Chemistry Over Coffee

Conversations with Celebrated Chemists

Chemistry over Coffee is a video series of intimate and in-depth conversations between world renowned chemists and related scientists as they reflect upon their research. These intimate conversations are captured and offered exclusively to members of the American Chemical Society.

Featured Scientists

Rudy Baum interviews chemistry Nobel Laureate Robert Lefkowitz about the role of chemistry as an enabling science and his formula for mentoring.

Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie is interviewed by C&EN Editor at Large Rudy Baum. Sponsored by the ACS Committee on Science.

Former ACS President Dr. Eli M. Pearce reflects upon 65 years as an ACS member, his own careers in industry and academia and his passion for diversity.

Dr. Nadrian Seeman chats with fellow New York University professor Dr. James Canary about how his observations led him to pursue the development of DNA nanotechnology.   

In this ACS Committee on Science sponsored video, ComSci member and C&EN Editor at Large Rudy Baum interviews 2005 chemistry Nobel Laureate Richard Schrock.  

Professor Angela Belcher, who Rolling Stone put on its 2009 list of “100 People Who Are Changing America,” discusses the challenges around harnessing the biology of nature.

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