic, tunable hydrophobic to conducting and thermal insulating. | Presenter: You-Lo Hsieh

    SCHB Sustainable bioplastics and green composites: circular bio-economy driven innovation and commercialization. | Presenter: Amar Mohanty

    SCHB How to make sustainable polymers marketable. | Presenter: Massoud Miri

    SCHB High performance thermosetting polymer systems based on Furan building blocks. | Presenter: Giuseppe Palmese

    TOXI In Vitro approaches for assessing respiratory toxicity. | Presenter: Monita Sharma

    TOXI Advances in the reliability of nanotoxicity assays. | Presenter: Elijah Petersen

    TOXI Measurement issues in the phototoxicity of nanomaterials. | Presenter: Vytas Reipa

    TOXI Profiling environmental chemicals using in vitro qHTS methods. | Presenter: Menghang Xia

    WCC Addressing the gap in gender diversity in innovation. | Presenter: Carlyn Burton

    WCC Nanotechnology in manufacturing through a 4-dimensional transformation. | Presenter: G. Bahar Basim

    WCC Gender gap in the patent/innovation process: Recent studies and tools to address. | Presenter: Kirby Drake

    WCC Cultivating a culture of inclusion in small biotech. | Presenter: Natalie LaFranzo

Wednesday, August 19

  • Morning Sessions 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    AGFD Processing cocoa with water – new insights into aroma formation. | Presenter: Irene Chetschik

    AGFD Understanding the complexity of interactions between phytochemicals and the network of mechanisms based on systems biology. | Presenter: Ji Yeon Kim

    AGFD Food of the gods: Chemistry of chocolate from cacao bean to chocolate bar. | Presenter: Helene Hopfer

    AGFD Food of the gods: Chemistry of chocolate from cacao bean to chocolate bar. | Presenter: Susan Ebeler

    AGFD Multiple clustering methods and databases-based microbiome association test. | Presenter: Kangjin Kim

    AGRO Sodium channels and pyrethroids: an interesting journey of adventures and opportunities. | Presenter: Ke Dong

    AGRO Citronella oil derivatives and their repellent properties. | Presenter: Caleb Corona

    AGRO Target site mechanism of action of resistance-breaking natural products. | Presenter: Edmund Norris

    ANYL Strategies to extend the operational stability of electrochemical, aptamer-based sensors in vivo. | Presenter: Netzahualcoyotl Arroyo Curras

    ANYL Cell-based electrochemical biosensor to detect environmental pollutants. | Presenter: Ariel Furst

    ANYL Novel carbon surfaces for real-time neurochemical detection. | Presenter: Ashley Ross

    ANYL Breaking the performance limits of label-free optical biosensors for lab-on-a-chip and naked-eye diagnostics. | Presenter: Judson Ryckman

    BIOL Understanding and exploiting purposeful genomic mutation by DNA deaminase enzymes. | Presenter: Rahul Kohli

    BIOL Tale of a tail: A role for disorder in DNA damage recognition. | Presenter: James Stivers

    BIOL AKTivation mechanisms. | Presenter: Philip Cole

    BIOL RNA Editing by Adenosine Deaminases that act on RNA. | Presenter: Peter Beal

    BIOT PID control: Forgotten process parameter. | Presenter: Sarah Harcum

    BIOT Analytical and process development challenges and opportunities in cell and gene therapy. | Presenter: Susan Abu Absi

    BIOT Integrated continuous bioprocessing with CHO cells and ultra-high productivity for biologics manufacturing. | Presenter: Weichang Zhou

    CARB Investigating glycosyltransferase protein dynamics in a heptosyltransferase I model system. | Presenter: Erika Taylor

    CARB Next generation PG sugar probes for chemical glycobiology experiments. | Presenter: Catherine Grimes

    CARB Probing substrate recognition by the biofilm degrading glycosidase DspB using chemically defined substrates. | Presenter: Myles Poulin

    CARB Glycosyltransferase bump-and-hole engineering to dissect O-GalNAc glycosylation. | Presenter: Benjamin Schumann

    CATL Confinement effects in and under two-dimensional silicates. | Presenter: Jorge Boscoboinik

    CATL H2 probe in X-ray absorption spectroscopy for testing Pd distributions in Pd-Au and Pd-Ag catalysts under ambient temperature and pressure. | Presenter: Erjia Guan

    CATL Accessing the electronic structure of cerium oxide nanoparticles in a liquid solution. | Presenter: Tomas Duchon

    CATL Influence of the ambient environment on structural and electronic effects of X-ray radiation on prototypical catalysts. | Presenter: Anna Regoutz

    CHAL Pharmaceutical patent prosecution primer. | Presenter: Brian Trinque

    CHAL Small molecule federal circuit case law. | Presenter: Nicole Sassu

    CHAL Obviousness and second generation filing strategies. | Presenter: Vinay Trivedi-Parmar Trivedi-Parmar

    CHAL What constitutes an inventor? A review of federal circuit case law . | Presenter: Andrew Ehle

    CHAS Novel LC-MS/MS method with dual ESI and APCI ion source for analysis of California regulated pesticides and mycotoxins in medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil cannabis tinctures. | Presenter: Avinash Dalmia

    CHAS Improving throughput and overcoming the challenges associated with pesticide & heavy metal analysis of cannabis & hemp extract and edible samples. | Presenter: Toby Astill

    CHAS Analytical advances for the assessment of cannabis-derived products in the European scenario. | Presenter: Laura Mercolini

    CHAS Role of applied molecular microbiology in increasing cannabis product quality. | Presenter: Khyrrah Shepard

    CHED MACRO: curriculum resources for chemistry faculty. | Presenter: Elizabeth Sterner

    CHED Professional development, setting up for success. | Presenter: Dominik Konkolewicz

    CHED Seeking mentorship and professional development at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI). | Presenter: Peter Iovine

    CHED Your professional brand: How to effectively brand yourself as an industrial polymer scientist. | Presenter: Katrina Knauer

    CINF SAVI a la carte: Moving toward molecules on demand by AI. The development of the SLICE (Smarts and Logic In ChEmistry) language. | Presenter: Victorien Delannee

    CINF Predicting reaction sequences: Deep neural networks and reaxys data bases. | Presenter: Friedrich Kroll

    CINF Chemistry puppeteer: Enhancing the diversity of retrosynthetic predictions. | Presenter: Alessandra Toniato

    CINF Reaction Transformers for Fingerprints, Classification and Atom-Mapping. | Presenter: Philippe Schwaller

    CINF Evolutionary computing strategies and feedback control for directed execution and optimisation of chemical reactions. | Presenter: Harris Makatsoris

    CINF Data preparation for reaction prediction: the quest for “AI-ready” data. | Presenter: Frederik van den Broek

    COLL Porous nano-size metal oxides for catalytic oxidations and reductions. | Presenter: Steven Suib

    COLL Icosahedral nanocrystals for both fundamental studies and catalytic applications. | Presenter: Younan Xia

    COLL Controlling catalysis at oil-water interfaces with functionalized nanoparticles. | Presenter: James Medlin

    COLL Electrochemical oxygen-atom transfer reactions at nanoscale metal oxides. | Presenter: Karthish Manthiram

    COMP Modeling and prediction of energetics and mechanism of organic chemical reactions: Transference of knowledge in deep learning. | Presenter: Kavindri Ranasinghe

    COMP Extending the applicability of the ANI deep learning molecular potential to sulfur and halogens. | Presenter: Christian Devereux

    COMP Explainable AI in toxicity prediction. | Presenter: Hsin Liu

    COMP Gradient boosting decision tree models for better temporal ADME prediction from an industrial perspective. | Presenter: Cheng Fang

    COMP Target-specific drug design method combining deep learning and water pharmacophore. | Presenter: Art Cho

    COMP AI-based recommendations for drug discovery. | Presenter: Steven Rohall

    COMP AI-based recommendations for drug discovery. | Presenter: Peter Skewes-Cox

    COMP AI-based recommendations for drug discovery. | Presenter: Jonathan Gable

    COMP Model fine-tuning for enhanced virtual high-throughput screening performance. | Presenter: Bradley Worley

    COMP Collection of pre-trained graph convolutional networks for early anticancer candidate prediction. | Presenter: Aminollah Khormali

    COMP Hierarchical, rotation-equivariant neural networks to predict the structure of protein complexes. | Presenter: Stephan Eismann

    ENFL Routes to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). | Presenter: Steven Csonka

    ENFL Mild upgrading of biocrudes to enhance their co-processing in refinery units. | Presenter: Sandeep Badoga

