ChemDemo Exchange

ChemDemo Exchange

Do you have successful demonstrations and hands-on activities for K-12 students to showcase? Sign up for the ChemDemo Exchange Using Household Chemicals!

University of Puerto Rico Bayamon  presenting activities

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Demonstrations/hands-on activities must use only household chemicals and materials, plus meet the safety criteria below.

Submissions will be reviewed for safety, creavity, and educational merit.

Note that reviewers will not accept multiple submissions covering the same topic. For example, if 10 different chapters submit a slime demonstration, 9 will be asked to submit a different activity.

General Information

The event will have 45 demonstration stations. Stations include

  • Table
  • 4’ x 6’ poster board
  • Electrical outlets (must be requested) 

Only one station will be assigned per chapter. To participate, please submit your activity by Friday, January 17, 2020.

Safety Guidelines

The Society Committee on Education (SOCED) Task Force on Undergraduate Programming has established a set of guidelines to ensure a safe event.

Safety Criteria

Only activities meeting the following criteria will be allowed:

  • DO only use household chemicals and equipment
  • DO provide safety goggles to all participants and audience
    (Chapters should bring enough goggles to provide for your chapter and 12 audience members)
  • DO provide gloves for tactile demos
  • DO use only non-toxic materials
  • DO use electronics that are in good working order
  • DO provide handouts of your activity
  • DO have copies of SDS for all substances being used
  • DO NOT use open flames
  • DO NOT generate toxic fumes or gases
  • DO NOT use liquid nitrogen or dry ice
  • DO NOT encourage eating or tasting (this is a lab environment)
  • DO NOT put the human body in danger with your activity
  • DO NOT produce projectiles
  • DO NOT use radioactive materials or devices that fall under NRC regulations/guidelines

Try performing a RAMP analysis (Recognize hazards, Assess the risks of hazards, Minimize the risks of hazards, Prepare for emergencies) of your activity before submitting. 

Faculty advisors are asked to ensure that all demonstrations follow these guidelines. All submissions will be subject to review by our safety committee. Chapters that violate these safety guidelines during the course of the event will be required to discontinue their demonstration immediately.


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