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All E-Subscription terms are for 12 months and include all material published in a journal from 1996 forward. Content prior to 1996 is available for select journals via an archive E-Subscription at the same rate. Includes up to 250 articles per journal, per subscription term. 

All E-Subscriptions are $110.  ACS members may subscribe to a total of five (5) E-Subscriptions.

Subscriptions to the Journal of Chemical Education and Chemistry International (US Only) are available online only.
Subscriptions to all other ACS Publications can be purchased by contacting Member Services: 800-333-9511 (US and Canada) or +1-614-447-3776 (outside North America).

(All prices are in US Dollars)

Publication Issues Service Code
Accounts of Chemical Research 12 550I
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 270I
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 12 380I
ACS Catalysis 12 330I
ACS Central Science 12 Open Access
ACS Chemical Biology 12 240I
ACS Chemical Neuroscience 12 280I
ACS Combinatorial Science 12 340I
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry (NEW!) 12 430I
ACS Energy Letters  12 420I
ACS Infectious Diseases 12 390I
ACS Macro Letters 12 840I
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 12 320I
ACS Nano 12 250I
ACS Omega
12 Open Access
ACS Photonics  12 370I
ACS Sensors
12 410I
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering   12 360I
ACS Synthetic Biology 12 350I
Analytical Chemistry*
24 560I
Biochemistry* 51 570I
Bioconjugate Chemistry* 12 940I
Biomacromolecules 12 120I
Chemistry of Materials* 24 930I
Chemical Research in Toxocology* 12 910I
Chemical Reviews* 24 640I
Chemistry of Materials 12 930I
Crystal Growth & Design 12 130I
Energy & Fuels* 12 880I
Environmental Science & Technology* 24 680I
Environmental Science & Technology Letters  12 690I
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research*
51 890I
Inorganic Chemistry* 24 720I
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry* 51 740I
Journal of the American Chemical Society 51 730I
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
12 760I
Journal of Chemical Education Web (K-12 teacher & student member rate)** 12 315I
Journal of Chemical Education Web** 12 315I
Journal of Chemical Education Combo (K-12 teacher & student member rate)** 12 310I
Journal of Chemical Education Combo** 12 310I
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling* 12 750I
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 12 230I
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry* 24 820I
Journal of Natural Products*(#) 12 200I
The Journal of Organic Chemistry* 24 770I
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 51 78AI
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
51 78BI
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
51 78CI
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 24 290I
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Archive 12 780R
Journal of Proteome Research 12 210I
Langmuir* 51 850I
Macromolecules* 24 800I
Molecular Pharmaceutics 12 200I
Nano Letters 12 190I
Organic Letters 24 920I
Organic Process Research & Development 12 300I
Organometallics* 24 830I

*Archive E-Subscription is also available which includes all articles published by the ACS from the first issue through 1995. Please contact Member Services at service@acs.org to add archive E-Subscriptions to your journal subscriptions.

** Co-publication of ACS and the Division of Chemical Education. $99 subscription price includes journal archive access. Print and web combo subscriptions available for $149 (for delivery to US addresses) and $199 (outside the US). Discounted rates available for undergraduate and graduate students and K-12 teachers: web only ($65),  print and web ($99 for delivery to US addresses and $149 to addresses outside the US).

(#) Co-publication of ACS and the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP).

Note: Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is included with ACS membership, in either print or electronic versions, and online at cen.acs.org.

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