    ENFL Mild hydrocracking units: operation & monitoring. | Presenter: Xavier Enrique Ruiz Maldonado

    ENFL Utilization of n-hexadecane reaction pathways to probe performance of dual-function catalysts. | Presenter: Michael Girgis

    ENFL Cationic template assisted synthesis of hierarchically structured composites of zeolite-Y and SiC as an efficient catalyst for n-heptane cracking. | Presenter: Yasser AlWahedi

    ENFL Electrocatalytic valorization of wastes and bio-oils by conversion to fuels and products. | Presenter: Jamie Holladay

    ENFL Decarbonizing aviation fuels with wet waste volatile fatty acids. | Presenter: Derek Vardon

    ENFL Step tests to diagnose maldistribution of flow in hydroprocessing units. | Presenter: Paul Robinson

    ENVR Reactivity-directed analysis: A novel approach for the identification of toxic organic chemicals formed during water treatment with chemical oxidants. | Presenter: Carsten Prasse

    ENVR Rapid, low cost, and in-situ detection and identification of PFAS in soils, sediments, and solid wastes via ambient ionization cone spray mass spectrometry. | Presenter: Patrick Fedick

    ENVR Elucidating structure-reactivity relationships for the redox degradation of major categories of PFAS pollutants in water. | Presenter: Jinyong Liu

    ENVR Mass balance evaluation of a large-scale PFAS-contaminated agricultural site. | Presenter: Alexander Haluska

    ENVR Quantitative metagenomic next-generation sequencing (qmNGS) for high-throughput antibiotic resistance and virulence gene detection. | Presenter: Tao Yan

    ENVR Supercritical fluid extraction for PFAS extraction from environmental samples. | Presenter: Ruth Marfil-Vega

    ENVR In vivo generation of PFOA, PFOS and other compounds from cationic and zwitterionic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in a terrestrial invertebrate (lumbricus terrestris). | Presenter: Feng Xiao

    GEOC Speciation evolution of lead and nickel during (hydro)thermal treatments of sewage sludge. | Presenter: Qian Wang

    GEOC Ferrihydrite soil amendment limit arsenic uptake in rice by promoting iron plaque formation. | Presenter: Arindam Malakar

    GEOC Metagenomics study of soil microcosms to evaluate the bioremediation of textile dyes in a contaminated ecosystem. | Presenter: Swapnil Patil

    GEOC Is carbon mineralization in floodplains controlled by the redox reactivity of iron minerals?. | Presenter: Meret Aeppli

    I&EC Alloy corrosion in molten salts: What matters, what doesn't, and what can we do about it?. | Presenter: Stephen Raiman

    I&EC Crystal growth of complex uranium containing oxides from molten salts at high temperature. | Presenter: Hans Conrad zur Loye

    I&EC Investigating corrosion of metallic systems in molten salt environments. | Presenter: Simerjeet Gill

    I&EC Rapid quenching of molten salts to study corrosion product structure. | Presenter: James Kurley

    I&EC Radiation-driven chemistry in molten salts. | Presenter: James Wishart

    I&EC Molten inorganic salts as solvents for synthesis of low-dimensional materials. | Presenter: Dmitri Talapin

    INOR Electronic characterization and reactivity of group 9-aluminum heterobimetallics. | Presenter: Timothy Brewster

    INOR Bond activation and catalysis facilitated by early/late metal-metal cooperativity. | Presenter: Christine Thomas

    INOR Oxidatively triggered systems for reservoir stimulation: Design, preparation, and characterization. | Presenter: Katherine Hull

    INOR Heterobimetallic transition metal (Ru, Ir) complexes of aluminum and gallium. | Presenter: Virginia Montiel-Palma

    MEDI Sulfonamide syntheses exploiting sulfur dioxide insertion. | Presenter: Michael Willis

    MEDI Cutaneous adverse events caused by sulfonamide-containing drugs: Reality or Perception. | Presenter: Falgun Shah

    MEDI Sulfonamides in the design of pharmacological tools and drug candidates. | Presenter: Brian Lawhorn

    MEDI Acyl- and arylsulfonamide inhibitors of Nav1.7 for the treatment of pain. | Presenter: Steven McKerrall

    NUCL Topological complexity of uranium thiophosphates. | Presenter: Vladislav Klepov

    NUCL Flux crystal growth and structure determination of the new quaternary plutonium silicate Cs2PuSi6O15. | Presenter: Hans Conrad zur Loye

    NUCL New quaternary uranium and plutonium fluorides crystallized via mild hydrothermal methods. | Presenter: Hans Conrad zur Loye

    NUCL Computational database approach to discovering hierarchical nuclear waste forms. | Presenter: Matthew Christian

    NUCL Quantifying actinide sorption to hematite at elevated temperatures: Variable temperature batch sorption and calorimetry studies. | Presenter: Brian Powell

    NUCL Effect of microstructural features on dissolution of NpO2(s). | Presenter: Kathryn Peruski

    NUCL Chemical behavior of the Np(V)O2Cl4 complex: Characterization by structural, spectroscopic, electrochemical and theoretical approaches. | Presenter: Mikaela Pyrch

    NUCL Radiation-induced interfacial hydroxyl transformation on boehmite and gibbsite. | Presenter: Zheming Wang

    NUCL Surface behavior of Di-alkyl phosphoric acids and derivatives in biphasic solvent: A molecular dynamics investigation. | Presenter: An Ta

    ORGN Phase behavior that enables solvent-free carbonate-promoted furoate carboxylation. | Presenter: Amy Frankhouser

    ORGN Dearomative synthetic entry into the altemicidin alkaloids. | Presenter: Claire Harmange Magnani

    ORGN Synthetic studies toward citrofulvicin. | Presenter: Kalina Doytchinova

    ORGN Explosive hazards of diazo compounds and what practical precautions are necessary. | Presenter: Seb Green

    ORGN Efforts towards Rh(II)-catalyzed N-alkoxyazomethine ylide generation: Disparate reactivities of O-tethered α-diazo keto and -β-ketoester oximes. | Presenter: Doris Chen

    ORGN Importance of synthetic innovations in drug discovery and development. | Presenter: Thomas Lyons

    PHYS Accurate simulation of photochemical processes: From plasmon-driven photocatalysis to dye-sensitized photovoltaics. | Presenter: John Mark Martirez

    PHYS Electrochemically-driven structural phase transitions in conjugated polymers. | Presenter: Connor Bischak

    PHYS Simultaneous observation of exciton-mediated charge generation and coherent spin control in a semiconductor. | Presenter: Edoardo Baldini

    PHYS Conservation of angular momentum in direct nonadiabatic dynamics. | Presenter: Yinan Shu

    PMSE Porous materials from cellulose nanocrystal and mxene surfactants at the oil/water interface. | Presenter: Thomas Russell

    PMSE Porous conductive polymers. | Presenter: Zhenan Bao

    PMSE Utility of a reactive diluent to increase pore size and cell infiltration in polyHIPE bone grafts. | Presenter: Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez

    PMSE Microporous crosslinked polymer membranes for energy efficient gas separation. | Presenter: Ruilan Guo

    PMSE Porous polymer shells of nanocapsules allow the selective access to the reaction side. | Presenter: Katharina Landfester

    POLY Architecture control of biodegradable polymers. | Presenter: Dylan Walsh

    POLY Bioinspired synthetic water channels: toward sustainable polymeric membrane applications based on molecular design. | Presenter: Woochul Song

    POLY Use of dendrimer ligands for intentional nanocrystal hybrid designs and assembly. | Presenter: Katherine Elbert

    POLY Manipulating the fluorescence lifetime in nanostructures. | Presenter: Rachel OReilly

    PROF Skydiving into retirement: Enjoy the ride and land softly. | Presenter: William Carroll

    PROF Retirement activities to keep you breathless - and happy!. | Presenter: Mary Virginia Orna

    PROF Activities of a retired chemist. | Presenter: Robert Yokley

    PROF Diversity--key to a happy retirement. | Presenter: Ronald Archer

    PROF Your experience is too important to be wasted. | Presenter: Attila Pavlath

    SCHB Increasing the quest for recycled fibers: Chemical recycling of apparel. | Presenter: Amanda Cattermole

    SCHB Creating commercial markets for agriculturally-derived bioproducts toward "zero waste" farming practices. | Presenter: William Orts

    SCHB Waste valorization for a circular economy. | Presenter: Wan-Ting Chen

    SCHB Activated carbon from Brazilian agricultural residues. | Presenter: Delilah Wood

