Kavli Foundation Lecture Series

The Kavli Foundation Lecture Series* promotes groundbreaking discovery and public understanding of the world’s mounting challenges and how chemistry can provide solutions.

The American Chemical Society gratefully acknowledges The Kavli Foundation’s generous support for The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture and The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture.
* Supported by The Kavli Foundation

The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture

Monday, March 14, 5:15- 6:30 P.M.
Ballroom 20 A - C

Dr. George Whitesides

Dr. Emily Carter, Princeton University

Quantum Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future

The current energy landscape is unsustainable; the burning of fossil fuels is causing tremendous harm to the planet, threatening the survivability of civilization as we know it. Using quantum mechanical computational methods, we explore the viability of alternative clean energy strategies for conversion of sunlight to electricity and fuels, clean and efficient combustion of biodiesel, and optimization of robust materials for fusion reactor walls.

The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture

Monday, March 14, 4:00 - 5:10 P.M.
Ballroom 20  A - C

  Dr. Theodore Betley

Dr. Rommie Amaro, University of California, San Diego

Computing Cures: Enabling Chemical Discovery through the Lens of a Computational Microscope

Computational chemistry is on the cusp of a new era, in which physics-based models of molecular systems bring new and unexpected insights into drug discovery. With exascale computing power on the horizon, we are rapidly moving towards the exploration of the chemical nature of cells at unprecedented scales.

Kavli Lecture Series Archive

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