Opening Session

21st Century Medicine Will Transform Healthcare: Opportunities for Nanoscience and Chemistry

Sunday, August 19 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – Ballroom West


Paul Weiss

Moderated by Paul S. Weiss
Boston 2018 Thematic Organizer

Leroy Hood

Leroy Hood - Institute for Systems Biology

Welcome Reception in the Expo & Career Fair

Sunday, August 19 | 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Boston Convention & Exposition Center – Hall A


MPPG Sponsored Thematic Programming on
Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond

Date & Time Organizers Presider
National Nanotechnology Initiative - What We Know, Where We're Going, and How You Can Engage * Sunday, August 19
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  Paul Weiss
Synthesis & Characterization of Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy** Sunday, August 19 and Monday, August 20 Hongjin Fan, Mato Knez Stanislaus Wong
Nanostructured Materials for Energy Harvesting & Storage Sunday, August 19 Jinsong Huang, Marina Leite, Matthew McDowell  
Nano in Tissue Engineering Tuesday, August 21 Alireza Khademhosseini, Molly Stevens  
The Role of the Chemical Sciences in Brain Research & the BRAIN Initiative*** Tuesday, August 21 Jonathan Sweedler  
Nanophotonics Tuesday, August 21 and Wednesday, August 22 Jason Hafner, Naomi Halas, Peter Nordlander  
New Advances in 3D Nanoprinting Thursday, August 23 Alireza Khademhosseini, Gang-Yu Liu  

*Co-sponsored by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry (INOR)  |  ** Sponsored by the Kavli Foundation

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