    TOXI Sulfated persistent organic pollutants (POPs): mechanistic studies of an emerging class of neurotoxic chemicals. | Presenter: Pamela Lein

    TOXI EPA’s research initiatives on non-targeted analyses of environmental chemicals. | Presenter: Jon Sobus

    TOXI Application of high-resolution mass spectrometry for assessment of environmental exposures and metabolic responses. | Presenter: Kurt Pennell

    TOXI NIEHS efforts in exposure science and the exposome. | Presenter: David Balshaw

    TOXI Mechanisms of toxicity for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: Are we there yet?. | Presenter: Jamie DeWitt

    YCC Sunlight-driven electrochemical conversion of CO2 to useful products is Space. | Presenter: Csaba Janaky

    YCC Flow Chemistry CubeLab (FCCL) platform. | Presenter: Aaron Beeler

    YCC Flow Chemistry on the International Space Station: Novel approaches to chemical synthesis and fully automated microreactor systems. | Presenter: j stoudemire

    YCC JAMSS pilot mission of “Kirara” in- space manufacturing using ISS. | Presenter: Naohiro Sato

    YCC Studying biochemistry in space. | Presenter: Guy Samburski

  • Afternoon Sessions 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    AGFD Endocrine disrupting chemicals in food contact materials. | Presenter: Justin Boucher

    AGFD Stabilization and controlled release of ethyl formate for in-packaging fumigation of fresh produce. | Presenter: Amr Zaitoon

    AGFD Application of gaseous ozone as in-package and fumigation treatments to enhance microbial safety and maintain quality of tomato fruit. | Presenter: Xuetong Fan

    AGFD Influence of leafy green surface chemical composition on E. coli O157:H7 attachment and growth. | Presenter: Mengyi Dong

    AGRO Characterization of dispersion of particles from cotton gins and prediction of particle concentrations by AERMOD with dispersion correction factor. | Presenter: Zijiang Yang

    AGRO Integrating a distributional approach to using percent crop area (PCA) and percent crop treated (PCT) into drinking water assessment. | Presenter: Rochelle Bohaty

    AGRO Probabilistic co-occurrence analysis for suites of federally listed species. | Presenter: Leif Richardson

    AGRO Application of methomyl usage data in a probabilistic national endangered species exposure assessment. | Presenter: Michael Winchell

    ANYL Citrate-coated osmium nanozyme with surprisingly high peroxidase-like and anti-fouling activities for a smartphone-based cysteine colorimetric sensor. | Presenter: Shaobin He

    ANYL Bioorthogonal transition metal catalyst nanoparticle ‘nanozymes' for Imaging and treatment of multidrug-resistant bacteria and biofilms. | Presenter: Vincent Rotello

    ANYL Gold nanoparticles and peptides: from catalysis to sensing. | Presenter: Paolo Scrimin

    ANYL Ionophore and quenching based chemical sensors for the fluorescent and colorimetric detection of chloride ions. | Presenter: Xiaojiang Xie

    BIOL Chemical and biochemical lessons from studying Mycobacterium tuberculosis. | Presenter: Luiz Carvalho

    BIOL Towards computer-made antibiotics. | Presenter: César de la Fuente

    BIOL Flipping metabolism: Controlling viral disease transmission and pathogenesis. | Presenter: Rushika Perera

    BIOL ‘Art’ of antiviral drug hunting to discover remdesivir for SARS-CoV2. | Presenter: Richard Mackman

    BIOT Navigating the unique manufacturing and supply chain challenges in cell and gene therapy and what we can learn from our past experiences. | Presenter: Rolf Ramelmeier

    BIOT Genetically engineered immunity for cancer: The development and global regulatory approvals of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells and what’s coming next. | Presenter: Bruce Levine

    BIOT Enabling scalable, quality-by-design (QbD)-driven biomanufacturing of cell therapies: 10 year roadmap from the NSF ERC on cell manufacturing technologies (CMaT). | Presenter: Krish Roy

    CARB Chemical tools for tracking O-GlcNAc glycoprotein dynamics in real-time couple cellular metabolism with signaling. | Presenter: Charlie Fehl

    CARB NMR insights into carbohydrate-carbohydrate interactions. | Presenter: Janet Muzulu

    CARB Synthesis and diversification of 3-aminoseptanosides from furanoses. | Presenter: Cristin Bosko

    CARB Exploring the impact of GLUT5 inhibition on breast cancers. | Presenter: Avik Ghosh

    CARB Carbon-selective methods for extracting accurate 3-bond 1H-1H coupling constants from complex spectra: Selective PIP-HSQC. | Presenter: Steven Graham

    CATL Investigation of Rh-titanate (ATiO3) interactions on high-surface-area perovskites thin films prepared by atomic layer deposition. | Presenter: Chao Lin

    CATL Ethanol conversion to butadiene over isolated zinc and yttrium sites in dealuminated beta zeolite. | Presenter: Liang Qi

    CATL Elucidating the evolution of Pd/TiO2 single-atom catalyst under CO2 hydrogenation and reducing atmosphere. | Presenter: Linxiao Chen

    CATL Shape-controlled Cu-Ag bimetallic nanocrystals to explore synergisms of structure-dependent selectivity and tandem catalysis in electrochemical CO2 reduction. | Presenter: Pranit Iyengar

    CELL Enabling continuous processing of mechanically fibrillated cellulose nanofibril (CNF) sheets through single-screw extrusion. | Presenter: Sami El Awad Azrak

    CELL Surface modification of spray dried cellulose nanofiber in supercritical CO2. | Presenter: Sabrina Sultana

    CELL Elucidation of chemical reactivity of cellulose nanofibrils with varyingdDegree of fibrillation for barrier properties application. | Presenter: Khandoker Salem

    CELL Bioinspired lignocellulose matrices for tunable sorption and release- from sustainable agriculture to environment remediation. | Presenter: Tahira Pirzada

    CHAL Antibody patenting strategies. | Presenter: Michael Spellberg Spellberg

    CHAL Definiteness and the Medicines Co. and Forest Labs. decisions. | Presenter: Brian Trinque

    CHAL Strengthening your future patent rights in light of recent federal court decisions. | Presenter: Xavier Pillai

    CHAL Strengthening your future patent rights in light of recent federal court decisions. | Presenter: Andrew Berks

    CHAL How Recent Federal Court Decisions and USPTO Proceedings are Impacting Intellectual Property Rights in the Chemical Arts Fields. | Presenter: Katherine Rubino

    CHAS Evaluation of a liquid chromatography and photo-diode array detection method for the screening of 11 cannabinoids in hemp plant and oil samples as part of the NIST cannabis quality assurance program (CannaQAP). | Presenter: Walter Wilson

    CHAS Discovering the un-tapped channels of ISO accreditation: How laboratories add value to industry. | Presenter: Shannon Swantek

    CHAS Cannabis analysis: The intersection of scientific integrity, accountability, and analytical technology. | Presenter: Susan Audino

    CHAS USP Considerations for quality attributes of cannabis inflorescence for medical purposes. | Presenter: Nandakumara Sarma

    CHED My experience with the polymer ambassadors. | Presenter: Sherri Rukes

    CHED Sustainable polymer experiments across the laboratory curriculum. | Presenter: Jane Wissinger

    CHED ASPIRE: Polymer science for high school students at UMass Amherst. | Presenter: Elizabeth Stubbs

    CHED ASPIRE: Polymer science for high school students at UMass Amherst. | Presenter: Cynthia Bukowski

    CHED Learn by doing lab: A platform for recruiting teachers and engaging the community. | Presenter: Seth Bush

    CINF Computer-aided synthesis planning & ASKCOS. | Presenter: Connor Coley

    CINF Molecule-Edit Graph Attention Network: Modeling retrosynthesis prediction as a sequence of edits. | Presenters: Mikolaj Sacha, Piotr Byrski, Stanislaw Jastrzebski

    CINF Retrosynthetic software for practicing chemists: Novel and efficient in silico pathway design validated at the bench. | Presenter: Lindsey Rickershauser

    CINF Overcoming conflicts and dilemmas in computer-aided synthesis design. | Presenter: Orr Ravitz

    COLL Revealing surface chemical reaction by detecting hot electron flux generated in solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces. | Presenter: Si Woo Lee

    COLL Understanding mechanocatalytic reaction pathways; surface chemistry at the solid-solid interface. | Presenter: Wilfred Tysoe

