Professional Benefits

  • ACS Member Publications Benefits
    Get discounts on more than 40 discipline-specific online publications, including ACS Member Universal Access, ACS Member E-Passport, ACS Member Articles on Command, and Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), with ACS Member E-Subscriptions.
  • C&EN
    The leading chemical weekly magazine, included with your membership, is filled with the latest news, events, and trends across the chemical enterprise. PLUS, ACS members have full access to the online version and the archives dating back to 1923.
  • ACS Meetings
    ACS members enjoy significant registration discounts to all ACS sponsored meetings.
  • ACS Career Resources and Resume Service
    Whatever you want to do, ACS Careers can help. We are here to support the professional aspirations of ACS members at all stages of their careers with a variety of services, including our FREE personalized Career Consultant Program (CCP) where ACS members provide career and resume consultations for other ACS members.
  • Continuing Education & Professional Development
    ACS members receive special discounts on essential professional education opportunities to continue to learn and become more marketable in your chosen career. Training is available in various channels including in-person Short Courses, Online and On-Demand Courses and the new learning community Sci-Mind™.
  • Professional Networking
    There are unlimited opportunities for ACS members to expand their professional network. Online, connect with over 200,000 registered users on the ACS Network. In person, network and collaborate through one of our more than 30 technical divisions, your local section, international chapter, or at an ACS national or regional meeting.
  • ACS Network
    The ACS Network is the social network for the chemical community. It’s your place to communicate and collaborate with other chemical professionals about your science, your research, or your career. Take it with you with the new mobile app and Twitter integration. Create, read, comment, and interact with some of the smartest online content on the planet.
  • ACS Salary Calculator™ Exclusively available to ACS members, use the ACS Salary Calculator™  to ensure that you are making the same full time base salary as others in jobs like yours.

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