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Did you know individual customers can pay a variety of different prices for the very same prescription based on insurance, coupons, and discounts? ACS’ partnership with GoodRx brings members the benefit of a price comparison tool for their prescription drugs so you can save money and time before you get your prescription filled. You can use it for every member of your family (even pets!) and there are no quantity limits or hidden fees. Also, the next time you renew your ACS membership you’ll recieve a personalized discount card in the mail.

Save time and money on your prescriptions with GoodRx. 

To begin, visit and simply enter the name of any drug (generic or brand-name) into the form, give a location and you will have access to the location, either local or online, for the lowest price for your prescription. You’ll even get a variety of different prices to look at based on how you plan on paying.

  • Cash Price - The price you’ll pay if you walk in, present your prescription and pay cash without insurance.

  • Coupon Price - GoodRx offers free, printable coupons from a variety of providers which give you access to discounted prices. To retrieve the coupon, click the big ‘GET COUPON’ link to the right of the price.

  • Medicare Price - By simply providing your plan, GoodRx can show you the current co-pay price for every Medicare Part D and Advantage plan.

In addition to price comparisons, GoodRx also offers tips on how to save money by pill splitting as well as considering other medications for the same condition after your doctor’s approval. GoodRx’s own doctor and pharmacist have even provided descriptions and additional information for many of the common prescriptions found on GoodRx. These descriptions, if available, can be found to the right of the price page.


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Price Comparison Tool

GoodRx Discount Card

Receive your free discount card by mail and save on your prescriptions. Request your card today.

Price Comparison Tool

Price Comparison Tool

Visit to look up current drug prices, available discounts, and savings tips for virtually every licensed pharmacy in the U.S.- including Costco, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and more.

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