    COLL Advanced real space analysis of STM images. | Presenter: Lloyd Bumm

    COLL Reaction mechanism of chloride-induced degradation of metal oxide: A density functional theory study. | Presenter: Kofi Oware Sarfo

    COMP Atomistic modeling of hydrophilic and hydrophobic contributions in protein solution thermodynamics --- prospects and challenges. | Presenter: Dilipkumar Asthagiri

    COMP Modeling protein aggregation and solvation. | Presenter: Kenneth Dill

    COMP Fluctuations and binding of proteins in a multi scale model. | Presenter: Marina Guenza

    COMP Multi-scale modeling of proteins to assist drug development. | Presenter: John Shelley

    COMP Towards a suite of coarse-grained models for antibody formulation and candidate design. | Presenter: Christopher Roberts

    COMP DNA-induced dynamic switch triggers the activation of CRISPR-Cas12a. | Presenter: Giulia Palermo

    ENFL Adsorbents for post combustion CO2 capture: From lab to pilot scale and beyond. | Presenter: Stefan Leenders

    ENFL Effect of changes of physical properties on CO2 capture solvents on its absorption rate. | Presenter: Moushumi Sarma

    ENFL Development, synthesis and performance of water-lean diamine-based solvents for carbon dioxide capture. | Presenter: Deepika Malhotra

    ENFL Quantification and visualization of gas storage in shale. | Presenter: Youssef Elkady

    ENFL Computational screening of metal-catecholate functionalized metal-organic frameworks for room temperature hydrogen storage. | Presenter: Haoyuan Chen

    ENFL Electron microscopy insights into shale pore networks: appeal of CO2 as an injection fluid. | Presenter: Laura Froute

    ENFL Single-step, low temperature and integrated CO2 capture and conversion using amino acid salts and amine-bearing solvents to produce calcium and magnesium carbonates. | Presenter: Meishen Liu

    ENFL Upscaling fundamental interfacial geochemical insights for deployable carbon storage technologies. | Presenter: Quin Miller

    ENVR Real-time monitoring of microbial storage and modeling of its turnover for nitrous oxide production. | Presenter: Zhiyue Wang

    ENVR Ammonia recovery from domestic sewage using gas-permeable membranes: An opportunity for innovation in wastewater management infrastructure. | Presenter: Yongju Choi

    ENVR Biochar-augmented biofilters to improve pollutant removal from stormwater – Can they improve receiving water quality?. | Presenter: Christopher Higgins

    ENVR Prevention of sediment recontamination by improved BMPs to remove organic and metal contaminants from stormwater runoff. | Presenter: Richard Luthy

    ENVR Trace organic contaminant transformation in a horizontal levee: the role of redox conditions. | Presenter: Angela Perantoni

    ENVR Formation and fate of carbonyl compounds in potable water reuse systems. | Presenter: Emily Marron

    ENVR Novel sorption media material for catch basin insert filters to remove pollutants from urban runoff. | Presenter: CHANDRA MOULI TUMMALA

    GEOC Impact of abandoned quarry mine sites on the environment and human health. | Presenter: Adebola Oketola

    GEOC Biogeosystem technique paradigm for the world water scarcity surmounting. | Presenter: Valery Kalinitchenko

    GEOC Scientific advancements and applications in pesticide regulation. | Presenter: Karen Morrison

    I&EC Complete mineralization of glyphosate herbicide by catalytic wet air oxidation over activated carbon beads-supported Fe-CNF. | Presenter: Nishith Verma

    I&EC Bridging academic and industrial perspectives on battery testing and design. | Presenter: Kimberly Bassett

    INOR Photoredox carbon-carbon bond activation and functionalization by multi-vanadium catalysts and metal halide perovskites. | Presenter: Han Sen Soo

    INOR Structure and magnetic properties of heterometallic transition metal -lanthanide complexes. | Presenter: Michael Nippe

    INOR Building-block approach to complexity: Utilising a redox-active ligand to synthesise multi-metallic f-element complexes. | Presenter: Joy Farnaby

    INOR Rare earth aryloxide catalysts for the activation and transformation of the carbon oxygenates CO, CO2, and lactones, and their reactivity tuning by secondary-metal binding. | Presenter: Polly Arnold

    MEDI Discovery of vorasidenib, a brain-penetrant mutant IDH inhibitor for the treatment of low-grade glioma. | Presenter: Scott Biller

    MEDI Exploration of the sequence of antimicrobial peptide Apidaecin, and its role in biological activity and mechanism of entry. | Presenter: Kornelia Skowron

    MEDI Synthesis and discovery of new halogenated phenazine antibacterial and biofilm-eradicating agents. | Presenter: Hongfen Yang

    MEDI Discovery of LPA receptor antagonist clinical candidate BMS-986278 for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Preclinical pharmacological in vitro and in vivo evaluation. | Presenter: Peter Cheng

    NUCL Magnet model of nucleon structure based on nucleon charge density, RMS charge radii, magnetic moments, and nucleon binding energy demonstrates magnetic potential energy barrier. | Presenter: Raymond Walsh

    NUCL p-NCS-Bn-NODAGA as a bifunctional chelator for radiolabeling with the 186Re/99mTc-tricarbonyl core: Radiochemistry with model complexes. | Presenter: Pavithra H. A. Kankanamalage

    NUCL Role of Mn(III,IV) oxide on the environmental stability of Tc-99 insoluble phases: Oxidative dissolution of TcO2 at anoxic conditions. | Presenter: Jordan Stanberry

    NUCL Activation of actinyl-oxo bonds to form actinide-nitridos, and the reverse process. | Presenter: Mariah Parker

    NUCL ICP-MS analysis of plutonium and other actinides in brain tissue of occupationally exposed individual. | Presenter: Dana Wegge

    NUCL Targeted alpha therapy: Characterization and evaluation of lysine-based Ac-225 radioimmunoconjugates against Yersinia pestis. | Presenter: Matt Flick

    NUCL Development of optical spectroscopy and multivariate analysis for the monitoring of 238Pu radiochemical processing streams. | Presenter: Luke Sadergaski

    NUCL Low LET gamma and high LET alpha degradation studies of the ALSEP process pre and post metal extraction. | Presenter: Christian Bustillos

    NUCL High resolution actinide speciation using a tensioned metastable fluid detector (TMFD). | Presenter: David Diprete

    NUCL High resolution actinide speciation using a tensioned metastable fluid detector (TMFD). | Presenter: kalee fenker

    NUCL Beyond ocean extraction of uranium (VI): Polyamidoxime nanofiber materials for specialized point-of-use water treatment applications. | Presenter: Margaret Carolan

    ORGN Enantioselective synthesis of α-propanoic acids via enzymatic reduction of acrylic acids. | Presenter: Chihui An

    ORGN Influence of turn residues on catalytic activity in beta-hairpin peptides. | Presenter: Leah Witus

    ORGN Abiotic photoenzymatic catalysis for enantioselective intermolecular radical hydroalkylation. | Presenter: Xiaoqiang Huang

    ORGN Artificial biosynthetic pathway for an unnatural terpenoid with an iridium-containing P450. | Presenter: ZHENNAN LIU

    ORGN Single molecule sequencing: Differentiation of O-linked phosphorylated and glycosylated peptides. | Presenter: Caroline Hinson

    PHYS Relation between structure and dynamics in ionic liquids. | Presenter: Claudio Margulis

    PHYS Bicontinuous structures in charged polymer blends. | Presenter: Timothy Lodge

    PHYS Tuning self-assembly and macromolecular properties in ion-conducting block copolymer systems by controlling monomer segment distribution. | Presenter: Thomas Epps

    PHYS Role of ionic aggregate morphology in single-ion conductors on ion mobility. | Presenter: Karen Winey

    PMSE Supramolecular PEGylation of biopharmaceuticals to enhance formulation stability and modulate pharmacokinetics. | Presenter: Eric Appel

    PMSE Delivering RNA outside the liver by testing thousands of nanoparticles in vivo using DNA barcodes. | Presenter: James Dahlman

    PMSE Programming biomaterials: Design and strategies. | Presenter: Andreas Lendlein

    PMSE Inhalable nanoparticles for topical delivery of nucleic acids and drugs to the lung. | Presenter: Mark Saltzman

    POLY Rationally-designed polypeptides based on the nature of structural proteins. | Presenter: Keiji Numata

    POLY Viscoelasticity at the surface of polymer glasses. | Presenter: Rodney Priestley

    POLY Stereoselective cationic polymerization of vinyl ethers. | Presenter: Frank Leibfarth

