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ACS members now enjoy expanded access to over one million articles and book chapters from the most trusted, most cited, most read publications in the chemical and related sciences. 

Available exclusively to ACS members:

Current Member? How to use your benefits:

  • Log-in with your ACS ID on the ACS Publications website.
  • Locate your article of interest.
  • Click on the PDF or HTML link for the article.
  • Note: Any E-Passport or E-Subscription benefit (if applicable) will be applied prior to your Universal Access benefit.

To view your current publication access balance and history log-in on the ACS Publications website, go to “Your Profile”, and select “Member Benefits” option.

ACS Member Universal Access

Online access to any 50 articles from all ACS Journals, ACS eBooks, and C&EN Archives is included with your annual membership.

Access is for 48 hours from initial article request.  ACS ID required for log-in (see instructions above).

ACS Member Articles on Command

Single articles are available at a significant discount compared to the Articles on Command non-member price of $40.

Access is for 48 hours from initial article request. ACS ID required for log-in (see instructions above).

ACS Member E-Passport

Allows access to the entire suite of ACS Journals, ACS eBooks, and C&EN Archives at one fixed price level:

  • $500 for 250 articles

Limit of 500 articles per membership term. Access is for 48 hours from initial article request.

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ACS Member E-Subscriptions

Uniform price of $110* per year for ACS Journal and Archive E-Subscriptions. Includes up to 250 articles per journal, per subscription term.

* Special rates available for Students and K-12 teachers for the Journal of Chemical Education

Chemical & Engineering News

C&EN, the weekly news magazine of the chemical, life sciences, and laboratory worlds, is free to all ACS members in either print or electronic format. C&EN provides you with latest developments in science & technology, business & industry, government and education.

C&EN Mobile is now available free to ACS members by downloading the app for Android or Apple devices.

ACS Books Discount

ACS Publications works alongside its print publishing partner, Oxford University Press (OUP), to provide ACS members a discount on the purchase of print books.

  • 30% discount on Symposium Series volumes when purchased online at Oxford University Press.
  • 40% discount on ACS or OUP books for ACS members who publish books in the ACS Symposium Series (as an editor or contributor) through their ACS Division.
  • 40% discount on orders placed by Division members for their division-sponsored books at every ACS National Meeting.
  • 40% discount on all new books published and sponsored by your ACS Division for 4 months after publication.

ACS Open Access

Designed to assist authors in meeting evolving requirements from their research funders and institutions, ACS Open Access includes:

  • ACS Central Science:  the entirely open ACS journal, with no subscription fees or article publishing charges for authors.
  • ACS Omega:  an open-access global publication for scientific articles on new findings in chemistry and interfacing areas of science, without any perceived evaluation or of immediate impact.
  • ACS Editors' Choice:  one new peer-reviewed research article from any ACS journal is selected daily for publication.  Article selection is based on recommendations by ACS journal editors worldwide.  Selected articles will always be free as a service to the global research community. 
  • ACS Author Choice:  facilitates unrestricted access to the final published article, the Version of Record, for a one-time fixed payment.  This program allows author(s) to post copies of the published work on personal websites and institutional repositories. 

Additional country and institutional discounts may apply. Learn more at!

Benefits are available to paid ACS Members and coincide with membership term. Members must log-in with their ACS ID (available free) to access content. Click-through license terms apply for each product


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