Abstract Submissions: Regional Meetings

Submission Deadlines and Program Chairs by Meeting

Call for Papers for Regional Meetings 

The following table lists abstract submission deadlines for Regional Meetings. Select a meeting name to see a list of symposia for that programming unit.

How to Submit an Abstract

You will need an ACS ID to log into MAPS (Meeting Abstracts Programming System)

If you do not already have an ACS ID please follow these instructions:

  1. Select “Registering is easy”.
  2. Create your username and password, and select the appropriate relationship to ACS.
  3. When you have successfully created an ACS ID, return to MAPS at and sign-in.
Meeting Name Call for Papers Program Chair(s)
Submission Deadline Meeting Site
Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) MEETING CLOSED David Rovnyak CLOSED
Central Regional Meeting (CERM)                                                   
MEETING CLOSED Dan Lawson CLOSED http://acscerm2017.org/
Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM) https://callforpapers.acs.org/norm2017 Judy Giordan| Mike Lerner|Tom Greenbowe CLOSED https://www.norm2017.org/
Great Lakes Regional Meeting (GLRM) https://callforpapers.acs.org/glrm2017 Seth Rasmussen CLOSED http://glrm2017.com/  
Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) https://callforpapers.acs.org/mwrm2017 Blake Peterson Monday, July, 24 http://mwrm2017.sites.acs.org
Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting (RMRM) https://callforpapers.acs.org/rmrm2017 Richard Schwenz Monday, August 7 http://rmrm2017.sites.acs.org/
Southwest Regional Meeting (SWRM) https://callforpapers.acs.org/swrm2017 William Hase
Monday, August 14 http://swrm2017.org/
Southeastern Regional Meeting (SERMACS) https://callforpapers.acs.org/sermacs2017 Dan Rabinovich Monday, August 14