    POLY Impact of silicone monomer structure on morphology and oxygen permeability of model silicone hydrogels. | Presenter: Meredith Wiseman

    PROF When do I leave my house and WHAT do I do with all my stuff?. | Presenter: Anna Wilson

    PROF "Tips for success in retirement: Some personal examples". | Presenter: Thomas Beattie

    PROF Fascinating facts I learned about senior chemists' retirement activities by editing the SCC Newsletter. | Presenter: Lynn Hartshorn

    PROF Financial planning for retirement. | Presenter: E. Gerald Meyer

    SCHB Sustainability in product development. | Presenter: H.N. Cheng

    SCHB Understanding plastic biodegradation in mealworms (Tenebrio molitor): A step toward sustainable waste degradation and overcoming pollution. | Presenter: Alexa Garcia

    SCHB Sustainable science at My Green Lab. | Presenter: Rachael Relph

    TOXI Applications of fluorine in drug design. | Presenter: Nicholas Meanwell

    TOXI Latest generation of fluorine-containing agrochemicals. | Presenter: Peter Jeschke

    TOXI Metabolic and pharmaceutical aspects of fluorinated compounds. | Presenter: Benjamin Johnson

    TOXI Assessment of defluorination of fluorinated drugs in animal models. | Presenter: Qiuwei Xu

Thursday, August 20

  • Morning Sessions 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    AGFD Online mass spectrometry as a tool for the development and performance validation of sensor systems for food and agriculture applications. | Presenter: Jonathan Beauchamp

    AGFD Utilization of nanocellulose from cotton agricultural residues: Materials and applications. | Presenter: Jacobs Jordan

    AGFD Carbohydrate polymers based value-added co-products from sorghum bran, bagasse and biomass. | Presenter: Madhav Yadav

    AGFD Carbohydrate polymers based value-added co-products from sorghum bran, bagasse and biomass. | Presenter: Majher Sarker

    AGFD Quantum chemical and quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) assessment of the antifungal properties of phenolic compounds. | Presenter: Michael Appell

    AGRO Quantifying neonicotinoid insecticide residues in pollinator-attractive habitat adjacent to corn and soybean fields in Iowa. | Presenter: Maura Hall

    AGRO Developing new methods to evaluate toxicity for different bee species in Brazil: Facing the challenges. | Presenter: Roberta Nocelli

    AGRO Using bee foraging behavior to asses risk from pesticide exposure. | Presenter: Johanne Brunet

    AGRO Innovative approaches to evaluating the effects of insecticides on non-Apis bees. | Presenter: Joseph Belsky

    ANYL Open tubular ion chromatography. The trials and tribulations to approach Small. | Presenter: Purnendu Dasgupta

    ANYL Nanozymes: from rational design to sensing applications. | Presenter: Hui Wei

    ANYL Model updating and selection frameworks without reference values (calibration standards). | Presenter: Robert Spiers

    ANYL Spectroscopic tracking of single plasmonic nanoparticles for probing nano-environments of developing embryos. | Presenter: X. Nancy Xu

    BIOL Reaction engineering for bioorthogonal and site-selective protein chemistry. | Presenter: Goncalo Bernardes

    BIOL Photoactivation based proximity labeling of cell surface receptor protein interactions. | Presenter: Keun Ah Ryu

    BIOL Studying G-protein coupled receptors using caged ligands. | Presenter: John Williams

    BIOL Genetically encoded bioorthogonal chemistries to read and write biology. | Presenter: Abhishek Chatterjee

    BIOL Light on matter for life sciences: Engineering of FRET-based tandem molecular systems for efficient two-photon induced drug delivery. | Presenter: Mireille Blanchard-Desce

    BIOT Field guide to scientific entrepreneurship. | Presenter: Jordi Mata-Fink

    BIOT Biomaterial approaches for treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer. | Presenter: Samira Azarin

    BIOT Encoding decision-making functions into cell metabolism: the marriage of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and intelligent control. | Presenter: Peng Xu

    BIOT SBE/AICHE/BIOT Wang award: Three continents, two biomanufacturing philosophies, multiple therapeutic modalities: Endless excitement of being a biochemical engineer. K. Konstantinov. | Presenter: Konstantin Konstantinov

    CARB Building heightened characterization for conjugate vaccines through carbohydrate-peptide/CRM model studies. | Presenter: Wei Huang

    CARB Automated chemical synthesis of glycans. | Presenter: Alexei Demchenko

    CARB Novel multivalent synthetic platforms as live cell imaging tools. | Presenter: M Carmen Galan

    CARB Adventures in deoxy-sugar oligosaccharide synthesis. | Presenter: Clay Bennett

    CATL Ligand-controlled monomer saturation controls heterojunction formation in Cu/metal oxide hybrid nanocrystals. | Presenter: Seyedehbehnaz Varandili

    CATL Bimetallic electrocatalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction. | Presenter: Csaba Janaky

    CATL Controlling the selectivity of electrocatalysts by modulating proton transfer rates using membrane-covered electrodes. | Presenter: Christopher Barile

    CATL Rapid lithium-mediated ammonia synthesis in non-aqueous solvents. | Presenter: Karthish Manthiram

    CELL Highly efficient, stable, and renewable cellulosic composite film for lithium ion extraction from seawater. | Presenter: Daxin Liang

    CELL Production of valuable biopolymer precursors from fructose without 5-hydroxymethylfurfural isolation. | Presenter: Yujie Sun

    CELL Optimization of sequential periodate/chlorite oxidation to C2,C3 dialdehyde/dicarboxylate nanocelluloses from rice straw. | Presenter: Gabriel Patterson

    CHAL Beyond the bench: Non-traditional careers in chemistry. | Presenter: Sofia Santos

    CHAL Beyond the bench: Non-traditional careers in chemistry. | Presenter: Alpay Dermenci

    CHAL Beyond the bench: Non-traditional careers in chemistry. | Presenter: Adam Myers

    CHAL Beyond the bench: Non-traditional careers in chemistry. | Presenter: Fardokht Abulwerdi

    CHAS Formulation strategies required to design fit-for-purpose oral cannabis products. | Presenter: Monica Vialpando

    CHAS Ready-to-run eMethods to aid rapid startup of your laboratory. | Presenter: Jennifer McCulley

    CHAS Stability in cannabis product development. | Presenter: Andrea Baillo

    CHAS Truly green plastic: Bio-based, biodegradable polymers from cannabis plant waste. | Presenter: Tarek Moharram

    CHAS Truly green plastic: Bio-based, biodegradable polymers from cannabis plant waste. | Presenter: Najwa Zebian

    CHED Fostering excellence in undergraduate research through Green Chemistry at a small Liberal arts university. | Presenter: Liza Abraham

    CHED Overlapping spectra: Art and science collaboration on the Palouse at Washington State University. | Presenter: Amy Nielsen

    CHED Inspiring young minds: A model for K–5 outreach. | Presenter: Holly Hajare

    CHED Integrating green chemistry and sustainability into undergraduate teaching and beyond through safer labs. | Presenter: Natalie O'Neil

    CHED Ammunition, lead, and bird ….. feces. | Presenter: Steven Bachofer

    CINF Integration of chemistry with everything else. | Presenter: Ian Wetherbee

    CINF Integration of chemistry with everything else. | Presenter: Stephen Boyer

    CINF Enhancing data validation and summarization in PubChem via automated link analysis. | Presenter: Leonid Zaslavsky

    CINF Publishing crystal structure data – keeping up with the times. | Presenter: Ian Bruno

    CINF Is Web Assembly the future of visualizing molecules in the broswer?. | Presenter: Jonathan Fine

    CINF Is Web Assembly the future of visualizing molecules in the broswer?. | Presenter: Gaurav Chopra

    COLL Non-cationic RNA-polymer complexes for siRNA and long dsRNA delivery. | Presenter: Ziwen Jiang

    COLL Soluble, multi-valent nano-self peptides increase phagocytosis of antibody-opsonized targets. | Presenter: Dennis Discher

    COLL Human RNAi therapeutics delivered. | Presenter: Muthiah Manoharan

    COLL Using bioorthogonal click chemistry to refill drug depots deep within the brain. | Presenter: Yevgeny Brudno

    COMP Quasi-diabatic propagation scheme for on-the-fly quantum dynamics simulations. | Presenter: Pengfei Huo

    COMP Reduced-scaling multi-state CASPT2 energies and analytical gradients using supporting subspaces. | Presenter: Chenchen Song

    COMP Extending the capability of mean-field ALMO-EDA methods to treat noncovalent interactions in diverse circumstances. | Presenter: Yuezhi Mao

    COMP Solvent caging, chemical identity, and the breakdown of linear response during solution-phase photodissociation reactions. | Presenter: Benjamin Schwartz

    COMP DFTpy: An efficient and object-oriented platform for orbital-free DFT simulations. | Presenter: Xuecheng Shao

    COMP New advances in relativistic electronic structure theories with non-perturbative treatment of spin-orbit coupling. | Presenter: Lan Cheng

    COMP Path integrals for anharmonic vibrational energy. | Presenter: Romit Chakraborty

    COMP Investigation of electronic structure and bonding in uranium-arenide complexes using CASSCF and CASPT2 methods. | Presenter: Riffat Parveen

    COMP Exploring excited state potential energy surfaces with state-following. | Presenter: Kristina Closser

    COMP Developments in resonating Hartree-Fock approaches: Identification and reoptimization of basis solutions. | Presenter: Lee Thompson

    ENFL HyChem (hybrid chemistry) approach to modeling real fuel combustion chemistry: From ignition, flame propagation to emission predictions. | Presenter: Rui Xu

    ENFL Kinetic modeling analysis methodology for combustion of real hydrocarbon fuels and fuel mixtures. | Presenter: Charles Westbrook

    ENFL Butyl-end mixed polyoxymethylene ethers (OMEs) as enhanced fuel property diesel blendstocks. | Presenter: Martha Arellano-Trevino

    ENFL Φ-sensitivity of fuel at the engine-relevant condition with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). | Presenter: Jaeyoung Cho

    ENFL Sooting tendencies of phenolic hydrocarbons. | Presenter: Charles McEnally

    ENFL Impact of detailed fuel chemical composition on engine-related properties. | Presenter: Rafal Gieleciak

    ENFL From atom to engine: understanding fundamental effects of structure on combustion using tandem experiment and computation. | Presenter: Nabila Huq

    ENFL Revealing the fundamental chemistry that underlies synergistic blending. | Presenter: Gina Fioroni

    ENVR Novel oxone treated hydrochar for the removal of Pb(II) and methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution. | Presenter: Sunith Madduri

    ENVR Modeling the transport of neural disinfection by products in forward osmosis: Roles of reverse salt flux. | Presenter: Jiale Xu

    ENVR Enhanced H2O2 production on carbon-based materials for electro-Fenton degradation of organic pollutants. | Presenter: Xie Quan

    ENVR Assessing additivity of cytotoxicity associated with disinfection byproducts in potable reuse and conventional drinking waters. | Presenter: Stephanie Lau

    ENVR N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) formation during UV/hydrogen peroxide and UV/chlorine AOP treatment in potable water reuse. | Presenter: Alex Szczuka

    ENVR Factors impacting bimetal particle synthesis: a full factorial study for enhanced reductive treatment. | Presenter: Andrew Mai

    ENVR Kinetic isotope effects in electrophilic aromatic halogenation of dimethenamid in chlor(am)inated water demonstrate unique aspects of iodination. | Presenter: Michael Rose

    I&EC Investigating supported molybdenum oxides for catalytic light alkane dehydrogenation. | Presenter: Emily Cheng

    I&EC Concentrating gold nanoparticles via anti-solvent precipitation for fabricating gold-loaded physically crosslinked PVA contact lenses. | Presenter: Zhen Liu

    I&EC Integrative CO2 capture and conversion to methanol: Shifting from amines to alkali hydroxides. | Presenter: Raktim Sen

    I&EC Hybrid nanocarbon immobilized membranes for selective membrane distillation of tetrahydrofuran (THF) from water. | Presenter: Oindrila Gupta

    INOR Metal complexes as powerful structural scaffolds: Applications to enzyme inhibitor design and catalysis. | Presenter: Eric Meggers

    INOR Photoactivated organoiron agents for spatiotemporal control of ferrous ion delivery to cells. | Presenter: Joseph O'Connor

    INOR Structural, spectroscopic, electrochemical and relaxivity properties of heterometallic nickel-gadolinium bis(dithiolene) complexes. | Presenter: Dalice Pinero

    INOR Acyclic and macrocyclic dinickel complexes for small molecule activation. | Presenter: Alexander Kilpatrick

    MEDI Next generation HIV-1 maturation inhibitor: GSK3640254. | Presenter: Alicia Regueiro-Ren

    MEDI Discovery of GB1211, the first orally available galectin/galectin 3 inhibitor to be taken into clinic as a potential treatment for non alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH. | Presenter: Fredrik Zetterberg

    MEDI Discovery of BMS-986177/JNJ-70033093 an inhibitor of FXIa in phase 2 studies for antithrombotic therapy. | Presenter: William Ewing

    MEDI Discovery of ASTX727, an oral combination of decitabine and cedazuridine for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). | Presenter: Takashi Tsukamoto

    NUCL Medical radionuclide production research at the University of Washington: Facilities and cyclotron produced medical radionuclides. | Presenter: Yawen Li

    NUCL Lutetium-177 production at ORNL. | Presenter: Ashleigh Kimberlin

    NUCL Cyclotron production and radiochemistry of Sc and Ti radiometals for imaging and radiotherapy. | Presenter: Suzanne Lapi

    NUCL Reinvigorating Francium chemistry research to enable better understanding of targeted alpha therapy decay chains. | Presenter: Katherine Shield

    NUCL Transport model predictions of Actinium-225 production cross sections via energetic proton, deuteron and α irradiation of Thorium-232 targets. | Presenter: Naser Burahmah

    NUCL Thorium-229 production through deuteron breakup fast neutron irradiation of Actinium-225 at the 88-inch Cyclotron facility. | Presenter: Justin Griswold

    NUCL Purification of francium via cation exchange chromatography. | Presenter: Emily Greer

    ORGN Development of continuous flow processes in the synthesis of itraconazole. | Presenter: Judy Szeto

    ORGN Combining high-throughput experimentation with computational modeling for predicting the performance of photochemical transformations in different vial and flow reactors across multiple scales. | Presenter: Melda Sezen-Edmonds

    ORGN Modifying the surface chemistry and nanostructure of carbon nanotubes facilitates the chemically-selective detection of aromatic hydrocarbon gases. | Presenter: John Hodul

    ORGN Structure-property relationships in temporary adhesives. | Presenter: Nicholas Blelloch

    ORGN Continuous flow antisolvent crystallization of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients. | Presenter: Andrew Bond

    ORGN Development of a continuous flow synthesis of bortezomib. | Presenter: Vi-Anh Vu

    PHYS Probing charge separation, recombination, and transport in ultrathin semiconductor photoelectrodes. | Presenter: Justin Sambur

    PHYS Investigating excited-state dynamics in stacked perylene diimide assemblies. | Presenter: Sahar Sharifzadeh

    PHYS Ionic transport in nanoscale fluids far from equilibrium from generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations. | Presenter: David Limmer

    PHYS In situ transient absorption spectroscopy during the formation of organic thin films. | Presenter: Cathy Wong

    PMSE Design of tough and multifunctional hydrogels via double-network concept. | Presenter: Jie Zheng

    PMSE Maximizing macromonomer content produced by starved-feed high temperature radical acrylate semi-batch polymerization: A means to produce blocky copolymers through addition-fragmentation. | Presenter: Robin Hutchinson

    PMSE Breathing layer-by-layer polymer coatings with UCST behavior. | Presenter: Svetlana Sukhishvili

    PMSE Interfaces in materials processing: anisotropic colloids and 2D colloidal crystals. | Presenter: Laura Bradley

    POLY Hierarchical sticker and sticky chain dynamics in supramolecular elastomers. | Presenter: Kay Saalwaechter

    POLY Guiding design of separations membranes by combining multi-scale NMR diffusometry and structural information. | Presenter: Louis Madsen

    POLY Chain ends in semicrystalline polymers analyzed by solid-state NMR. | Presenter: Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

    POLY DOSY studies of linear and cyclic polymers. | Presenter: Xiaohong Li

    TOXI Covalent binding of anthracyclines to AP sites in DNA suggest an unstudied mechanism of cytotoxicity from chemotherapeutic regimens. | Presenter: John Terrell

    TOXI Investigation of 2'-Deoxyadenosine-derived adducts specifically formed in rat liver by N'-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) metabolism. | Presenter: Yupeng Li

    TOXI Derivatization of Phosphorothioate DNA modifications by direct chemical conjugation. | Presenter: Junzhou Wu

    TOXI Biosynthesis of acrolein with a coupled enzyme system to emulate continuous acrolein production by gut microbiota. | Presenter: Katherine Hurley

    TOXI Synthesis, structural confirmation, and detection of EB-FAPy-dG and DEB-FAPy-dG adducts in human cells. | Presenter: Suresh Pujari

    TOXI Integrative analysis of lncRNA-mRNA co-expression in human lung epithelial cells exposed to dimethyl selenide (DMSe)-derived secondary organic aerosols. | Presenter: C. M. Sabbir Ahmed

  • Afternoon Sessions 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    AGFD Comparative analysis of changes to the human gut microbiota community that occur in response to pectins with variable degrees of methoxylation. | Presenter: Jenni Firrman

    AGFD Codium fragile extract increases muscle weight and exercise endurance by upregulating protein synthesis and ERRγ in adult mice. | Presenter: Young Jin Jang

    AGFD Simultaneous determination of vitamin D and K: vitamin nano-encapsulation and fortification for the elderly. | Presenter: Hae Won Jang

    AGFD Development of foods for the elderly people in Korea. | Presenter: Bum-Keun Kim

    AGRO Novel mosquito-specific toxin from a marine strain of streptomyces for insecticide development. | Presenter: Jocelyn Macho

    AGRO Determination of ferulated sugars with activity against insect and fungal pests of maize. | Presenter: Patrick Dowd

    AGRO In pursuit of Inatreq™ active’s unstable metabolite: M14. | Presenter: Paul Graupner

    AGRO Monoterpenoids as nematicides. | Presenter: Joel Coats

    ANYL From nanoelectrochemistry to real-time biosensors: In vivo analysis of neurochemicals using nanoporous electrode. | Presenter: Kaiyu Fu

    ANYL Fit-for-purpose method development screening strategies for challenging small molecule LC separations. | Presenter: Amaris Borges-Munoz

    ANYL Identification and confirmation of fentanyls on paper using portable surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and paper spray ionization mass spectrometry. | Presenter: Patrick Fedick

    ANYL Understanding microdomains and molecular level mixing in poly(hydroxyalkanoate) bioplastic blends and laminates using simultaneously collected submicrometer optical photothermal infrared and Raman spectra. | Presenter: Curtis Marcott

    BIOL Harnessing natural product biosynthesis in antibiotic discovery. | Presenter: Gerard Wright

    BIOL Capturing transient interactions of proteins involved in natural product biosynthesis. | Presenter: Louise Charkoudian

    BIOL Chemoproteomic profiling of gut microbiota-associated bile salt hydrolase activity. | Presenter: Pamela Chang

    BIOL Imaging microbial glycans. | Presenter: Laura Kiessling

    BIOL Phenotype-driven selection and profiling of microbes from complex host-associated and environmental communities. | Presenter: Aaron Wright

    BIOL Illuminating protein homeostasis in mycobacterium tuberculosis with small molecules. | Presenter: Jason Sello

    BIOT Enabling chemical and structural biology with synthetic binding proteins. | Presenter: Shohei Koide

    BIOT Noncovalent derivatization: Sustainable interfaces between molecules and between disciplines. | Presenter: John Warner

    BIOT Industrial Biotechnology Award: Development and scale-up of the commercial fed batch refolding process for Lumoxiti, an anti-CD22 two chain immunotoxin. | Presenter: Alan Hunter

    CARB Fully synthetic self-adjucanting carbohydrate-based cancer vaccines. | Presenter: Zhongwu Guo

    CARB Synthesis of proteoglycan glycopeptides. | Presenter: Xuefei Huang

    CARB Integration of automated oligosaccharide synthesis into a digitized workflow. | Presenter: Nicola Pohl

    CATL Advanced characterization of atomically dispersed, nitrogen-coordinated Ni catalytic active sites for conversion of CO2 to CO. | Presenter: David Koshy

    CATL Atomistic insights into the mechanism of BiVO4 degradation in aqueous environments. | Presenter: Iman Evazzade

    CATL Understanding the activity of Ag-based alloys for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media. | Presenter: Jose Zamora Zeledon

    CATL Calculation of catalytic activity for alloy nanoparticles with experimentally relevant sizes. | Presenter: Liang Cao

    CELL Tunable Boc modification of lignin and its impact on microbial degradation rate. | Presenter: Liuqun Gu

    CELL Highly marine-degradable, water-soluble packaging films. | Presenter: Julia Cunniffe

    CELL Preparing boreal peat carbon sorbents for aqueous p-nitrophenol adsorption: Equilibrium and kinetic studies. | Presenter: Yichen Wu

    CELL Preparing boreal peat carbon sorbents for aqueous p-nitrophenol adsorption: Equilibrium and kinetic studies. | Presenter: Charles-Francois de Lannoy

    CELL New paradigm for manufacturing high strength-high softness (HS)2 tissue paper and towels products. | Presenter: mrittika debnath

    CHAS Investigation of chocolate matrix interference on cannabinoid analytes. | Presenter: David Dawson

    CHAS Cannabidiol isolation including cannabis-relevant pesticides removal by centrifugal partition chromatography. | Presenter: Árpád Könczöl

    CHAS Applying physicochemical chromatography techniques to optimize adsorbent use in the processing and analysis of cannabis. | Presenter: Jerry King

    CHAS Making the case for biosynthesis to create & isolate cannabinoids at scale. | Presenter: Jeremy Friedberg

    CHED Creating immersive learning experience ultilizing a computerless portable virtual reality chemistry lab. | Presenter: Tina Qin

    CHED PubChem as a resource for chemical information education. | Presenter: Sunghwan Kim

    CHED COVID-19: Assessment of three testing methods associated with online conversion of a biochemistry course. | Presenter: Nick Flynn

    CHED Paper vs. gradescope: Examining the differences in grading on paper and grading online by a matched comparison of outcomes. | Presenter: Julia Chamberlain

    CHED Online organic lab technique simulations: Impact on student engagement, confidence and preparation pre- and post- COVID-19. | Presenter: Jeremy Klosterman

    CINF Machine learning for scent: learning generalizable perceptual representations of small molecules. | Presenter: Alexander Wiltschko

    CINF Data-enrichment approach to prioritize chemical structures associated with binding to the thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor (TRHR). | Presenter: Mahmoud Shobair

    CINF New, extensible set of molecular substructures for interpretable QSARs and read-across applications. | Presenter: Vijay Gombar

    CINF New CSRML-based features to categorize and fingerprint PFAS structure lists for cheminformatics analysis and read-across. | Presenter: Ryan Lougee

    COLL Self-assembly of 3D printed colloidal particles at a solid-liquid interface. | Presenter: Wendy Gu

    COLL “Phase mechanics” of arrested colloidal gels: A new paradigm for non-equilibrium phase transitions in soft matter. | Presenter: Roseanna Zia

    COLL Self-assembly and crystallization at the interface by liquid phase TEM. | Presenter: Jungwon Park

    COLL Hydrodynamics, kinetics, and thermodynamics of a self-assembly system of surfactant/polar oils at immiscible liquid- liquid interfaces. | Presenter: Zahra Niroobakhsh

    COMP Catalysis in complex reaction environment: insights from first principles calculations. | Presenter: Bin Wang

    COMP Investigating defect-induced changes in the Raman spectra of graphite using density functional theory. | Presenter: Sara Isbill

    COMP Accurate, high throughput approach to predicting solid and aqueous phase equilibria from first principles. | Presenter: Ryan Kingsbury

    COMP Effects of finite chain-lengths on structural and mechanical properties of polyethylene fibers. | Presenter: In-Chul Yeh

    COMP Reparametrizing the PM7 semi-empirical method for thiolate protected gold nanoclusters. | Presenter: Joani Mato

    COMP Computer aided design of OLED materials - a case for atomistic & device modeling. | Presenter: Fedor Goumans

    COMP Active-learning framework for the discovery of novel crystalline materials for catalysis. | Presenter: Kirsten Winther

    COMP Theoretical insight into ethylene hydrogenation on γ-Al2O3-supported [Ir (CO) (C2H4)]+ and [Ir (C2H4)2]+complexes : Role of ionic liquids. | Presenter: Viktorya Aviyente

    COMP Computational studies towards deconstructing supramolecular peptide materials design. | Presenter: Subhasish Chatterjee

    COMP In silico evolution of high-performing metal organic frameworks for methane adsorption. | Presenter: Ranjan Srivastava

    ENFL Combining lactic acid and fusel alcohol results in high-yield, high-performance MCCI biofuel. | Presenter: Joseph Carlson

    ENFL Detailed chemical kinetic modeling of endothermic jet fuel cracking and coking. | Presenter: Ryan Hawtof

    ENFL Understanding the autoignition chemistry of gasoline fuel surrogates in stoichiometric and lean combustion environments. | Presenter: Muhammad Waqas

    ENFL Tailored bioblendstocks with low environmental impact to optimize mcci engines. | Presenter: Andre Boehman

    ENFL Towards bio-advantaged fuels: Leveraging new biosynthetic pathways for design of next-generation fuels and blendstocks. | Presenter: Eric Sundstrom

    ENFL Shock tube and time-resolved laser experiments for developing kinetic model for prediction of soot formation from advanced biodiesel compounds. | Presenter: Ramees khaleel Rahman

    ENFL Shock tube and time-resolved laser experiments for developing kinetic model for prediction of soot formation from advanced biodiesel compounds. | Presenter: Subith Vasu

    ENFL Fuel property-informed process design for the direct catalytic conversion of cellulosics. | Presenter: Nabila Huq

    ENFL Soot precursor formation pathways of ethylphenol isomers: Structural effects on sooting tendency of phenolics. | Presenter: Yeonjoon Kim

    ENVR Reduction of chlorate in concentrate brine with a heterogeneous catalyst. | Presenter: Changxu Ren

    ENVR Structure-function relationships that dictate fluoride uptake in hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. | Presenter: Daniel Mosiman

    ENVR Lead removal from drinking water: comparison of different technologies and elucidation of molecular mechanisms. | Presenter: Qiantao Shi

    ENVR Role of arsenic-resistant bacteria in controlling arsenic concentrations in groundwater. | Presenter: Akshat Verma

    ENVR Synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy of foulants on reverse osmosis membranes. | Presenter: Valerie Niemann

    ENVR Effect of oxidative conditions during pyrolysis and ambient aging on the physico-chemical characteristics and sorbent properties of chars toward a hydrophobic and a cationic compound. | Presenter: Joseph Pignatello

    ENVR Improving the sustainability of heterogeneous catalysts for oxyanion reduction. | Presenter: Jinyong Liu

    I&EC Highly active cationic Co(II) hydroformylation catalysts: the next industrial technology?. | Presenter: George Stanley

    I&EC Controlled synthesis of transition metal dichalcogenide nanocrystals with tunable dimensionality and optical properties. | Presenter: Tomojit Chowdhury

    I&EC In situ resource utilization and reconfiguration of soils into construction materials for the additive manufacturing of buildings. | Presenter: Aayushi Bajpayee

    I&EC Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic FrameworksTheir Synthesis, Properties, and Devices. | Presenter: Austin Evans

    INOR Chirality induction in organometallic moieties of bioorganometallic conjugates. | Presenter: Toshiyuki Moriuchi

    INOR Organometallic enzymes for abiotic reactions – from unusual intermediates to artificial biosynthesis. | Presenter: John Hartwig

    INOR Design of artificial metalloenzymes based on alcohol dehydrogenase for the regeneration of nicotinamide cofactors and their mimics. | Presenter: Anca Pordea

    INOR Binucleating ability of a Cys-X-Cys biomimetic in an unexpected binding mode for the assembly of a dimanganese hexacarbonyl complex. | Presenter: Marcetta Darensbourg

    MEDI Discovery of AZD8154, a dual PI3Kγδ inhibitor, as an inhaled treatment for asthma. | Presenter: Matthew Perry

    MEDI Discovery of BIIB091, a reversible selective potent BTK inhibitor for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. | Presenter: Brian Hopkins

    MEDI Discovery of MK-4710: A potent, selective, and bioavailable M4 positive allosteric modulator (PAM). | Presenter: Rob Mazzola

    MEDI LYS006: first time disclosure of our best-in-class LTA4 hydrolase inhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. | Presenter: Christian Markert

    NUCL Use of microfluidics and carbothermic reduction to synthesize ZrCxN1-x microspheres. | Presenter: James Kurley

    NUCL 226Ra uptake by the (Sr,Ba)SO4 solid solution. | Presenter: Felix Brandt

    NUCL Fabrication and structure of plutonium pyrochlore nuclear waste forms: A combined experimental and computational study. | Presenter: Sarah Finkeldei

    NUCL Oxygen K-edge spectromicroscopy of uranium oxides in spent nuclear fuel. | Presenter: David Shuh

    NUCL To β or not to β: A first look at the Raman spectrum of pure β-UO3. | Presenter: Tyler Spano

    NUCL Evaluating uranium chemical states via X-ray absorption spectroscopy. | Presenter: Gregory Leinders

    NUCL Investigation of Nd- and Ce-doped ammonium diuranate microspheres during the conversion to U1-yLnyO2±x. | Presenter: Christian Schreinemachers

    NUCL Aluminum-doped U3Si2 composite fuels with enhanced oxidation resistance. | Presenter: Afiqa Mohamad

    NUCL Aluminum-doped U3Si2 composite fuels with enhanced oxidation resistance. | Presenter: Jie Lian

    NUCL Investigating the grain growth and grain subdivision in U3Si2 using modeling and simulation and experiments. | Presenter: Michael Tonks

    ORGN Nanoparticle-based artificial esterase with fine-tuned catalytic active sites for selective hydrolysis of esters at neutral pH and room temperature. | Presenter: Ishani Bose

    ORGN Higher order cyclodextrin architectures for improved binding and detection capabilities. | Presenter: Mindy Levine

    ORGN Mechanical interlocking in triptycene-based Hhrogen-bonded organic frameworks. | Presenter: Penghao Li

    ORGN Rh catalyst: Should it stay, or should it go? Theoretical studies of Rh-catalyzed onium ylide-formation/sigmatropic rearrangement reactions. | Presenter: Croix Laconsay

    ORGN 1,4-cyclohexadiene and chloroform-d1 participate in an unprecedented radical chain mechanism to give HCl, CHDCl2, and benzene. | Presenter: Joseph O'Connor

    ORGN Aryl amphiphile shape-directors for shape-controlled synthesis of organic semiconductor microcrystals. | Presenter: Dorothy Jones

    PHYS Far-field mid-infrared super-resolution imaging and spectroscopy of single high aspect ratio gold nanowires. | Presenter: Gregory Hartland

    PHYS Propagating gap-plasmons of a dimeric silver nanowire directly visualized by wide-field SERS microscopy. | Presenter: Zee Hwan Kim

    PHYS Advances in single-particle spectroscopy using fast electrons. | Presenter: David Masiello

    PHYS Addressing viral outbreaks with SERS: An opportunity to increase sensitivity and throughput. | Presenter: Laura Fabris

    PMSE Recent advancements in polymer science for automotive coatings. | Presenter: Shanti Swarup

    PMSE Ligating photoresponsive and thermoresponsive polymers on plasmonic nanoparticles for switchable self-assemblies and catalysis. | Presenter: Zhiqun Lin

    PMSE Exploration of surface modifying amphiphilic additives in polyurethane coatings to mitigate bioadhesion of marine fouling organisms. | Presenter: Dean Webster

    PMSE High performing waterborne coatings. | Presenter: Partha Majumdar

    POLY Atomistic control of complex polysilanes and organic polymers. | Presenter: Rebekka Klausen

    POLY Blocked polyurethane polymers for 3d printing: From running shoes to recyclable materials. | Presenter: Justin Poelma

    POLY Scaling industrially: Turning plastic pollution into value-added products. | Presenter: Jennifer Le Roy

    TOXI Identification and investigation of a novel function of the RuvC nuclease of CRISPR/Cas9. | Presenter: Zucai Suo

    TOXI Targeted and untargeted screening of DNA adducts in the genome of prostate cancer patients. | Presenter: Robert Turesky

    TOXI Toxicological information in PubChem. | Presenter: Sunghwan Kim

    TOXI Replicative and translesion synthesis DNA polymerases in ICL repair. | Presenter: Orlando Scharer

    TOXI Detection and discrimination of DNA adducts differing in size, regiochemistry and functional group by nanopore sequencing. | Presenter: Gunnar Boysen

    TOXI Acrolein increases the pulmonary tumorigenic activity of the tobacco specific nitrosamine, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK). | Presenter: Lisa Peterson

    TOXI Mitochondrial DNA degradation: The potential moonlighting function of mitochondrial transcription factor A. | Presenter: Linlin Zhao